Naruto: 10 Awesome Madara Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

The Uchiha clan is widely considered the most powerful of the ninja clans in Naruto. So it should come as no surprise that Madara Uchiha, the leader of the clan and one of the founders of Konoha, is pretty much the most powerful and feared ninja there is.

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He’s so powerful that the mere mention of his name caused the Fourth Shinobi World War. Therefore, it’s no surprise that cosplayers want to channel the awesome power of this great character, particularly since he wears so many different costumes throughout the series. Here are 10 Madara cosplays that are very authentic to the anime.

10 A Young Man

Cosplay by Jake Figueroa.

Madara wears several different uniforms as he begins to figure out what kind of ninja he wants to be. Once he’s past his early training days, he takes on a different look. It’s still in the Uchiha blue, but now he wears a sash over his shoulder instead of around his waist, with pockets in which to store weapons and tools.

This cosplayer has done a great job of recreating this look in a functional way, complete with the weapons Madara would need to get through a battle.

9 An Older Madara

As Madara gets older and begins to learn more about the world in which he lives and fights, the wear of the world begins to show in his character design.

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Like Itachi, who also has weary eyes, Madara has lines under his eyes that seem to show his age as well as the work he’s put into becoming who he is. This cosplayer has done a great job recreating those age lines, giving the character a more mature look.

8 A Child Madara

Viewers meet and learn about Madara’s past as a child growing up and learning how to be a ninja who will one day be so great, he is able to establish his own ninja village. This cosplayer has recreated the outfit that Madara wears in his childhood as he trains in the art of the shinobi.

It is pretty similar to the outfit worn by Sasuke when he is young, which makes sense since it is a traditional Uchiha training outfit.

7 The Uchiha Crest

This cosplayer also chose to recreate the outfit Madara wears as a teenager as he learns his ninja ways. He has done a great job matching the Uchiha blue and capturing the look of the clan.

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The white belt is also perfect, cinching the waist of the outfit to create a nice silhouette and also recreating the belt on which Madara wears his ninja tools.

6 Sleeping Standing

When one is a ninja, one must always be prepared to stand and fight. In the case of this cosplayer, Madara is sleeping while standing up, clearly on guard in case of attack.

The cosplay here is spot-on, with a real feeling of the usefulness of the costume, like it would actually function to protect them in battle.

5 Ready For War

Madara, as mentioned above, is one of the most powerful ninjas to ever exist. The mere mention of his name and the possibility that he could have come back from the dead is enough for all of the ninja villages to band together in order to fight him.

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This cosplayer has really captured that regal atmosphere. The detail work on the armor is also excellent, with cracks in it to show its wear from years of battle.

4 The Red Armor

When fighting, Madara is often seen in red samurai-style armor. This cosplayer has done a great job recreating that, giving it a very authentic leather look.

The pieces of the armor are even separate, as they would likely be if they were made for actual battle, and tied together by pieces of cord.

3 With His Gunbai

A gunbai is a giant fan that a skilled ninja can use as a weapon. While Madara uses many different weapons, including a kunai knife, as this cosplayer holds here, the gunbai is his signature weapon.

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This cosplayer has done a great job recreating it, delicately painting the Sharingan symbol on its face. It’s also giant, about the size the gunbai would likely be if Madara was wielding it in real life.

2 A World Conqueror

There’s pretty much nothing as scary in the world as Madara when he is ready to kill. This cosplayer has really captured the look of a Madara who is ready to go to battle.

Madara grips his gunbai by the handle, ready to pull it in front of him in order to block attacks or strike someone with it.

1 All About Power

Madara definitely didn’t grow up planning to do evil things. In fact, he and his friend Hashirama are the founders of Konoha. They wanted to build a village that was all about maintaining peace but, ironically, couldn’t agree on how best to go about that and ended up at war over it.

This cosplayer definitely captured Madara’s obsession with power and the belief that he knows best when it comes to running a village. There’s also so much great stuff in the details of this one, like the iconic Uchiha hair.

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As one of the anime's most iconic villains, Naruto's Madara Uchiha has inspired many cosplayers to put on crimson armor. These cosplay are awesome.

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