Naruto: 10 Awesome Nagato Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Nagato is one of the most impressive and scary of the villains in Naruto. He is a part of the same clan as Naruto and seems to have noble intentions, but his methods for trying to achieve the peace that he so longs for are pretty horrifying. He’s the only member of the Akatsuki who doesn’t wear the Akatsuki robes.

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He also just looks creepy, since he is very emaciated from linking with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. So of course, because he’s creepy and interesting to look at, and not exactly the same in design as his Akatsuki allies, cosplayers go all out creating his look. Here are 10 of the most impressive Nagato cosplays.

10 An Uzumaki

Nagato is part of the Uzumaki clan, which is a little hard to believe, since he is so different from Naruto in literally every way. But once Nagato takes on the persona of Pain, it’s a lot easier to believe, due to the way he wears his red hair spiky, much like Naruto’s own hair. This cosplayer does a great job of both creating an authentic Pain cosplay and also really pushing the similarities between the two characters.

9 Red Hair

As mentioned previously, one of the things that really gives Nagato away as an Uzumaki is his bright red hair, an important characteristic of his.

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This cosplayer really gets down the red hair that makes Nagato so recognizable, with drawn-in red eyebrows to complete the great look.

8 To Know Pain

Part of Nagato’s philosophy is that to know pain means to know how to control one’s thoughts and decisions, without being influenced by the effect of pain on one’s senses. This belief drives everything Pain does. This cosplay by KejiNotori really shows the serenity that this belief brings Pain, who clearly doesn’t fear anything because he doesn’t fear pain.

7 Always Crying

As a child, Nagato cries constantly. He’s always worried about those around him, and he doesn’t want anyone to feel any pain. But he slowly takes on a self-important air of believing he alone can protect people from pain, particularly those he cares about.

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This cosplayer’s image, in which a very serious Nagato is on a photoshopped rainy background, seems to imply that at this point, when he has taken on the persona of Pain, he truly has left behind the crying child who worries about the pain of others.

6 Pain

Nagato’s most devastating form is as Pain, a member of the Akatsuki whose sole goal is to cause as much pain as possible. He’s truly terrifying to look at, as he has plugs in his face that connect him to demonic abilities. Alongside the Rinnegan, the recreation of Pain’s look in this cosplayer is very unsettling, just like a character named Pain should be.

5 Peace Through Violence

Nagato and his friends form the Akatsuki in order to help create peace in a violent ninja world. But Nagato quickly realizes that the world is pretty hopeless as is.

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So his plans change. His new intentions are to create a peaceful world by doing such heinous things no one would ever think about hurting each other ever again afterward. This cosplayer really captures the energy of Pain and all of the terror and suffering he intends to cause.

4 Akatsuki

Nagato doesn’t usually wear the Akatsuki uniform of the black robe with its red cloud motif. But Pain does don this look once Nagato takes on this new persona. This cosplayer’s take on the black robe is excellent, giving it a snakeskin appearance that seems both durable and easy to travel in, qualities a ninja would need of their clothes, and like something a real bad guy would wear.

3 Demonic Statue Of The Outer Path

The Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is the husk of a demon that has had its chakra separated from its body. Nagato is the only person who can summon him because of his ability to use the Rinnegan.

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Eventually, he links his body to the statue’s, giving him extra powers. This cosplayer shows some of the receivers that connect Nagato to the statue in the black spots on his nose.

2 Planetary Devastation

One of Nagato’s skills is the use of the Rinnegan, which is so powerful, people think it can either be used in ways akin to a god of creation or to destroy everything. Nagato, of course, prefers destruction, and one of the things he uses it for is a move called Planetary Devastation. This cosplayer recreates that move using photoshop, showing a glowing black ball between their hands.

1 Rinnegan

As mentioned above, the Rinnegan is a very powerful eye ability that is used in the Uzumaki clan. It is even more powerful than the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan or the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan. This cosplayer has done a great job of including this ability from Nagato, who often hides his Rinnegan behind his hair, almost like an ace in the hole.

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These 10 cosplay of Nagato capture the Naruto character flawlessly.

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