Naruto: 10 Awesome Shikamaru Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Shikamaru is definitely a fan-favorite character in Naruto. So many people identify with his lazy attitude and the fact that he wants to do the minimum amount of work to get something done, refusing to put in any extra effort if it doesn’t seem like it’s going to add anything to the proceedings.

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And yet, he is also the first character to pass the Chunin Exams, so maybe there’s something to his philosophy. Either way, cosplayers have taken it upon themselves to make accurate depictions of this lazy ninja king. Here are 10 Shikamaru cosplays that look like they came straight from the anime.

10 With Asuma-Sensei by Delianlei

Shikamaru is a part of Team 10 while he’s training to become a ninja, along with Ino and Choji. Their teacher is Asuma-sensei. This cosplayer teamed up with another cosplayer, nagoyakid_, who handles the Asuma cosplay, in order to put together part of the team. The Shikamaru cosplay is very impressive here as well, showing him in the black turtleneck he wears under his vest, and getting his iconic spiky ponytail just right.

9 Smoking Shikamaru

As a teenager, Shikamaru is often seen with a toothpick in his mouth, really pushing that sense of laziness about him. But after Asuma-sensei, who smoked, dies, Shikamaru takes up the habit himself in order to remember his fallen teacher.

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This cosplay, done by Nathaniel Hwang, has him smoking what is clearly a fake cigarette, and the rest of the cosplay is spot on, showing a Shikamaru who is a little bit older and more mature.

8 On A Mission

This cosplayer has done a great action pose, complete with an outdoor backdrop that makes it seem like Shikamaru might be out in the world, ready to track down some missing ninjas or locate an enemy base. All the details on the cosplay are so perfect, from the headband wrapped around his arm to the perfectly fitted green vest.

7 In A Tree

Anyone who watched season five of Naruto remembers the Konoha Five going out into the world to try to bring Sasuke home after he runs away to join Orochimaru and his gang.

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This cosplayer poses in a tree, the way Shikamaru often leaped through trees during the season and holds a kunai knife, ready to fight off any enemies that try to keep them from their mission.

6 The Hair

Shikamaru’s hair really defies gravity and reality, so cosplayers who get it right are really impressive. This cosplayer has done a great job of getting the spiky ponytail going in the back, giving it all of the volume and bounce that it needs. But even more impressively, they’ve done a great job of mimicking his hairline around the face, which is also a little jagged and spiky.

5 Lazy And Lounging

Shikamaru never wants to expend any extra energy and only does as much as is absolutely necessary to get the job done.

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This cosplayer’s pose is a perfect representation of that; they look a little bit bored and sleepy, like they’re not really focusing on what’s going on, and have a really great slouch that matches Shikamaru’s tired energy.

4 Using A Seal

Shikamaru is a great strategist, which is part of the reason he advances to the Chunin level before any of his classmates. He’s good at using his surroundings to his advantage and taking stock of situations and the gear he has at his disposal to get things done. This cosplay shows him using an exploding seal attached to a kunai knife, which will definitely blow his enemies off course.

3 All Attitude

Shikamaru is not always the most pleasant person, especially when he thinks that something is a pain to have to do. This cosplay shows that attitude and how he doesn’t want to bother with anything.

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The vest, eyebrows, and hairline are spot-on on this one, really getting the gist of Shikamaru’s look.

2 Lounging In The Grass

Shikamaru is constantly rubbing his teammates the wrong way. Ino and Choji know that he’s a really good ninja, but he often can’t be bothered to really participate in training. And as shown in the Chunin Exam, he doesn’t really need to bother anyway, since he’s so good at everything already. This lounging Shikamaru cosplay, with the perfect silhouette on his uniform, shows that this cosplayer really gets what Shikamaru is about.

1 With Temari

Temari and Shikamaru are just about everyone’s favorite Naruto pairing; they have seemed perfect for each other since they first faced off during the Chunin Exams. These great cosplays are a great show of the dynamics of their relationship, complete with Shikamaru low-key wanting to get as far away from Temari as possible, since she clearly has it in for him.

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Shikamaru from Naruto might be laid back and chill, but these cosplay artists put a ton of work into their costumes and they look just like the anime.

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