Naruto: 10 Best Rock Lee Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Rock Lee has one of the most iconic costumes in Naruto. It’s definitely playing on Bruce Lee sensibilities (which is also clear from his name) and ideas about how kung-fu fits into this series about teenagers learning to be ninjas.

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He’s a comedic character but also one who it’s impossible to not root for, since he isn’t especially talented as a ninja and everything he’s able to do, he has learned through hard work and very intensive training. So it’s no surprise that many cosplayers pay tribute to Rock Lee and his indomitable spirit. Here are 10 amazing Rock Lee cosplays that look like they came straight out of the series.

10 The Eyebrows by iuka_the_dugong_fairy)

The most iconic things about Rock Lee are his bowl cut and his incredibly thick eyebrows. The two things together make up such an important part of how Rock Lee looks. This cosplayer has really managed to get these elements of the cosplay down just right, really going all in on the incredibly thick eyebrows and extra emphasis on the eyelashes. Plus, their ultra big eyes really remind us of Rock Lee’s intensity.

9 Ready To Fight

This serious cosplayer has Rock Lee’s intensity and determination down pat. Their big, serious eyes and thick eyebrows are Rock Lee to a T.

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The cosplay itself is also spot-on, with his hands wrapped in bandages, ready to get to chopping his opponents with martial arts strikes. His headband is tied around his waist, acting as a belt.

8 In Training

Rock Lee isn’t as good at being a ninja as a lot of his classmates. In fact, when he was younger, he was told to give up on the dream since he wasn’t really cut out for it. But he’s nothing if not determined, and he has spent his youth training hard to be the strongest ninja he can possibly be.

The action pose by this cosplayer really drives that home, showing that beyond Rock Lee’s cheerful demeanor is a serious person determined to achieve his goals.

7 Smiling Lee


When viewers first meet Rock Lee, it’s at the start of the Chunin Exams, when he lays eyes on Sakura and immediately falls in love. His desire to woo her makes him even more determined to do well in the exams.

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Lee’s confidence and determination follow him even in this regard, and he’s sure that he can make Sakura fall in love with him if he just proves that he’s the best ninja, even if he has to beat up Sasuke to do it.

6 Taking Off The Weights

Rock Lee fights with weights on his arms and legs in order to challenge himself and push himself even harder. When things get really dire, he loses the weights in order to become even faster and a much more difficult opponent to defeat.

This cosplay, of Rock Lee after the time jump, during Shippuden, shows a more serious version of the young ninja, a young man who is confident in his skills and ready to protect his friends and village.

5 A Cheerful Ninja

This cosplay of Rock Lee is both incredibly accurate in the costume but also in the attitude. Lee is deeply optimistic and believes that he can achieve any of his goals as long as he works hard.

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He views his friends as his rivals, and he sees their successes as opportunities for him to surpass. This cosplayer has gone all in on the full green bodysuit and the orange leg warmers that make his costume so recognizable.

4 Thumbs Up

This is a fun cosplay image because it tells such a story. Here Rock Lee is giving a thumbs up and smiling. He’s clearly feeling good and confident. But his right hand is unwrapped, which implies that he’s just had a hard-fought victory that required him to put in all of his effort. Never one to give up, this is Lee’s attitude at its best.

3 Master Of The Drunken Fist

One of the big tropes of kung fu movies is the Master of the Drunken Fist, who is usually a kung fu master who fights like he’s drunk (and sometimes actually is drunk).

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This trope is played with using Rock Lee in the series, who does his own version of the Drunken Fist technique. This cosplay is a fun tip of the hat to that, with a bottle of alcohol and rosy cheeks showing that he’s definitely had at least a little.

2 Big Kick

This is an awesome and impressive cosplay, as the cosplayer uses crutches to do an awesome kick in the air. It’s a great pose that feels very much like something viewers would witness Rock Lee doing during a battle. The cosplayer’s costuming is brilliant, with super-accurate sandals and arm wrappings, not to mention the amazing colors on the jumpsuit and the orange leg warmers.

1 Rock Lee All Out

When Rock Lee really gets going in a battle, he ends up putting all of his power into his fighting, which changes his appearance. It makes veins burst out on his face and his hair stand straight up; he looks like he has totally lost control of his body and is going by muscle memory alone. This cosplayer has captured this awesome tendency of Rock Lee’s to look truly cool and to seem like he can really kick butt with the best of them.

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Rock Lee from Naruto doesn't have the flashy moves of other ninja, but these amazing cosplay artists show he's still one of the best characters.

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