Naruto: 10 Naruto & Hinata Fan Art That's Absolutely Adorable

Naruto is one of the most famous mangas around, being part of the Shonen trilogy of the 2000s with the likes of One Piece and Bleach. Fans get to see the main character grow from a young idealistic ninja to a powerful Hokage. This development came along with his strong supporting cast and also his wife – the shy Hinata, who eventually became the rock that Naruto never thought he needed.

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After many years, the couple officially tied the knot and now have two wonderful children. This pairing spawned loads of fan art and what’s on this list is only a taste of what’s out there. Here are 10 examples of Naruto and Hinata fan art that are just too adorable to pass up.

10 Happily Married

Starting off this list is the spectacular work done by Nico Ara on Twitter. This is an incredibly simple piece but it does wonders to show the love that both Naruto and Hinata share. The soft and gentle style that Nico Ara employs helps shape the warmth of the couple.

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This is also brilliantly paired with the color scheme. It’s gentle with none of the colors particularly standing out boldly, but it is done purposefully in order to show almost the “honeymoon phase” feeling of the piece. Absolutely wonderful.

9 A Big And Wonderful Family

The work done by Ircomix is absolutely incredible. Showing three straight generations of Naruto’s entire family, it is all done in a very charming way with Ircomix’s luscious illustrative style being in the forefront.

All of the colors are incredibly bold and every one is designed in a way that makes all the characters stand out marvelously. This is easily one of the most heartwarming fan art of not just Naruto and Hinata, but their entire family.

8 A Moment By The Tree

Based on the designs of both Hinata and Naruto, this seems to take place around the tail end of the series finale.

This piece of work created by Seiya is a good example of less is more. The characters aren’t doing much, but the background with its utter simplicity frames the focus on these two, thus making it look as if their romance is just about to blossom. It’s absolutely wonderful.

7 Classic Designs, Same Blissful Love

A fine piece of classic art, Lickliking’s work here is incredibly simplistic. However, the love on display is in full force.

The concept here is that this is Naruto and Hinata as they wear their original designs. What makes this so impactful is that these characters have known each other since early childhood. So to see this is not only adorable, but also symbolizes all of the character development that they shared together.

6 Too Pure To Pass Up

This fun little comic by Sen is a great example of the adorable romance that these two share together – Naruto being an incredibly dorky but kindhearted boyfriend to the super shy Hinata.

On top of this, the art style for this comic is quite adorable, with the right amount of anime-like aesthetic, while maintaining the spirit of the series that made Naruto so special in the first place. This is one of the most adorable pieces shown so far, easily.

5 A Kiss In A Bed Of Flowers

Another simple one, there isn’t that much that can be said about here. It is Naruto and Hinata being adorable in a bed of blue flowers. This is a great choice on amiette’s part, as the colors stand out enough to not blend in with the couple.

What’s more, having no background allows for the viewer to focus on the two. The expressions they both share is incredibly realistic and heartfelt. This is, overall, an incredible piece.

4 To Always Be With Each Other

A peace done by astrayfey in order to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the LAST film, it is difficult to pick out which piece is better than the other. On the one hand, the black and white version is simplistic, in a good way, with the white lines being the only thing that breaks up their silhouette. This allows them to still remain recognizable.

But at the same time, there is just something so ethereal about the Hinata and Naruto colored version and something magical in the background. Regardless, both are utterly fantastic.

3 Pretty As The Moon

Another art piece based on the LAST Naruto film, this piece of fan art is romantic in its own way. In it, the pink petals fall down in the pristine moonlight, as Naruto and Hinata embrace each other lovingly.

What’s interesting to note, is that there are really just four colors present in the piece. But they are all paired together and blended just enough to highlight the love that they both share. This is another example of how strong color choices can really make the piece.

2 A Glorious Hero And His Princess

This piece of fan art is once again on the simple side, but it is still absolutely gorgeous. Created by Sasu, what’s incredible about this is its style. It’s simplistic, colorful and incredibly romantic. In a way, it helps to highlight the couple almost in a shoujo sense, rather than with a shonen aesthetic.

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It’s almost as if Naruto is sweeping Hinata off of her feet like a Disney princess. This piece is really just adorable to look at and that is why it must make this list.

1 Love Throughout The Ages

This piece, again, highlights the history that the two shared together. Since childhood, Naruto and Hinata’s lives have been crossed in ways that is almost straight out of a fairytale – a monster and a princess falling in love.

Taking place in arguably the most memorable place in the Hidden Leaf village and eating the food that is the series staple, it really does show the absolute endurance that this pair has shared. It is for this reason that NaruHina is one of the most beloved relationships in all of anime fiction.

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NaruHina, the beloved romance between Naruto's titular character and Hinata has inspired many examples of amazing fan art, as seen in this round-up.

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