Naruto: 10 Pieces Of Naruto & Hinata Fan Art That Are Totally Romantic

Back in the day when the Naruto series was still ongoing, there was a heated debate regarding who Naruto would end up with. The two most popular and logical options were Sakura, his fellow member of Team Seven, and Hinata, his biggest supporter since day one.

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Ultimately, Naruto wound up with Hinata, and fans couldn’t be happier that the Naruhina ship finally set sail and became canon. Though the anime didn’t focus too much on the romance aspect of the ninja world, that never stopped talented artists from creating their own beautiful fan art that captures the love between Naruto and Hinata.

10 Field Of Sunflowers By @Popipapepu

In Japanese, Hinata’s name translates to “sunny place,” while her daughter’s name, Himawari, translates to “sunflower.” Therefore, Hinata is commonly depicted with sunflowers.

In this fan art by @popipapepu, Naruto and Hinata are placed in a field of sunflowers as the sun sets. The way they embrace and look into each other’s eyes sets up a romantic mood that anyone would be envious of.

9 Lunch Time By @Vicio-kun

Everyone knows that Naruto’s favorite food is ramen. However, many people might not be aware of the hilarious ramen story that goes along with Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.

On their first date, Naruto took Hinata to his favorite ramen place, Ichiraku Ramen. There, Hinata ate an impressive 46 bowls of ramen, setting an Ichiraku record and earning the title of “Legendary Queen of Gluttony.” @Vicio-kun’s fan art set at Ichiraku Ramen serves as a reminder of that wild first date.

8 Wedding By @Arya-aiedail

To conclude the entire Naruto anime series, Naruto and Hinata held a grand wedding in which all their closest friends and allies were brought together one last time.

In the anime, the groom and bride wear more traditional Japanese attire, but artist @arya-aiedail puts a modern twist on the wedding. While Naruto wears a nice tuxedo, Hinata has a veiled updo hairstyle and an elegant wedding dress with a hint of purple.

7 Family! By @X7Rust

After their relationship took off, it was only a matter of time before Naruto and Hinata would want to start a family together.

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When they finally decided to take the plunge, their first child, Boruto was born. Artist @x7rust captures the loving moment of Naruto and Hinata with baby Boruto, who reaches for his father with both of his tiny hands.

6 Pocky By @Axichan

In anime, it is fairly common to see two characters play the infamous Pocky Game, where a tasty Pocky stick is placed between the two players until it snaps or someone tugs away.

In the case of this wholesome fan art by @axichan, Naruto and Hinata very willingly play the game until their Pocky snaps. Even then, neither of them break their loving eye contact to prove that their love is more than a game.

5 Flirting By @Vicio-kun

As a kid, Naruto was known for his knucklehead shenanigans and cheeky battle techniques such as the Ninja Centerfold. Still, as he matured, he developed a more romantic side as well as seen in this fan art by @vicio-kun.

Out on a stroll together, Naruto presents Hinata with a smile and a purple flower. By the looks of Hinata’s bright smile, she’d surely accept his rose any day. This gives fans just a small glimpse of what the anime would look like if its main focus was romance.

4 Happiness By @Kivi1230

Taking a traditional Japanese approach to the anime couple, @kivi1230 drew a very colorful fan art picture of Hinata and Naruto dressed in gorgeous kimonos.

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Decorated in floral and Asian-inspired prints, the kimonos worn by the couple steal the show. But between their intertwined fingers, Naruto’s gentle forehead kiss, and Hinata’s endearing smile, the romantic vibe is totally on point.

3 Iconic Kiss By @Adicoon

All who watched The Last: Naruto the Movie witnessed the iconic first kiss between Naruto and Hinata. After taking a trip down memory lane of them growing up together, Naruto sprung Hinata into the night sky as they shared a kiss in front of the moon.

Artist @adicoon recreated this exact moment in a very realistic style of art. The fan art is so breathtaking and realistic that it looks just like a real photo.

2 Family Photos By @Jabberwockyface

After starting a family with two energetic children in Boruto and Himawari, Naruto and Hinata settled down in a cozy home where they could all live happily.

This fan art by @jabberwockyface shows a typical day in the Uzumaki household where everyone is all together in front of their wall of family photos. All of the photos demonstrate just how cute of a family they truly are.

1 Cruise By @HellPurestDevil

If Naruto and Hinata ever went on vacation together, it would be super romantic for them to go on a cruise together with no distractions. Artist @hellpurestdevil gives fans a glimpse of that cruise vacation.

Rather than being at the bow of the boat and recreating the popular Titanic pose, the two ninjas opt for a nice selfie with the sparkling ocean as their backdrop. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

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Though the anime didn't focus too much on romance, that never stopped talented artists from creating their own beautiful fan art of Naruto and Hinata.

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