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Kekkei Genkai are abilities unique to certain people in the world of Naruto. These abilities add to the strength of a ninja tremendously, and although most of the elite ninjas seem to possess at least one Kekkei Genkai, there are some out there who never had one under their belt, yet reached the highest level.

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While some ninjas are born without these mind-blowing abilities, they instead train other aspects of their shinobi arsenal and make a name for themselves.

10 Gaara

Gaara is the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure and quite possibly the strongest Kage in the village’s history. His skills as a shinobi are tremendous and even as a kid, he was better than many skilled Jonin out there.

As an adult, Gaara is capable of fighting some of the strongest characters, such as the likes of Madara Uchiha to some extent. Although Gaara does have the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai in the novels, it’s never been confirmed to exist in the anime or the manga after he lost Shukaku.

9 Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame was one of the members of the Akatsuki and a former shinobi from Kirigakure. He wielded the famous blade Samehada that allowed him to shave off the chakra from anyone.

Kisame was known as the Tail-less Tailed Beasts due to him having comparable reserves of chakra. Although he didn’t have a Kekkei Genkai, his skills were frightening enough to match and even defeat some of the Kage.

8 Ay

Ay was the Fourth Raikage of Kumogakure and one of the most fierce characters in Naruto. His lightning release skills were trained to their absolute limits and combined with his ferocious Taijutsu, Ay was almost invincible in battle.

He was known to be one of the fastest and the strongest shinobi of his era, thanks to incredible prowess as a fighter. Ay managed to hold his own against Madara Uchiha for quite a while in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

7 Jiraiya

One of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya was quite a powerful shinobi. He was considered to be one of the strongest of his generation and someone worthy of leading Konohagakure as the Hokage.

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Jiraiya’s skills as a fighter were nearly unmatched and he achieved everything without ever relying on a Kekkei Genkai. For tough situations, he had the Sage Mode to make himself even stronger.

6 Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is a former member of Team Kakashi, one of the strongest teams to ever exist in Naruto. Under the guidance of Tsunade Senju, Sakura ended up becoming the strongest Kunoichi in the world.

Her skills as a fighter allowed her to fight the Ten-tails clones during the war and even go up against Madara Uchiha in his 10 Tails Jinchūriki state. She also played a part in the sealing of Kaguya Otsutsuki.

5 Tobirama Senju

Tobirama was the Second Hokage of Konohagakure and the brother of Hashirama Senju. Being one of the Senju clan members, Tobirama was blessed with immense chakra and fighting prowess.

It goes without saying that Tobirama was one of the strongest fighters in the world of Naruto and he was powerful enough to take on both Kinkaku and Ginkaku at the same time. He even surprised Madara Uchiha with his fighting skills during the Ninja War.

4 Hanzo

Hanzo of the Salamander was one of the most feared shinobi in the Naruto world during his prime. He hailed from Amegakure and led the village for quite a long time.

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In his prime, he was strong enough to take on all of the Legendary Sannin at once and still emerge as the winner. Unfortunately, Hanzo grew weaker over the next few years which ultimately led to his death at the hands of Pain.

3 Minato Namikaze

Renowned as the Yellow Flash of the Leaf, Minato Namikaze was Konoha’s Fourth Hokage and a powerful ninja. Even before hitting his peak, Minato was powerful enough to fight Obito Uchiha and the Nine-Tails at the same time and end the fight within a matter of minutes.

He was incredibly skilled in terms of Ninjutsu and even Fuinjutsu. When it came to the Flying Thunder God technique, Minato was even better than the Second Hokage.

2 Hiruzen Sarutobi

Famed as the Professor and the God of Shinobi, Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage of Konohagakure. He was known to have the knowledge of all Jutsu that existed in Konoha’s history.

Being a master of all the five basic natures was enough to make him incredibly powerful as he trained these skills to their limits. Even in his old age, he was strong enough to defeat Orochimaru, and the reanimation of the First and the Second Hokage at once.

1 Might Guy

Might Guy is the former leader of Team Guy and he played quite a prominent role in the Naruto series, especially in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Although Guy didn’t know how to use ninjutsu properly, his skills with Taijutsu were unmatched. After opening the Eighth gate, Guy became strong enough to match and overwhelm even Ten-tails Madara Uchiha in battle.

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Kekkei Genkai are abilities unique to certain people in the world of Naruto, but these characters don't need them to be strong.

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