Naruto: 5 characters Might Guy Can Defeat (& 5 He Doesn't Stand A Chance Against)

Might Guy has always been a fan-favorite character. And following the events of the fourth Shinobi war, his position consolidated even further in the fans’ hearts.  But this man hasn’t always been so compelling nor was he always powerful. He lacked talent in the field of ninjutsu, so he had to invest all his efforts in training taijutsu; an art usually omitted by most Shinobi.

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As a Jonin, Guy is stronger than your average Ninja by a large margin, but he is still not the cream of the crop. Here are some characters who can’t stand a chance against Guy and others who can easily overwhelm him. Note: Eighth Gate mode Guy won’t be included for obvious reasons.

10 Can defeat: Kurenai

Kurenai is a Kunoichi from Konoha and a Jonin from Guy’s generation. Kurenai tends to be overlooked by fans and is occasionally flagged as a weakling; which is untrue to say the least. Most of the time she is starred in fights with the odds against her.

Kurenai is a Genjutsu specialist. And while you might think that illusions and mind assaults are great matchups against brute strength, Guy has his own countermeasures against such tricks.

9 Doesn’t stand a chance: Madara

As much as we hate to admit it; Madara is way stronger than vanilla Guy. In fact, the most likely case scenario of a battle between Madara and Guy would be a one-sided beating; and that’s not an exaggeration, it’s just how monstrous the man known as Madara is.

Madara in his basic form single-handedly defeated the five Kages and armies of skilled Ninja. His prowess is nothing to scoff at.

8 Can defeat: Iruka

Iruka is an instructor -later principal- at Konoha’s ninja academy. He is only a chunin, which means his battle capabilities are only above average, but that’s ok. Iruka’s role in the series was to be Naruto’s closest resemblance to a father figure, and he pulled that off just right.

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That being said, a confrontation between Guy and Iruka would most certainly end in Guy’s favor. The two aren’t even on the same level.

7 Doesn’t stand a chance: Itachi

When he first debuted in the series, we thought that Itachi was just another addition to the villains’ team. And with each of his recurring appearances, he has only solidified that belief in our head.

But one of the greatest plot twists in anime struck us, and it struck us hard. From that point on Itachi was dubbed as the series’ best boy; a title he is fully deserving of. Although Guy might be a genius on his own rights, compared to Itachi, he is a tad lacking.

6 Can defeat: Zabuza

Naruto is a series infested with greatly written villains. Most of the major antagonists who were presented to us either had a heart-wrenching backstory or a rather serious point to back up their villainy.

Zabuza was the first major antagonist to be introduced to the series. He was also one of the main reasons that we, the fans, got hooked on Naruto so fast. As a previous member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Zabuza’s strength is irrefutable; but there’s always a higher mountain and a wider river.

5 Doesn’t stand a chance: Minato

Minato was the fourth Hokage of the village hidden in the Leaves. He is Naruto’s biological father and an all-time badass. It should be noted that all who sat on the seat of Kage were strong individuals. But even amidst these strong fellows, Minato particularly stands out.

If Guy was to face Minato then the outcome would almost be certain.

4 Can defeat: Shikamaru

Shikamaru is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, character in Naruto. He is a guy who would rather resort to his brains rather than his fists. In the brutal world of Shinobi, a good strategist might prove to be vital in numerous scenarios.

But as you’ve already guessed, Shikamaru is not exactly the strongest in a one vs one battle. He is most efficient when fighting alongside his teammates.

3 Doesn’t stand a chance: Pain

The pain invasion arc was arguably the best arc in Naruto. The arc’s build-up and delivery shed light on an aspect of the Shinobi world disregarded by many. The saga’s main antagonist, Pain, also doesn’t need an introduction. In a media where villainy is infested with generic and shallow writing, Pain just stands out like a sore thumb. The fans love him, the critics love him, and even unrelated parties love him.

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For the topic at hand, it’s obvious that Guy wouldn’t be able to defeat Pain. It was previously mentioned that Guy was about as strong as Kakashi, and we all know how it went for Kakashi.

2 Can defeat: Hidan

Compared to his Akatsuki counterparts, Hidan leaves out much to be desired both strength-wise and character-wise. His only strong points are his pseudo-immortality and his one-shot technique; which could easily be bypassed if the opponent was strong enough.

In a fight against an oddity like Guy, Hidan wouldn’t even get the chance to breathe.

1 Doesn’t stand a chance: Naruto

Naruto is the fate-blessed underdog of this story. Like Guy, he started out from the very bottom and scaled his way up the strength hierarchy. But unlike Guy who mostly relied on hard work and sheer dedication, Naruto acquired hacks at some point during the series. In fact, it’s even questionable whether Guy could take on Naruto as an equal with the help of the Eighth Gate of Death.

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Might Guy has always been a fan-favorite character. While he is a good fighter that can take down many characters, there are some he can never beat.

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