Naruto: 5 Great Things Sasuke Has Done Over The Years (& He'd Rather You Forget About)

As one of the main characters of the Naruto series, Sasuke Uchiha has done a lot in his ninja career to make a name for himself. In his early days, he served as both Naruto’s rival and friend, though neither would admit it for the longest time. Everything was going great until he made the executive decision to leave his village and friendships behind.

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From that point forward, Sasuke became a man of many sins that he would come to regret. His lust for revenge drove him to make poor decisions and hurt the ones closest to him. But regardless of whether or not the good outweighed the bad, it’s fair to say that Sasuke had his good and bad days.

10 Great: Protected Naruto

During their first big mission, Sasuke and Naruto found themselves caught in Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirrors in the infamous battle on the bridge. Despite it being a two-on-one battle, the two genin were having trouble keeping up with Haku’s deadly kekkei genkai.

After numerous barrages of senbon needles, Haku finally seemed to be going in for the kill, prompting Sasuke to make a gutsy decision. On instinct, he shielded Naruto from Haku’s attack and nearly died. For the first time, Sasuke showed how much he actually cared for his friend.

9 Forget About: Lost To Rock Lee

Following the success of their Land of Waves mission, Team Seven was signed up for the Chunin Exams where they would encounter new opponents such as Rock Lee. Minutes before the exams began, Lee challenged Sasuke to a quick battle of strength.

With confidence in his newly awakened Sharingan, Sasuke gladly accepted Lee’s challenge. However, Sasuke underestimated Lee’s taijutsu and was brutally beaten. The Uchiha couldn’t believe he was so easily beaten by a peer as sappy as Lee.

8 Great: Defeated Deidara

Sasuke went rogue after abandoning Konohagakure, but he did unintentionally help the village out on a couple of occasions. In fact, he defeated Deidara, a member of the Akatsuki whom Naruto and Kakashi hadn’t been able to take down.

After refusing to acknowledge Deidara’s art and surviving all of his explosions, Sasuke drove him to unleash his final bomb, which killed both the Akatsuki member and the snake boss, Manda.

7 Forget About: Driven By Revenge

It’s no secret that Sasuke was led astray by his desire for revenge. After Itachi wiped out the rest of the Uchihas, Sasuke set his sights on avenging his fallen clan. He knew he had to get stronger in any way possible if he ever hoped to kill his powerful brother.

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Although Sasuke eventually got his wish in seeing his brother’s death, he was later informed by Tobi of the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre. Sasuke then sought revenge on Konohagakure for making Itachi slaughter his own clan and painting him as a villain.

6 Great: Defeated Danzo

Another antagonist who Sasuke successfully took down was Danzo, one of Konohagakure’s elders. Despite being in a high position within the village, Danzo was always up to no good and had to be stopped.

In their battle, Danzo revealed that he had several tricks up his sleeve. He had not only a Sharingan for his right eye but also a whole arm of multiple Sharingans and Hashirama’s cells. Even then, he was no match for Sasuke, who finally put an end to Danzo’s shady deeds.

5 Forget About: Joined The Akatsuki

For a short period, Sasuke and Taka joined up with the Akatsuki. They were tasked with capturing the Eight-Tails.

Though Sasuke put up a good fight, he and the rest of Taka failed to defeat Killer Bee in a four-on-one match. Thinking they had captured the Eight-Tails, Taka actually brought a decoy back to the Akatsuki while the real Killer Bee got away safely.

4 Great: Helped Win The Fourth Shinobi War

Going into the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke was still intended on destroying Konohagakure. However, he had a change of heart after having the opportunity to speak with the reincarnated Itachi and previous Hokage.

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After making the ultimate decision to fight for and protect Konohagakure, Sasuke sided with the Allied Forces against the two biggest threats to the shinobi world, Madara and Kaguya. Alongside Naruto and the rest of Team Seven, Sasuke proved to be a key player in the entire war.

3 Forget About: Attempted To Kill His Friends & Allies

For Sasuke, there came a point where he cared more about revenge than anything else, including his friends and allies. He believed that he would need to kill his best friend, Naruto, in order to obtain more power by awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Aside from Naruto, Sasuke was also willing to kill his other comrades if they stood in his way. He not only stabbed through Karin’s chest to kill Danzo but also made a genuine attempt to kill Sakura shortly after that.

2 Great: Recognized His Mistakes

At the end of the day, Sasuke was responsible for some terrible moments leading up to the Fourth Shinobi War. But after taking time to truly reflect on his actions, he knew in his heart that what he did was indeed wrong.

Sasuke’s acknowledgment of his sins was seen through his decision to forgo the prosthetic arm and instead head off on an independent journey of atonement.

1 Forget About: Said He Wanted To Become Hokage

For the longest time, the dream of being Hokage belonged to Naruto and not Sasuke. However, after a shocking turn of events in the midst of the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke joined the Allied Forces and said he wanted to become Hokage in front of all of his peers.

With everything that Sasuke had previously done to make himself an enemy of the village, no one could believe that he of all people would suddenly change his mind and strive to become the respected leader of that same village.

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Naruto's Sasuke has achieved some great things over the span of the series, but he's also done things he's not proud of.

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