Naruto: 5 Kekkei Genkai Stronger Than Lava Release (& 5 Weaker)

Kekkei Genkai are special abilities that only certain individuals possess due to an anomaly in their bloodline. As a result of this, these powers are often passed down within a clan, such as the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan.

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Naruto has introduced fans to a large number of Kekkei Genkai, most of which are extremely powerful. When it comes to destructive capabilities, Lava Release is known to be one of the strongest there is.

10 Stronger: Rinnegan

Rinnegan is a Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai that only certain individuals in the world of Naruto possess. Unlike many others, this Kekkei Genkai isn’t passed down among the clans. To awaken this power, the user needs to recreate Hagoromo’s chakra by mixing Indra’s power with that of Asura’s.

Once awakened, the Rinnegan allows the user to manipulate forces such as gravitation, along with giving them the ability to use the Six Paths powers.

9 Weaker: Storm Release

Storm Release, also known as Gale Style, is one of the most intriguing Kekkei Genkai abilities in Naruto. It is created by mixing Lightning and Water Release natures together. Most users of Storm Release are from Kumogakure as this Kekkei Genkai seems to be prevalent among their clans.

Darui of Kumogakure is one of the strongest users of this ability, however, when compared to Lava Release, this Kekkei Genkai pales in comparison.

8 Stronger: Tenseigan

Tenseigan is a powerful Kekkei Genkai that was introduced to the fans in The Last: Naruto the Movie. It is one of the Kekkei Genkai of the Otsutsuki clan and has only ever been wielded by Hamura Otsutsuki and his descendant, Toneri Otsutsuki.

The Tenseigan grants the user powers similar to that of the Rinnegan, such as being able to manipulate gravity itself. Other than that, the user can power themselves up by using the Tenseigan Chakra Mode.

7 Weaker: Ketsuryugan

Ketsuryugan is a visual Kekkei Genkai and it belongs to the Chinoike Clan. This Kekkei Genkai made its debut in a Sasuke novel and then made its way to the Naruto Shippuden anime as well.

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A user of Ketsuryugan has the ability to cast powerful Genjutsu on others and the ability to control any liquid with a high iron concentration, such as blood. While scary, the Ketsuryugan is inferior to the destructive ability of Lava Release.

6 Stronger: Wood Release

Wood Release is one of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai in the world of Naruto. It allows the user to create large trees and forests out of nowhere and even subdue Tailed Beasts.

It was first seen being wielded by Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of Konohagakure. Surprisingly, this Kekkei Genkai isn’t passed down within the clan as neither Tobirama nor any descendants of Hashirama possessed these powers. Somehow, Moegi Kazamatsuri, a Jonin of Konohagakure, has the ability to use Wood Release. However, it is unknown how she awakened this power.

5 Weaker: Explosion Release

Common among the shinobi of Iwagakure, Explosion Release is a powerful Kekkei Genkai that is created by mixing Earth and Lightning Release together.

A user of this Kekkei Genkai has explosive chakra which can cause tremendous damage when used correctly. Although this Kekkei is, without a doubt, capable of large-scale damage, Lava Release is superior to it in almost every aspect.

4 Stronger: Mangekyo Sharingan

A Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha clan, the Mangekyo Sharingan is the evolved form of the Sharingan that can only be awakened after a traumatizing experience where the user witnesses the death of a loved one.

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The Mangekyo Sharingan is much stronger than the regular Sharingan as it is able to read movements significantly easier. What’s more, each eye of the user has unique abilities tied to it. Once awakened in both the eyes, the user can also use the ultimate defense, Susanoo.

3 Stronger: Boil Release

Boil Release is a mixture of Water and Fire Release nature transformations and is known to be quite incredible in combat. Like Lava Release, this Kekkei Genkai grants a power boost to the user for a short period of time.

When used by Naruto Uzumaki against Kaguya, he was able to stop a couple of her attacks momentarily, which just goes to show that this Kekkei Genkai isn’t weak. However, everything that this Kekkei Genkai does, Lava Release does better.

2 Stronger: Byakugan

The Byakugan is a mysterious Kekkei Genkai which appears to have been originated from the Otsutsuki clan. The Hyuga clan of Earth also has access to this Kekkei Genkai.

It grants a near 360° vision to the user and gives them the ability to see the chakra points of anyone. What’s more, when combined with Gentle Fist, a Byakugan user can shut down the chakra circulation in others, making it a deadly Kekkei Genkai.

1 Weaker: Ice Release

Common among people from the Land of Water, especially the Yuki clan, Ice Release is a Kekkei Genkai that combines the usage of Water and Wind Release. As the name suggests, it allows the user to create ice and use it in combat accordingly.

This Kekkei Genkai is extremely dangerous as seen during the Land of Waves arc of Naruto. Despite its tremendous power, Lava Release has a big advantage over Ice Release, making it much better in comparison.

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Naruto is filled powerful and unique jutsu, but which kekkai genkai can outperform lava release? And which would simply burn up?

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