Naruto: 5 Villains Fans Wanted To See More Of (& 5 That Stayed Around Too Long)

Villains come and go, but some leave a mark. Once again, Naruto teaches us that it’s not all black and white when it comes to characters in the show. No one can be deemed inherently bad or good; that’s just not fair. Mostly because there’s always a back story filled with betrayal and heartache. And, more or less, some bad guys are just misunderstood about everything – something we can all relate to on a spiritual level.

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Naruto villains have been all over the good/bad spectrum. Some were admirable while others were downright cynical and widely disliked. Let’s talk about the 5 villains of Naruto that fans wanted to see more of and 5 that just wouldn’t leave.

10 Stayed Too Long: Gato

Let’s start off with a villain that was (most probably) hated in unison by the entire Naruto fanbase. Gato was a sick, despicable human being who just liked being an ultimate pain.

Morbidly kicking Haku’s corpse and publicly executing Kaiza for standing up to him are only two of his gruesome and conceited acts. Ultimately, when Zabuza ended him, it was a small celebration moment for everyone.

9 Wanted To See More Of: Haku

Haku was just an orphan when Zabuza found him and took him under his wing. He had been put through hell all his life and was only a child when he had to kill his father after witnessing him kill his mother. Talk about family issues! After that, Haku was lonely and did not have anyone to look up to.

Zabuza gave him a purpose and served as the father figure he always needed. What’s so evil in a young boy wanting to be useful after witnessing traumatic events unfold in front of his eyes? He died using his body as a human shield against Kakashi’s Lightning Cutter aimed at Zabuza.

8 Stayed Too Long: Danzo

While there is some debate about whether Danzo is technically categorized as a villain or not, he is still heavily disliked by Naruto fans. His deeds have always been on the immoral side of the spectrum and even when they weren’t, the underlying motive was always personal and selfish.

He is the reason behind the extinction of the Uchihas because he forced Itachi to kill all of his clan so that Sasuke would be spared. He put all of that on Itachi, posing as the good guy who had nothing to do with it. Now that’s a straight-up bad dude.

7 Wanted To See More Of: Zabuza

To the average observer, Zabuza Momochi was a bad guy. He was a trained assassin who showed no mercy when it came to fulfilling his duties. But was he the twisted, cynical kind of evil? Let’s look at the evidence. As a student residing in the Hidden Mist Village, Zabuza was exposed to the ruthless ritual of forcing academy graduates to engage in a battle to the death as a part of their final exam.

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Owing to his remarkable swordsman skills, he killed over 100 of his classmates. Of course, a kid like that would grow up to be an assassin wouldn’t you think? And that was it; he wasn’t especially vile or wicked. He just followed orders. He had a soft side that he wasn’t particularly even aware of until he bore the loss of his underling, Haku. Even Kakashi acknowledged that the loss had adversely affected his attitude in battle. Poor, misunderstood Zabuza.

6 Stayed Too Long: Orochimaru

Orochimaru, of course, has always been the snake (pun intended) and he has never tried to hide it. When he, Jiraiya, and Tsunade met young Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan, his first suggestion was to kill them all so they wouldn’t have to “suffer through war.” That’s rich — kill them now so they don’t get killed later on.

In his pursuit of immortality, he has imprisoned and experimented on countless people. Not to mention, his creepy lip-licking has always been a huge put-off. Unfortunately, evil never dies.

5 Wanted To See More Of: Konan

Konan was a warm-hearted girl when she was little. She met Nagato and his dog in a helpless state and took them to her hideout with Yahiko. She used to impress Jiraiya and Tsunade with her creative origami skills. Orochimaru, of course, had seen much better — drama queen much?

Konan was tough and selfless, as well. When she got kidnapped by Hanzo’s men and used as bait to get Yahiko killed at the hands of Nagato, she asked them both to leave her and flee. She possessed many other admirable traits — she was smart, level-headed, and fiercely loyal to Yahiko. She was a decent gal.

4 Stayed Too Long: Obito

Obito was annoying from the very start. Posing as Madara Uchiha, Obito was a deceptive and manipulative individual who could never see past personal gains.

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His motive for his awful and ruthless acts was that Kakashi let Rin die when they were little and he loved her. So, the death of a casual love interest justifies committing genocide and ruling as a bloodthirsty tyrant over the Hidden Mist village? Fans are expected to buy his “redemption” story but they aren’t having it. We’ve all lost loved ones, Obito.

3 Wanted To See More Of: Yahiko

Yahiko was one of the most admirable and respectable villains of the show. He held affectionate feelings for Konan, which were reciprocated. To complete Konan’s hostage story, Yahiko jumped onto Nagato’s sword and killed himself, just so he could ensure Konan’s safety.

People are lucky to even get a text back but this guy, killing himself to prevent her death! Yahiko exhibited the epitome of selflessness, which is what made his death so emotional. The pain you saw after that was merely Nagato’s puppet.

2 Stayed Too Long: Black Zetsu

You thought Obito was manipulative and selfish? Well, he’s nothing compared to this guy. Black Zetsu played both Obito and Madara like a violin, which is really what strikes a chord with most fans. He managed to manipulate them both for his own personal gain.

But the stand-out reason for fans disliking him is the fact that he was able to pull all that off while being the ultimate mama’s boy. Why did they have to do his character like that?

1 Wanted To See More Of: Itachi

Itachi can’t really be called a villain anymore, but he did appear to be for the most part. His death was one of the most emotional scenes in the whole franchise. In his dying moments, he ensured his little brother knew the affection he held for him by poking him on the forehead.

It’s okay if you’re crying. It’s still too soon. All he wanted was to maintain peace and keep his brother safe. No one was prepared to let him go.

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In Naruto, the villains ranged across the good/bad spectrum. Let's talk about the 5 that fans wanted to see more of and the 5 they were done with.

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