Netflix's Brews Brothers Crafts the Most Offensive Yet Hilarious Beers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Brews Brothers, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Brews Brothers details the intense rivalry between Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) and Adam (Mike Castle), brothers who own the Rodman Brewing Company out in Van Nuys. Since they were teenagers they’ve been competing against each other, and now, they’re reunited in business after Wilhelm got his tutelage at European monasteries and Adam became a brewmaster studying and working in Oregon.

But as they compete for bragging rights, one thing becomes very apparent in Season 1’s eight episodes — they craft some of the most offensive yet hilarious beers ever.

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In the first episode, “The Brothers Rodman,” they stage a personal battle when the one distributor, Cole (Stephen Rannazzisi), in Van Nuys asks for 20 kegs of beer. After initially falling out with Cole because of Adam’s snobbish ways, the gents have to come up with a new IPA for a chain of restaurants. In the taste test, the winning beer Cole picks belongs to Wilhelm, however, Adam reveals he pissed in the batch earlier.

What ensues is a hilarious second episode, “Recreate the Opus,” where they try to replicate the masterpiece. It involves tasting several runs with Adam’s urine and retracing his diet to get his internal conditions right. He ends up gorging on kimchi tacos and melon horchata to reset his urine back to the original conditions, and they eventually keg out the order, calling it Rodman’s Golden Surprise. After Cole opts for a stout order, though, they give the urinated IPA to an auto body shop next door to come off as nice neighbors.

In Episode 7, “Krachtbal,” Wilhelm attracts a gay biker gang thanks to his Belgian white wheat beer, Weiss Power. It’s quite a hit but he totally forgets it translates to ‘White Power,’ which is why the gang has come to patronize — they’re Nazis. They spend the majority of the episode drinking the brewery dry because this beer reminds them of their German ancestry and that white supremacy should reign.

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They eventually get rid of the bikers but in the season finale, “The Trink,” they realize the beer’s an even bigger hit than they thought. When they’re hiring at the brewery, a white woman seems to nail the job as a waitress but they discern she loves Weiss Power as well and thinks they’re a Nazi bar. Chuy (Marques Ray) also confirms they’ve been shipping a lot of this beer to customers in Idaho, who are now revealing themselves to be white supremacists too, causing them to end the line.

Wilhelm is terrible at branding, not realizing he’s been giving beers a lot of phallic names. It seems he’s been subliminally influenced by the sex toy store, Carnal, next door, as his branding includes the term “XXXtreme Rodman.” Many people visit the bar thinking it’s either a gay bar or a sex toy store. It doesn’t help he has drinks like the Rod Guzzler, Full Mast Ale, Wilhelm’s Gueze Down Easy, Perfect Head Porter, and Rodman’s Stiff Stout on tap.

It gets worse because later on in “Lazlo Suna,” they end up using glass dildos from one of Carnal’s manufacturers to bottle a new beer. They call it the Belgian Blonde Accommodator, not even realizing this actually makes the beer sound like a legit sex toy. On top of that, they use the boys Chuy coaches in little league soccer to bottle the brew to meet a deadline, creating one very disturbing process and production flow.

Season 1 of Brews Brothers, starring Mike Castle, Alan Aisenberg, Carmen Flood and Marques Ray, is now available to stream on Netflix.

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Season 1 of Netflix's Brews Brothers finds the Rodman Brewing Company crafting the most offensive and hilarious to shock the competition in Van Nuys.

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