Netflix's Dead to Me Has a Huge #MeToo Moment – with Dire Consequences

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Dead to Me, now available on Netflix.

Netflix’s Dead to Me is a dark comedy which takes several shots at relationships over the course of its two seasons. With Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) trying to eke out new lives after being surrounded by toxic masculinity, the series wades into abuse, infidelity and gaslighting of women and the repercussions of it.

This leads to a pretty epic #MeToo moment in Season 2, following up on an incident Jen had with the creepy Andrew (Rick Holmes) in the first season. However, while she nets a victory by outing him as an abuser to his peers, it leads to dire repercussions in the finale.

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Andrew tried to jump Jen in Season 1 during a realtor’s meeting. She visited his home, and he tried to force himself onto her in his garage, not caring that her husband was killed in an accidental hit-and-run (by Judy of all people) days before. But he chose the wrong woman at the wrong time, and she retaliated with a few blows of her own. With his ego bruised and Jen too busy trying to solve her husband’s death, the drama was forgotten.

That is, until she storms into a city council meeting demanding a stop sign be placed at the junction outside her home. Had it been there, Judy and her boyfriend Steve (James Marsden) might not have been speeding and smacked into her husband. When Jen addresses the council, though, Andrew makes a surprising cameo and informs her she’s being way too emotional about the situation, especially as the transport committee here is focusing on medians. It’s condescending, and he still clearly doesn’t respect women. Jen responds by revealing Andrew tried to rape her.

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She calls out toxic masculinity on the mic and white men with power in LA, telling him maybe he should have a stop sign for his personal life. It’s an epic burn and the women in the audience, as well as the men on the panel, are rocked by her inspirational speech. Jen makes it clear if she had the sign, their kids would have a father, and seeing as she’s advocating something for the greater good in society, she isn’t going to be chided by an abuser like Andrew. It’s a #MeToo moment that certainly puts Andrew in hot water, and Jen walks out to applause, relieved she aired both grievances to his colleagues.

It backfires in the finale, though, when Judy buys a van for Jen’s son Charlie. As they drive to the junction, they hit the brakes suddenly, as they spot a stop sign there, giving Jen the ultimate victory. They celebrate the moment for a minute or so, but as they drive off, Steve’s twin, Ben, smacks into them. He drives off drunk, with both parties not realizing what happened. In this case, it’s the stop sign that delayed the women and allowed them to pull out just when Steve was speeding towards the junction. If the sign weren’t put there thanks to Jen’s passionate speech, they may have gone across earlier, as they wouldn’t have stopped and wasted time celebrating. It’s bad luck and an ill-fated moment, which shows this series is all about unfortunate timing and consequences, as Jen seems to have some sort of amnesia now.

Dead to Me stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler. Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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Netflix's Dead to Me has an epic win for the #MeToo movement in its second season, but it has dire repercussions in the finale for Jen and Judy.

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