Nightwing #71 First Look Sees Joker Brandish a Crowbar Once More

The build-up to the “Joker War” event and the return of the one and only Dick Grayson continues in Nightwing #71. In DC Comics’ first look, the Clown Prince of Crime continues to plague Blüdhaven and its costumed protectors in his hunt for the real Nightwing. This time around, however, the Joker has brought his infamous crowbar.

The Joker returned in Nightwing #70 and began his assault on Blüdhaven’s four Nightwings, managing to capture and seriously injure one: Alphonse Sapienza, all so the Harlequin of Hate could render Batman vulnerable. On top of the supervillain’s return and their upcoming confrontation, Ric Grayson also has to struggle with a web of conflicting memories, which may end up working toward the Joker’s advantage.

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The significance of the crowbar should not be lost to fans of Nightwing and Batman comics. The iconic villain once used the crowbar to beat and murder Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd, who took on the mantle of Robin after Dick Grayson left the Dark Knight’s side. The appearance of the crowbar seems to carry the promise of yet more brutality, especially after Nightwing #70 proved that anyone, even the Nightwings, might fall victim to the Joker in this story.

Written by Dan Jurgens, illustrated by Ronan Cliquet and Travis Moore with cover art by Mike Perkins, Nightwing #71 is scheduled to go on sale June 10.

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A first look at DC Comics' Nightwing #71 teases the Joker and his infamous weapon-of-choice: the crowbar.

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