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While Marvel Games Vice President Bill Rosemann and prominent voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Tales From the Borderlands) certainly want to make a Daredevil video game, Rosemann has put the kibosh on speculation that a game starring the Man Without Fear is currently in development.

The speculation began on Twitter, after Baker replied to a post asking users which superhero they’d like to see get their own game. Baker — who has previously expressed interest in portraying the character of Daredevil — simply tweeted a series of “coughs” and tagged Rosemann. The tweet prompted a reply from the Marvel Games boss, who wrote, “You, sir, are clearly a man without fear.”

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Some onlookers took this exchange as some sort of hint or cheeky, low-key confirmation that a Daredevil game was currently in the works starring Baker. Evidently not wanting things to get too out of hand, Rosemann penned a follow-up tweet, clarifying that at this time, no Daredevil game is actively being made (though he and Baker would both like to see such a project come to life).

“From the office of Nelson & Murdock: While Bill greatly admires the man Without Fear, there is no Daredevil game in development,” Rosemann wrote. “Bill’s tweet to [Troy Baker] was an acknowledgement of their shared desire about creating said game and he apologizes for any confusion his tweet created.” The tweet is accompanied by a photo featuring a sizeable stack of Daredevil comics.

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The topic of which Marvel character or characters could be next to receive their own Triple-A game has certainly been a popular point of discussion in recent months, following the success of Insomniac’s PlayStation 4-exclusive title Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming release of the Crystal Dynamics title Marvel’s Avengers. While Rosemann, Baker and likely many fans would certainly like to see Daredevil join this lineup, that does not appear to be in Marvel’s immediate plans at this time.

While Marvel Games boss Bill Rosemann wants to make a Daredevil game, he put the kibosh on speculation that one is currently in development.

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