Once Hal Jordan Morphed Into a Letter. What, All Your Ideas Are So Great?

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Today, we look at the time that Hal Jordan transformed himself into a letter because he had been hypnotized by a foreign spy. Yes, you read that all correctly.

It all went down in Green Lantern #37 (by Gardner Fox, Gil Kane and Sid Greene), when Hal Jordan takes out the new secretary at Ferris Air on a date to go dancing (to help make her boyfriend jealous. It was Carol Ferris’ idea, so Hal wasn’t two-timing Carol). While dancing, she hypnotized Hal using a Topaz pin!

The hypnotism forced Hal to divulge the secrets of the plane that he was test piloting.

The same thing happened every day, but one day, Hal went on a mission as Green Lantern during one of his flights, so when he next wrote a letter, the bad guys would learn his secret identity!

Hal became aware of the hypnotic spell by accident, but when he tried to use his ring to erase the spell, he couldn’t, because the hypnosis had been achieved by a Topaz (in other words, yellow) pin. Yes, that is stretching the idea of a yellow weakness to ABSURD degrees, but here’s where we are…

So Hal’s best friend, Tom, works out a deal where he will steal the letter that Hal writes under hypnosis and then Hal uses his OWN hypnotic command to force himself to transform into an identical letter, which will be sent to the bad guys…

Once the bad guys get the letter, Hal turns into a human, although he gets in one good punch as a giant letter…

He then captures all of the bad guys, including the secretary who hypnotized him…

Amusingly, the spell is still in place at the end of the issue, but Hal flew off to Oa to get the Guardians to remove it.

I simply adore the sight of a giant letter punching a dude.

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In their spotlight on bizarrely awesome comics, CSBG shows the time Hal Jordan used his Green Lantern ring to turn himself into a letter!

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