One Piece: 10 Devil Fruits With The Most Destructive Powers, Ranked

For twenty years, One piece has given and the fans have taken. 2 decades of entertainment left the fans both grateful and satisfied. How does a shounen anime/manga run for so long without losing its relevance? Well, it can be attributed to multiple factors including an extraordinarily built world, spectacular characters, and a unique power system.

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Like other shounen anime/manga, One piece owns a power system, and it stands aloof above its shounen counterparts. There are a variety of devil fruits. There are devil fruits for combat, and there are some for support. Every devil fruit is unique and has its uses, and among the combat-related devil fruits, there is a group that specializes in causing physical destruction. Here are CBR’s picks for the top 10.

10 Pop Pop Fruit

Pomu pomu no mi or the pop pop fruit is a paramecia devil fruit that allows the user to detonate a part of their body or any organic substance they come in contact with. It doesn’t work on inanimate objects.

This fruit was eaten by Gladius, one of the lieutenants of Pica’s Donquixote army. Gladius is no weakling by any means. He alone stood against both Bartholomew and Cavendish who both have bounties over 100 M. And even though he lost at the end, it was after a tough fight for both sides.

9 Bomb Bomb Fruit

The bomu bomu no mi, or bomb-bomb fruit, is a paramecia-type devil fruit that allows the consumer to become a literal walking bomb. The user can make every part of their body explode, be it hair, blood, or even breath.

This fruit was eaten by Mr.5, one of Crocodile’s lackeys who appeared during the Whiskey Peak Arc and Little Garden Arc. The bomb bomb shares obvious similarities with the pop-pop fruit and is often confused with it. And while Mr.5 is weaker than Gladius in overall strength, his devil fruit is superior to the latter.

8 Arms Arms Fruit

The arms-arms fruit or buki buki no mi is another paramecia devil fruit with destructive properties. It grants the user the ability to transform a part of, or their whole body into a weapon. Any weapon is virtually viable for transformation, be it a basic kitchen knife, a sword, or a gatling gun.

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This fruit was eaten by Baby 5, a former member of the Donquixote Pirates and current fiance of Don Sai. The sky’s the limit for this fruit, one might even be able to turn themselves into a nuclear weapon if they were strong enough.

7 Stone Stone Fruit

The stone-stone fruit, which is also known as the ishi ishi no mi is a paramecia type devil fruit that grants the consumer the ability to manipulate and assimilate themselves into stone. It’s a pretty overpowered ability that requires major efforts for most people to deal with.

It was eaten by Pica, one of the Donquixote pirate’s three officers who are only below Doflamingo.  Pica’s mastery over his devil fruit’s power is evident to be advanced. He was even close to destroying at least half of Dressrosa with a single punch from his stone giant.

6 Zushi Zushi Fruit.

The zushi zushi fruit or zushi zushi no mi is a devil fruit that was eaten by Issho, better known with his admiral alias, Fujitora. The fruit falls in the paramecia category and it grants the user some rather overpowered abilities.

The foremost effect of zushi zushi no mi is that it allows the user to control and manipulate gravity and gravitational force. It’s effects range from making tiny pebbles levitate to summoning a real meteorite from outer space. And with the proficiency level of Fujitora, destroying a city would be as easy as flipping a hand.

5 Flame flame Fruit.

The flame-flame fruit or the Mera Mera no mi is, unlike the previous devil fruits, a rare logia type. As its name states, the flame flame fruit remodels the user into a flame human, allowing them to conjure, manipulate, or transform into flames.

This fruit was originally eaten by Portgas D. Ace, but later after his decease, it was acquired by his sibling Sabo. Portgas D. Ace relied on his talent and this fruit to climb up the ladder of the pirate world. Its sheer destructive power and strength are definitely unquestionable.

4 Ice Ice Fruit

The ice ice fruit or hie hie no mi is yet another logia fruit that has an elemental power. It grants the user the ability to conjure, manipulate or transform into ice.

This fruit has been consumed by kuzan, better known as Aokiji. Aokiji, who was a previous marine admiral, rose to fame relying on this fruit. His mastery over it reached a level where those who could defeat him are very few in numbers. Even though the ice ice fruit doesn’t cause direct physical wreckage, it can ruin an entire ecosystem as shown during his battle with Akainu.

3 Light Light Fruit

The light light fruit or the pika pika no mi is Admiral Kizaru’s signature fruit. It’s a logia type fruit that grants him the ability to conjure, manipulate, or transform into light.

This fruit is one of the more overpowered if not the most overpowered fruits in the One Piece universe. Considering that most people can’t even conceive light, dodging a punch from kizaru can turn up to be nearly impossible without the use of haki. During the Sabaody Archipelago arc, Kizaru is shown to fire deadly laser beams that are, well, deadly to both people and the environment alike.

2 Magma Magma Fruit

Magma magma fruit or magu magu no mi is another logia type devil fruit that was consumed by yet another admiral. Or a previous admiral to be specific. Sakazuki, who goes by the alias of “Akainu” is the current fleet admiral of the marine. And to achieve that much success in the marine, personal strength is a must, and personal strength is what Akainu is famous for.

The magu magu no is a certain destruction tool. The fruit’s explosiveness coupled Akainu’s own explosion powers results in a deadly destruction machine. The half burning part of punk hazard can vouch for that.

1 Tremor Tremor Fruit

The tremor tremor fruit is a paramecia fruit that tops all other paramecia fruits. It’s the cherry on the top, the strongest of the strongest. Upon its consumption, it gives the user the ability to create tremors, and they are not just minor tremors.

This fruit was eaten by Edward Newgate, or Whitebeard, reputed to be the strongest man in the world when he was alive. He dominated the new world for decades relying on this fruit, until his epic fall in Marineford. This fruit was later acquired by Blackbeard, who immediately ascended to Yonko after consuming it, proving just how valued it is.

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Devil Fruits grant special powers in the anime One Piece. Sometimes these powers can be utterly destructive.

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