One Piece: 10 Hilarious Nami Memes That Devoted Fans Will Appreciate

The Straw Hats may be pirate crew, but they don’t often appear like the most conventional group of thieves, murderers, and plunderers. That’s where their faithful navigator, Nami, gets to offset the curve, as her Cat Burglar skills and overall scariness more than make the Straw Hat Pirates a crew to reckon with.

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Nami is easily one of the most beloved female characters in One Piece. Whether people are appreciating her for her looks, agency, or just her overall style, Nami is essential to the series as a whole. In honor of all of her navigating and cat burgling achievements, here are a few Nami memes that only fans will appreciate

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10 Nami’s Development

One Piece used to be acclaimed for not oversexualizing its female characters. Its colorful world was equally exemplified in the strong diversity of body types and personalities in its female characters. However, all of that supposedly changed after its creator, Eiichiro Oda, got married.

Since then, female character designs have seen a not so subtle change, and Nami is the prime example of it. During the first half of the series, barely half a year had passed yet her “character development” had grown to obscene proportions. This would only be further exaggerated after the time-skip and is the constant target of scrutiny from the community as a whole.

9 Luffy, I-I Like…

Apologies to all NaLu or LuNa shippers. Though no character among the Straw Hats has expressed romantic interest (Sanji doesn’t really count), the relationship between Nami and Luffy would make the most sense.

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However, shipping isn’t a huge thing in One Piece as a whole. If Oda was to ever justify why Luffy doesn’t have any interest in the single female around his age that’s known him the longest, it would probably be through comical means. Luffy knows what his priorities are, and meat ranks a little higher than Nami.

8 The True Final Boss

Nami is a terrifying person. That’s clear. Given her past, she’s easily one of the most hardened characters on the Thousand Sunny, and her drive to keep herself alive and paid has fueled an anger that is typically felt only by the other Straw Hats.

Besides just being able to rally the crew through pure fear, she’s also one of the few people beside Garp to consistently give Luffy some tough love. Luffy’s probably gonna beat Blackbeard, but he’s not gonna beat the Queen of the Navigators.

7 Scarier Than Big Mom

If there’s one thing that Nami proved on Whole Cake Island, it’s that she can stand alongside Big Mom as one of the scariest women in the One Piece world.

In the iconic scene where Luffy tried to shatter the one mirror to the Thousand Sunny, he would have been in big trouble if Nami tried a little harder to get a word in edgewise. Forget about Katakuri, Nami will make sure a few other things besides mirrors shatter.

6 “One Piece Is For Children”

With that being said, who really said that One Piece is for children? On her own, Nami could easily earn the anime an M rating, and not for the reasons some would believe. She is an incredibly scary character whose stares alone cut deeper than the blade that she’s holding in this meme.

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With that being said, it is advisable to still be pretty afraid of the blade that she’s holding. Nami comes from a cutthroat background and is prepared to use any weapon that she can get her hands on. While a lot of One Piece characters can be mascots for children, Nami is not one of them.

5 It’s Not Illegal…Technically.

Fair warning: This is not the actual dialogue for the show. So for those expecting the dialogue of this series to be harder than it actually is, maybe look for another series. However, that doesn’t mean that the spirit of the scene isn’t the same. Nami and Usopp are easily the two most mischievous characters who take full advantage of their pirating license.

Not only do the two constantly scam people in their own way, but they’re always plotting new ways to keep the crew out of danger or, at least, themselves. As the leading members of the Cowardly Trio, the two are practically best friends.

4 Nami’s At The Door!

Nami may be a brilliant navigator, but her bounty poster definitely lets people know what the mass public should be worried for. Nami has spent most of her pirating career as an elusive cat burglar who stole from a variety of cruise ships and pirates.

When she joined the Straw Hat Pirates, she kept her greedy ways. If she’s not over-haggling some poor stores, she’s sucking all of the change out of her crew mate’s pockets. If Nami’s knocking on the door, be prepared to hide all the beri!

3 How Everyone Sees Nami

Nami is the pinnacle of character dynamics. Her appearance practically changes depending on who sees her. To Luffy, she is the kind navigator who’s journeyed with him since the beginning.

To Zoro, she’s the mean lady who is constantly making people work. To Sanji, she’s a beautiful woman who can tell anyone what to do. While Nami is a lot of things, if there’s one thing that she isn’t, it is boring.

2 At First Glance…

For new fans, be careful who you call the captain. For newbies, Roronoa Zoro seems like the prime candidate for being the main character and captain. However, he’s just the first mate.

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For early fans of the series, Monkey D. Luffy is clearly labeled the captain. However, he doesn’t really act like it. If there’s one person to really get the crew organized and tell them what to do and where to move, it’s their overworked navigator. In all likeliness, she’ll probably be the first person to find the One Piece, too.

1 An Iconic One Piece Scene

This image is a work of art. It combines three different iconic moments of the series into one hilarious comic. It heavily draws on the moment where Nami called for Luffy’s help on Cocoyashi Village.

It uses the “False Straw Hats” that posed as Luffy and Nami during the time-skip. Last but not least, the last few panels replicate the hilarious moment that Luffy just pushes a zombie back into their grave. It’s truly a meme for true fans.

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The Straw Hats' navigator has been part of One Piece since the very beginning. Naturally, Nami has inspired countless hilarious memes over the years.

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