One Piece: 10 Pieces Of Luffy & Boa Fan Art That Are Totally Romantic

To Sanji’s frustration, romance is not a big part of the One Piece experience. There have never been any significant hints at any of the Straw Hats pairing up with each other, while most potentially romantic subplots are usually mined for comedy purposes or involve minor characters who only feature heavily in a single arc.

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Out of all the popular ships, Luffy and Boa Hancock seem the most likely to become an item, even if the latter is fanning nearly all of this pairing’s flames. While it remains to be seen whether Eiichiro Oda ever goes down this route, fans have wasted no time in imagining just how cute Luffy and Hancock might look together.

10 A Night Sleep

Art by meissdes.

In some ways, this entry is quite an authentic representation of Luffy and Boa Hancock’s relationship. While the latter is completely enamored with the Straw Hat captain, Luffy is generally oblivious to any advances made by Hancock. In his mind, they are just very good friends but love is, at the moment, out of the question.

The art style echoes the scene’s tenderness, with Meissdes going for a suitably elegant and uncluttered design. There is nothing to distract from the relationship at the heart of the piece.

9 Power Couple

Art by GICCHO.

This drawing might not be inherently romantic, but it does present a version of Luffy and Hancock who have become soulmates. These two complete each other; together, they are One Piece‘s power couple. If nothing else, this drawing imagines a future when Hancock is not reduced to a blushing schoolgirl whenever Luffy is in close vicinity; conversely, this Luffy has come to accept Boa as the person who should walk by his side.

The drawing itself is stunning, to say the least. The art style has a classic feel that makes it seem timeless, almost like it is stating that this is a couple who will live on forever.

8 Love Is Inescapable

Art by horouka.

One Piece is an incredibly vibrant series. Be it the islands, characters, or battles, the anime makes sure that the world feels lively and almost whimsical. Despite manga typically being in black and white, Oda’s art is so expressive and rich that it is possible to imagine the characters in color.

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In the author’s lovely tribute to Luffy and Hancock’s potential romance, Horouka expertly uses color to make the characters pop off the screen.

7 A Day Together

Art by bekacca.

How would Luffy act while on a date? Does he even know what a date is? One Piece‘s iconic hero is somewhat of an enigma; Luffy often comes across as dense, but he has also proven to be rather apt at adapting to situations depending on another person’s emotional state.

Presumably, Bekacca’s fan art teleports Luffy and Hancock to an alternate reality where the former is not striving to become the Pirate King and the latter has more control of her emotions. Could this universe ever cross into Oda’s creation? Maybe, but probably not.

6 Luffy & Hancock

Art by UltiMaL.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best course of action. UltiMaL’s drawing is playful and innocent. Luffy might be quite the fun-loving pirate, but it has been a while since he had a moment or two to just relax. As the Empress, Hancock also carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.

In this entry, the two are just allowed to be themselves without any expectations. According to UltiMaL’s post, this drawing is not fully finished, although it is difficult to tell from just looking at it.

5 A Sweet Smile

Art by Cherryyy09.

In the anime, Hancock is normally either depicted as unflinchingly serious or comedically silly, with the latter typically happening whenever the Empress’s eyes meet Luffy’s gaze. Consequently, the captain of the Kuja Pirates tends to fluctuate between two extremes; on the other hand, Luffy’s default facial expression is a boyish grin.

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On those rare occasions that Hancock does unleash an earnest smile, it can be quite mesmerizing. Cherryyy09’s fantastic art piece serves as a great example of that.

4 Sweet Daydreams

Art by tenmuki.

Due to Luffy’s oblivious nature and determination to repel any of Boa Hancock’s not-so-subtle appeals for marriage, art pieces centering around this ship are required to move a bit away from the source material to make a romance feasible. Otherwise, pictures depicting a platonic friendship is all that would be viable.

Tenmuki’s daydreaming Hancock sticks true to the manga, as the Empress is shown to periodically fantasize about Luffy. It is funny and cute when it happens in the source material, and the same holds true for this tribute to One Piece.

3 Valentine’s Day

Art by bekacca.

One Piece is not above taking inspiration from real-life cultures or events, although Valentine’s Day has yet to be referenced by the series. Even so, it would not be too surprising if a love-centric island eventually makes an appearance, perhaps for a short filler arc that should exclude Sanji as he would otherwise never want to leave.

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The beauty of fan art is that anything is possible. Shonen properties such as One Piece and Naruto exist in their own alternate worlds that are far removed from everyday life, but there is nothing stopping fans from blurring the line between anime and reality.

2 The Ultimate Toast

Art by willinalp.

Luffy and Boa Hancock might be both pirates, but they come from incomparable worlds and have widely different personalities. Despite their differences, they both value protecting those closest to them above everything else and are willing to make any sacrifices to ensure the safety of their crews.

One might be the Snake Princess, the other might be the son of the World’s Worst Criminal; together, they are a mismatched couple who somehow make a lot of sense together.

1 Until Next Time…

Art by Yamineftis.

Yamineftis’s gorgeous drawing references a scene from One Piece when Hancock and Luffy temporarily say goodbye to each other after the timeskip. In the series, Luffy announces that he hopes to see Hancock again in the future; obviously, the Empress interprets Luffy’s words as being more romantic than they were intended to be.

Themed around Valentine Day, Yamineftis took this moment and elevated the romance to eleven. Perhaps this is how Hancock remembers her goodbye with Luffy.

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One Piece's Boa Hancock and Luffy might not be an official couple, but these romantic fan art pictures suggest maybe they should be.

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