One Piece: 10 Things Oda Set Up Years Ago That We All Forgot About

One Piece has been going on for more than 20 years, and fans both eagerly await its ending and what’s to come next. The current story itself has fans wondering if and how will Luffy and the gang beat Kaido, what’s going on with the Seven Warlords, and what happened to Sabo.

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There’s so much tantalizing the fans’ imaginations nowadays that some of them are beginning to forget some of the other mysteries and storylines that Eiichiro Oda set up long ago. This list will be running down a few of the seedlings of world building and intrigue that Oda set up that everyone just completely forgot about.

10 Water Seven Becoming A Ship

The Water Seven and Enies Lobby Arcs are often revered as some of the best in One Piece‘s history. They both came with plenty of drama on their own and helped push the characters to new heights. With that being said, fans can often forget about some of the details and culture of Water Seven’s little community and what it means for the grander world.

The Sea Train alone was a grand achievement that is rarely seen in the story, but an even more enticing invention is perhaps Iceburg’s own plans to make Water Seven a ship. In an effort to circumvent the reoccurring that’s threatened his people for so long, Iceburg drew up plans long ago to make the island itself buoyant on the sea’s waters.

9 Enel Flew Into Space

The Skypeia Arc was a magical story in the One Piece canon that helped return a sense of magic to a series becoming a little too comfortable with itself. While Luffy and the gang may have found the City of Gold and defeated the arc’s big bad, many fans forget that, in the end, Enel actually won.

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He got to complete his flying ship and was able to fly it to the moon. Aside from an intricate cover story that the anime never touches, his galactic adventures are never mentioned again. For those who have unfortunately never seen it, just know that there are space pirates.

8 Noah

Fishman Island helped the series land on the ground running when it came back from its time-skip. Not only did the Straw Hats get to show off their new looks and move sets, but the arc introduced even more lore and mysteries to give the world a little more texture. One of the oddest mysteries to come about it that will surely pop up again is the “Ship of Promise,” Noah.

Not much is known about its origins, but it is somehow tied to the mysterious figure Joy Boy and is expected to help take the fishmen and merfolk off of Fishman Island, possibly pulled the Sea Kings themselves.

7 Luff Is Going To Destroy Fishman Island

While the mysteries surrounding Noah are already pretty tantalizing, its storyline just doesn’t have as much spice as Luffy’s destiny to be the bane of Fishman Island. Madam Shyarly was a fortune teller who used her diving abilities one last time to find Luffy surrounded by flames on Fishman Island.

This led her to believe that Luffy is going to one day destroy the home that all her country’s citizens know and love. There’s still a lot in the air on whether the actual events will be good or bad, but Luffy is certainly destined to do some big things in the future.

6 Uranus

The Ancient Weapons are a rarely teased yet incredibly hyped element of the One Piece world. They’re teased as items that can destroy the entire world and are a chief target of the World Government’s agenda. Pluton has already been revealed to be a grand battleship though its origins and location have yet to be seen.

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Poseidon was revealed to actually be a person, and Princess Shirahoshi seems to be the current incarnation destined to control all Sea Kings. While there’s plenty of details between these two, the story has yet to uncover the third and last Ancient Weapon, Uranus. Given how Poseidon wasn’t even a thing but a person, there’s some pretty high expectations for what it can be and what it can do.

5 The Voice Of All Things

The Voice of All Things has been a strange ability that Oda has teased for years but hasn’t really contributed anything to this point. It’s the tendency of some characters to overhear strange voices every now and then, such as the voices of Sea Kings.

Characters like Luffy and Gol D. Roger have simply just overheard these strange voices every now and then but haven’t deciphered their message or even brought them up in the story. It’s still unknown if this power is just limited to Sea Kings and other magical creatures or if those who can utilize it can truly hear “All Things.”

4 The Will Of D.

Aside from a few characters having the middle initial “D,” the Will of D. has rarely been mentioned recently in the story. It’s been offhandedly mentioned by elderly characters in the story as some sort of prophecy for people with the title or of some mysterious family/race.

Characters like Jaguar D. Saul and even Dr. Kureha have offhandedly mentioned the mysterious destiny, creating a mystery as to what it actually is and how in the world do they get to know but someone like Luffy doesn’t. This is possibly the most substantial tease that Oda has done in his early years that has rarely had a spotlight within the modern story.

3 The Treasure of Mariejois

The World Government may be the main superpower ruling over the world, yet the system and its rulers are still shrouded in plenty of mystery. The Celestial Dragons and Five Elder Stars are obviously up to some shady business given how secretive and terrible they’ve been across the entire story.

During the Dressrosa Arc, Donquixote Doflamingo hinted at some dark secrets that threatened the nobles in their entirety; and during his clash with Trafalgar Law, he even hints that he could’ve used some secret treasure from Mariejois to control the world in its entirety. It’s a revealing detail for arguably the series’ biggest villains that was oddly and only mentioned in Doflamingo’s offhand comment.

2 Dragon And The Weather

Fans already have some knowledge as to why the World Government fears Monkey D. Dragon. He’s the leader of the Revolutionary Army and the son to one of their greatest soldiers. However, if there was a detail that may have gotten lost in time, it’s the fact that Dragon himself may be able to control the weather.

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When Luffy and the gang were setting up from Loguetown, they were being chased down by Smoker. Before the hardened Marine could break their dreams early on, he was stopped by the dark silhouette of Monkey D. Dragon and a series of blistering winds. Smoker suggests that Dragon himself was causing the storm, but the power itself is never brought up again. When Dragon gets into his first fight, he’ll hopefully show what all the hype is about.

1 The All Blue

Not only have fans forgotten about the All Blue, but Sanji himself seems to be caring less and less for it. During Fishman Island and even Dressrosa, he even explicitly forsakes his dreams for his other interests. For those who have forgotten, the All Blue is supposedly a body of water that connects with all of the world’s seas, meaning that it is home to every fish known in the world.

For an ambitious cook such as Sanji, the All Blue is a culinary paradise whose fruits are just waiting to be plucked. Given how close the story is getting to its true end, Sanji may hopefully remember his childhood dream once again.

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Oda built a giant world with the story of One Piece. There's been so much going on over the years there are a few things fans forgot about.

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