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One Piece focuses on the fun adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates whose ambitions for glory and various good deeds have inspired fans everywhere. They’re such a strong example of Shonen heroism that some people may even forget that they are, in actuality, pirates.

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They’re not just swashbuckling, silly pirates like Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook but competitors within a larger world of thieves, conquerors, and murderers. While the Straw Hats may have done plenty of heroic things, they’ve also gotten their hands dirty on occasion. This list will be looking over a few of those iconic moments of the heroes acting more like villains.

10 Stealing A Pillar From Skypeia

Despite calling themselves pirates, the Straw Hats don’t really steal and pillage much throughout the series. That is until they stumbled upon a literal City of Gold. At that point, it would’ve been silly to not take anything.

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While the people of Skypeia and Shandora celebrated their liberation from Enel’s tyranny, the Straw Hats took advantage of the distraction and sneaked out one of Shandora’s golden pillars. It was unfortunate, though, because if they waited just a little longer, they would’ve found out that the Shandorians would’ve let them take even more!

9 Pickpocketing An Entire Village

In the aftermath of the Arlong Park Arc, there was some ambiguity as to whether or not Nami would actually join the crew. While it seemed like the obvious choice, One Piece built some suspense as Luffy and the rest prepared to sail off. But, before they left the port, Nami managed to surprise everyone by sprinting across her village and leaping unto the Going Merry’s side.

However, as impressive as leaping unto the ship was, Nami pulled off an even greater feat by pickpocketing her entire village in the process! Having to leave her hometown, Nami just needed a few keepsakes.

8 Threatening Homies With Big Mom’s Vivre Card

Nami is easily one of the most mischievous characters within the Straw Hat Pirates. While the rest of the crew is just happy to be on an adventure, Nami takes full advantage of the opportunity to just threaten and steal. One of the most recent examples to date is when she discovers that the vivre card that Lola gave her back on Thriller Bark actually has Big Mom’s aura.

With it, she was able to intimidate all of the homies on Whole Cake Island and used the opportunity to take control of the seducing wood’s giant tree, Kingbaum, doing so with a malicious smile on her face.

7 Working For Baroque Works

Nico Robin already didn’t have it easy living with a cruel foster family on Ohara, but things naturally got worse after the World Government called for the Buster Call. Being the country’s sole survivor, Robin was wanted at a young age and was betrayed by various people just trying to make a quick buck by turning in a child.

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At best, she did find some solace using her archaeological abilities but had to work under various shady organizations to do so. The shadiest job of them all had to be when she was vice president to Sir Crocodile’s Baroque Works, an underground institution conspiring to overthrow Alabasta’s regime and even bomb some of its citizens.

6 Becoming A Monster

Tony Tony Chopper faced plenty of prejudice growing up because of his blue nose and unique form as a half-human/half-reindeer creature. Suffice to say, the word “monster” was thrown around a lot. However, after joining the Straw Hats and seeing one their turmoil on Enies Lobby, Chopper didn’t mind the moniker and decided to use an experimental form that he’d been hiding for a long time.

This was his Monster Point, his most powerful yet uncontrollable form. Turning into this monster may have allowed him to beat a member of CP9, but it also forced him to go into a terrifying rampage against friend and foe.

5 Stealing A Bunch Of Food

This wasn’t so much a moment as just a bad habit as a whole. Since Luffy was a kid, he was taught to treasure every moment that he ever had food. Not because he starved as a kid like Sanji but because Garp just taught him to eat like a wilder beast.

Instead of turning him into an upstanding citizen, these moments only made Luffy even greedier; and whenever he sees food that he likes, he’ll just take it, regardless if it’s his or is already being eaten. He’ll try and sneak food from his crewmates, grab some meat from the hands ordinary citizens, and would probably even take pies off of windowsills if he had the opportunity.

4 Selling Snake Oil

To be accurate, Usopp wasn’t selling snake oil but “toad oil.” To be fair, the sentiment was all the same. Having come across a country that has been isolated from the rest of the world for ages, Usopp took the opportunity to pull some of the oldest tricks in the book. Snake oil salesmen have a long history of duping a less developed societies with promises of a wonder drug.

Usopp would do the same by tantalizing the citizens of Wano with his special brand of “toad oil.” While his job was to collect some intel from the townspeople, he probably didn’t need to make a profit in the process.

3 Destroying A Random Ship

When Hawkeye Mihawk first debuted in the series, the Krieg Pirates had just disturbed him from his nap, and Mihawk was enacting his revenge by destroying their entire armada. After having trained with the guy for about two years, he replicated the sentiment by accidentally destroying an entire galleon that he stumbled upon by mistake.

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And while fans understandably hated Don Krieg during the Baratie Arc, there was no moral backing or justification against the pirates that Zoro had just screwed over. While the title “pirates” may be a wild card, there wasn’t really anything else to establish this group as villains. Zoro just arbitrarily terrorized some random adventurers and did nothing to pay them back.

2 Attacking Luffy

Sanji has had a heart of gold throughout his time with the Straw Hats. While he may be rude as a cook, he’d always selflessly come to his crew’s aid. That is, until he came across the Big Mom Pirates and surrendered himself to their shady deal with Germa 66.

Luffy attempted to get his crewmember back; but during their first confrontation, Sanji took it upon himself to relentlessly attack his captain, going as far as to bust out his best move up until this point. To be fair, Sanji was just trying to spare Luffy from both Big Mom’s and the Germa’s wrath. However, he still beat down his old captain who never raised a fist in the process. It’s far from being Black Leg’s proudest moment.

1 Robbing Usopp

Last but not least, this list reaches one of the most despicable things that any of the Straw Hats had ever done. To be fair, Franky at the time was in charge of his own gang on Water Seven and was pretty much just prone to doing gang things. When his group discovered that the Straw Hats were strutting around with millions of beli, they took it upon themselves to rob their weakest member blind.

Not only did they take the money from Usopp, but they also beat him to a bloody pulp. Given that this event nearly broke up the Straw Hats, building the Straw Hats their new ship and joining was the least that Franky could do.

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One Piece focuses on the fun adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, examples of Shonen heroism, but they aren't always good…

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