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Usopp may not be your favorite member of the Straw Hats, but it’s hard not to like him. He has such a distinctive look in a series filled with colorful characters, and his compassion mixed with cowardice presents a nice mix of emotion, especially among that crew. It’s always great to see him overcome his lack of confidence during a fight.

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It’s part of what makes him a character you can’t help but root for. Everyone may remember him for his elongated nose and colorful outfits, but he’s just the lovable underdog in One Piece. He’d likely be any of us if we were dropped into that universe.

10 Ahoy

This outfit makes Usopp look like the most colorful pirate in history. He looks like an old British admiral who’d caught a case of the fashion bug, throwing away the normal dark blues or red, in favor of pink. It looks splendid, especially with how equally well done the sniper goggles are. Drwarumono really went all out on the look, making sure they stood out even among other Usopp cosplayers. Checking their page (this list as well), you can tell they are a huge fan of the character.

9 Putting In Work

If Usopp was built like Gatz is, he’d probably end up quite a bit more confident in himself. They have a figure that compliments a shirtless cosplay. It’s also highly accurate, making sure to get the blackened marking near his eyelids, a touch that’s hit or miss on this list. The background choice is well done as well, from the clear sky to the straw-like plants. It makes it seem like Usopp is about to defend some idyllic village from attack.

8 Best Of Buds

While they got off on the wrong foot at first, Franky having sent Usopp into a spiral that led to him leaving the Straw Hats for a time, the two became the best of friends.

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Given their equal love of engineering, it’s only natural the two would bond once the dust settled. Drwarunmono and his buddy both look the parts of their characters here, sharing a moment that wouldn’t be out of place in the series at all. You got to love the Coca-Cola cameo as well.

7 Strong World

The last of drwarumono’s great cosplays is their rendition of the third outfit that Usopp wore in the Strong World film. It makes him look like a Japanese shogun in the Nobunaga Oda era. For a character as silly as Usopp can be, it’s a great look, the massive beetle-like claws sticking out of the helmet just fits his character really well. He’s that bug who won’t stay down in fights, even when he’s’ outgunned. That stern look is one you don’t often see with the character, but one that fits with that film.

6 Try Him

Confidence isn’t usually something you associate with Usopp, his faith in himself always minimal at best. Yet, that expression by Berpi is so incredibly him. We aren’t even sure how they managed to contort their lips that way as it doesn’t seem like it was an edited photo, considering this seems to be from a con. However they did it, it creates a great look, especially when paired with the rest of the cosplay. Their curly wig spanning well beyond their shoulders, flowing back there like he belongs in a shampoo commercial.

5 The Scaredy Cat

This outfit is from the Strong World movie as well, being the second he wears. It’s further proof that Berpi understands how to embody and emote for a character. Their expressions enliven the cosplay, giving it even more zing than it already has.

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Not only do they look like Usopp, but they act like him as well. They genuinely look like someone ready to fight in order to protect their friends, but at the same time being scared out of their wits. It’s a great contrast.

4 Sogeking

If there’s one time that Usopp is confident, it’s when he’s the Sogeking, his altar ego that helps embody everything that he’s not. It’s a cool character quirk to have when dealing with a character like Usopp. Joluffirosauce helps show that by taking on a confident stance, prepared, and unafraid of whatever may be standing in his way. That mask is incredibly well done, as is the red cloak flowing behind him. You just get the feeling that he means complete and utter business.

3 To The Sky

This is a more minimalist approach to the character, using his first outfit rather than some of his flashier ones. It isn’t as eye-catching due to that, Ordinaryorganika manages to nail the most important part of the character, the nose. Without his long Pinocchio style nose, Usopp wouldn’t be the character he is. Hers blends into her skin seamlessly, very well sculpted on and not looking at all as fake as some other cosplays have made it. Choosing to take the photo on the beach was a great decision as well. What’s a pirate without the ocean?

2 Over The Top

There isn’t a more over the top outfit in Usopp’s arsenal, this coming from the One Piece Z film. There are so many different colors in it, that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. There’s no doubt that Sailorusagichan would get noticed in the convention he’d gone to, you could spot him from halfway across a room. From the bright blue boa to the massive hammer, everything about the cosplay is so ridiculous, but it all pales to that huge beard. It had of been a blast trying to put it all together.

1 Pouches

Pouches are the very first thing you notice, their entire legs taken up by the plethora of pouches. It’s not a bad thing either, Usopp has to carry all of his equipment somewhere. It helps give the cosplay a little more flair since brown is the dullest and bland color around. Rilamuraki makes up for that in personality though, showing Usopp in what looks like happiness, arms raised high in excitement. The only downside to the picture is that you can’t get a better look at what looks like a glorious headpiece.

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One Piece's cast of characters has inspired all sorts of cosplay, but these ten cosplayers paying homage to Usopp clearly know who the star is.

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