One Piece: 5 Anime Characters Katakuri Can Beat (& 5 He Cannot)

Katakuri is one of the major antagonists in One Piece. He is the second eldest son of the Pirate Emperor Big Mom and is the one of the Three Sweet Commanders of The Big Mom Pirates. Katakuri is known for his tremendous physical ability and an unbeaten track record until his encounter with Luffy.

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Katakuri is a very powerful character, having exceptional speed and durability supplemented by the exemplary skill with Observational Haki that allows him to see the future. With a Devil Fruit called Mochi-Mochi Fruit that allows him to turn his body into mochi, he is almost an invincible character, second only to the likes of the Yonko. But how does his power compare against the other characters in different anime?

10 CAN BEAT: Deku

Midoriya is the underdog protagonist from the My Hero Academia series. He has the strongest quirk One For All passed down onto him by his mentor Almight.

Deku is an amazing tactician and despite his inability to utilize his quirk at its full potential, his determination and creativity definitely help him in a fight. But, despite all that, there is a huge difference in strength between Katakuri and Midoriya. Katakuri can easily defeat Midoriya without the use of his devil fruit. This fight is just too much for Deku to handle.

9 CAN’T BEAT: Sabo

Sabo is one of the most important supporting characters in One Piece. He is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, coming directly under Monkey.D Dragon as his No.2. He is also Luffy’s sworn brother and the bearer of Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit.

Sabo is an exceptionally talented Haki user, able to cause a huge crater with his Ryusoken fighting style. He has tremendous fighting ability and is able to go toe to toe with a Marine Admiral. A fight between Sabo and Katakuri is a difficult one, but Sabo can defeat Katakuri through the use of his devil fruit.

8 CAN BEAT: Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is the protagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime. He is an exceptionally talented ninja and a great tactician. He is a prodigy by all means, and being a descendant of Hyuga and Uzumaki clan, he has inherited the best from both bloodlines.

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Although Boruto is an exception among his peers, there is just too great of a difference between Katakuri and the young Ninja. Katakuri outclasses Boruto in every forte and combining that with his ability to see the future, this fight is a clear win for Katakuri.

7 CAN’T BEAT: Escanor

Escanor, the Lion’s Sin of Pride, is one of the main-characters in Seven Deadly Sins. Escanor is hailed as the most powerful Holy Knight by the kingdom of Liones who carries a large ornamental ax called Rhitta as his sacred treasure.

Escanor is undoubtedly a powerhouse during the daytime but at noon when he is able to use his The One form, he becomes the incarnation of invincibility. A fight between Escanor and Katakuri will end up with a burned Mochi, or a vaporized Mochi because of Escanor’s cruel sun and proud flare. This fight is a clear win for Escanor.

6 CAN BEAT: Hisoka Morow

Hisoka is one of the major antagonist/supporting characters in the HunterXHunter series. Hisoka is a master strategist and a deceitful fighter. He is a deadly adversary, with tremendous physical ability and combat skills.

Although, Hisoka is a character that seeks out strong opponents, this time he has bitten off more than he can chew. Being an exceptional Transmuter, Hisoka’s Nen is like chewing gum. Quite fitting for his Mochi opponent, they seem to be a match made in heaven. But, Katakuri outclasses Hisoka in all feats possible. So, this fight also goes into Katakuri’s favor.


Meruem is another major antagonist from the HunterXHunter series. He is a Chimera Ant born from a mutated Ant Queen. Meruem is the ultimate Life-Form, able to reign over all other life, given enough time.

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The Ant King is an exception among exceptions, he has incredible physical prowess and unimaginable intellect. He is a natural-born fighter and has control over all forms of Nen. Meruem is incredibly durable and has immense stamina. Although this duel could go on for days and would be an extremely difficult one, Meruem will hail victorious against Katakuri.

4 CAN DEFEAT: Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo was the antagonist of the Dressrosa Arc. He is a Former Warlord and a former world noble. Doflamingo is one of the most influential characters in One Piece, and his name is famous worldwide as the notorious underground dealer Joker.

Carrying the power of String-String fruit is quite suitable for his manipulative personality. Doflamingo is an extremely powerful pirate and has high endurance along with impressive combat skills. But he falls short here because, Katakuri can foresee the future, is much faster. Also Katakuri the brute force that even surpasses Luffy’s 4th gear. This fight is another win for Katakuri.

3 CAN’T BEAT: Shanks

Shanks is one of the main supporting characters in One Piece. He is a former Roger Pirates member and the captain of Red-Haired Pirates. Shanks is the youngest of the Yonko and is one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Shanks has tremendous physical ability as he was the rival of Hawkeye Mihawk and can stand on his own against the other Yonko. He is very skillful with all forms of Haki and only a few can even withstand his presence. Shanks can easily defeat Katakuri as the former outclasses the latter on all accounts and despite Katakuri’s ability to see the future, he can’t defeat Shanks.

2 CAN BEAT: Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo Kurasaki is the protagonist of the Bleach series. He is a part Quincy, part Shinigami, and part Human. Because of his human character, Ichigo also has the abilities of a Fullbringer. Ichigo is a very unique character in Bleach and is also exceptionally powerful.

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Considering the progression in the anime here, Ichigo can’t hope to compete with Katakuri without his buffed form from The Fake Karakura Town Arc. Even in his Bankai-Hollow form, Katakuri is faster and stronger. Not to mention Katakuri’s ability to see the future and avoid Ichigo’s strikes. It may be difficult, but Katakuri can defeat Shinigami with the help of his Devil-Fruit’s ability and Haki.

1 CAN’T BEAT: Saitama

Saitama has become a meme as the ultimate character who no one can beat. He is the strongest character in One Punch Man and by all accounts, has transcended the definition of humans.

Saitama has Ultimate durability, Ultimate defense, and Ultimate physical strength. He can KO his enemies in one hit and without much effort. Saitama is in Ultimate terms, a Superhero. He has a carefree personality and longs for a formidable opponent. His fight against Katakuri is a simple one. Either the punch outclasses Katakuri or the shockwave blows him into smithereens.

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Katakuri is one of the major antagonists in One Piece, and one of the strongest. Here are other anime characters he could defeat – and would lose to.

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