One Piece: 5 Characters Who Will Make It To The End (& 5 Who Probably Won't Survive)

One Piece used to be known as a cushy Shonen anime where no one died. That is until Marineford happened. When the heroes were at their highest and the fans cheering louder than they ever have before, Eiichiro Oda brought down a cruel and shocking hammer that took away two of the series’ coolest characters.

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Since then, One Piece fans don’t know what to believe. If anything, they’re all too ready nowadays to decide who would really live or die throughout the series. While it’s genuinely hard to tell what Oda is genuinely thinking, this list will take a crack at the genius, as it predicts a few characters that will live to see the end and a few who unfortunately have death flags.

10 Make It To The End: Sabo

This prediction purely comes from a hope that Oda wouldn’t do Luffy dirty twice. After Ace’s death, the fans felt Luffy’s despair; but when his full backstory revealed a third brother, they felt a new hope and awaited the third of the prodigal son.

This made the Dressrosa Arc a delight, as Sabo would not only make his return but arrive with a reflected mission to find and protect Luffy if he were ever in trouble. Recent events have suggested that it should’ve been the other way around; but keeping hopeful, Sabo is most likely alright and will live to be the brother that will see Luffy become King of the Pirates.

9 Won’t Survive: Hawkeye Mihawk

It just makes sense that someone surrounded by as much Gothic imagery as Mihawk is, they’d be pretty prepared in the fan’s imaginations to die. Hawkeye Mihawk is the World’s Greatest Swordsman. And while that may make one think that he is protected by overwhelming strength, its intentions speak otherwise.

That title means that Mihawk is going to be constantly challenged throughout the series; and in the universal race to become #1, Mihawk may one day lose that title in addition to his life. Whether that will be by his pupil, Roronoa Zoro’s, hand is still up in the air, but having a target on one’s back only means that they have a clock on their life.

8 Make It To The End: Coby

Coby has risen too high in the series to fall too hard. Not only did he work hard to change himself from being Luffy’s sniveling sidekick to a full-fledge Marine captain, but Coby is one of the few Marines to have a kind heart.

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At the very least, he has one kind enough to actually seek mercy for pirates which says a lot considering that one kidnapped him from a young age. When fans think of who may become the next Admiral or even Fleet Admiral for the Marines, Coby often comes up as a prime candidate and will live to the end to live the dream.

7 Won’t Survive: “Red-Haired” Shanks

“Red-Haired” Shanks is the kind mentor/benefactor to the main character who is tirelessly working to facilitate peace in the world. He’s going to die. Shanks was Gol D. Roger’s old cabin boy who lived on to create a pirate legacy of his own. Currently, Shanks has the most balanced crew of the Four Emperors and was their fastest rising member before Blackbeard.

Blackbeard, in particular, has a long and tumultuous history with the Red-Hair which kind of removes some of the mystery as to how Shanks may die. With that powerful crew and legend, Shanks may give an amazing fight. It’s unfortunately just going to be the fight of his life.

6 Make It To The End: Sanji

It’s hard to make a clear prediction for any of the Straw Hats, as the very reasons that make them special enough to last to the end also make them more dramatic losses for Oda’s character development. Despite that, Sanji’s future may be pretty protected at this point, as he did just have a pretty hearty arc to hype him up.

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If Oda was just going to kill him, why bother giving him more definition? To reinforce the chef’s longevity, his dream is also prime bait for end-of-series, time-skip material. Fans can already imagine the One Piece being found, and Sanji seating the new Pirate King as the guest to his restaurant in the All Blue. The opportunity is too delicious to pass up.

5 Won’t Survive: Nefertari Cobra

It’s a little risky to read death flags, but any fan can tell a consistent cough and rags coated in blood are pretty clear signs for sad, plot development. The Nefertari family is the one family to forsake the temptations of joining Mariejois and instead ruled their kingdom, Alabasta, personally.

This has made its current king, Nefertari Cobra, the target of a lot of negative attention. Looking at his already failing health and the Elder Starsr and Im looking to shake up the World Government, King Cobra may very well be the first to be shaken off.

4 Make It To The End: Usopp

In a similar vein to Sanji, Usopp also has some strong potential for an after story. Though he is the cowardly member of the Straw Hat crew, Usopp’s dream is to be a brave adventurer of the sea and has lived out several of the lies from his introduction.

He has seen a giant goldfish. He has met a group of dwarves. He has led thousands of pirate soldiers. Having actually lived out his wildest dreams and then some, it would be incredibly cathartic to see the old liar actually bring some true tales to Syrup Village.

3 Won’t Survive: Traflagar D. Water Law

For a surgeon, Traflagar Law has a lot of death flags on him. He is a character who was supposed to die at a young age but now lives for ambitious change if not, at least, vengeance.

He’s dark and shifty meaning that anything about him is going to surprise fans. His Devil Fruit can make a person immortal but at the cost of his own life. While he may have a Devil Fruit capable of making miracles, there may not be a lot to save his future in the series.

2 Make It To The End: Princess Shirahoshi

Out of a lot of One Piece royalty, Princess Shirahoshi is definitely destined to rule in the future. Her mother already died trying to invoke change between humanity and fishmen, making Shirahoshi a prime candidate for creating change in her place.

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She’s also the Ancient Weapon, Poseidon, who’s destined to control all of the world’s Sea Kings for an untold purpose. With a huge destiny in her hands that kind of calls for her to be alive, Princess Shirahoshi may live to become Queen Shirahoshi.

1 Won’t Survive: Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh is one of the surviving members of the Roger Pirates. He was Roger’s first mate and possibly a best friend who has already lived a life of adventure and glory. Though he didn’t get to see his ol’ captain off for his grand exit, he was able to help a young blood make his entrance to the New World.

Without much more to do in the future and being an elderly, Shonen master, Silvers Rayleigh is destined to die in the series and possibly for Luffy’s or Roger’s sake.

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Fans of One Piece have reason to be afraid. Little is certain, but here are our predictions for the characters who will survive and die in the end.

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