One Piece: 5 Good Things The World Government Has Done (& 5 Terrible Things We Can't Believe Happened)

The world of One Piece is filled with free-loving, adventurous pirates for a reason. The system of order above them is kind of full of jerks. The World Government is the leading body of the One Piece world and, to many, is the leading antagonist of all of the world’s problems.

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While there are many soldiers, kings, and queens with good intentions, their good deeds can often be outshone by what goes on behind the curtains. This list will give the World Government the benefit of the doubt, as it looks at the good and the bad. Here are 5 good things the World Government has done…and the other stuff.

10 Good: United The World

If there’s one thing the World Government has done, it’s be the World Government. Long ago, under mysterious circumstances, a few kingdoms got together and overthrew a larger, more advanced kingdom. While the reason remains unknown, the outcome is the same.

Those same kingdoms banded together and formed one, unifying force for the entire world. Without one kingdom overlying another, the world has somewhat managed to maintain peace and only continues to grow with every new ally.

9 Terrible: Kept A Secret Ruler

On the note of having no kingdom overlying another, that’s not entirely true. A major trend for the World Government is that they kind of do the things they say they’re going to do.

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While the various rulers believe that they have equal power of authority, the World Government actually hides the one true ruler over the entire world. They have simply been named “Im” thus far; but said ruler remains a dark puppet master who currently holds the most power in the series.

8 Good: Abolished Slavery

If there’s one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that slavery is bad. When the World Government began connecting with the fishmen (more on that later), it also abolished slavery. The One Piece world is rife with various human shops and slaver traders that profit on whoever they’re able to get their hands on.

Fishmen in particular were a key target given their looks and natural power. With the government beating down on the various slave shops, fishmen and ex-slaves are able to sleep a little better at night…

7 Terrible: Kept Slavery (In Secret)

That is to say “a little” better at night. Mostly, many of them still live in fear. While the World Government may say that slavery has become outlawed, there are still several slave shops hidden within the shadows (or, in many cases, broad daylight) that not only continue their functions but are often sanctioned by the World Government.

This is most evident with the Celestial Dragons who not only own a lot of slaves but also send out Marines for their escapees.

6 Good: Held A Treaty With Fishman Island

As addressed above, the World Government is making gradual strides to bridge relations with Fishman Island. Queen Otohime long ago petitioned within Fishman Island to have her country acknowledged by the World Government.

Though her efforts were long and trying, she was eventually able to get an opportune seat after protecting Donquixote Mjosgard from an angry, fishman mob. Since then, King Neptune has been included in the Reverie and is using the position to try and bring fishmen to the surface.

5 Terrible: Formed The Seven Warlords

One of the most questionable things that the World Government has done is form the Seven Warlords. In an effort to balance the powers against pirates, specifically the Four Emperors, the World Government enlisted seven of the most powerful pirates besides the emperors as their second arm of justice.

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However, fighting fire with fire doesn’t always put out a fire. In most cases, it just makes more fire. Since its inception, several warlords have used their position to have the government overlook their various criminal activities, meaning that they are now able to do more harm than the regular pirate. Genius.

4 Good: Formed The Marines

At the very least, there is at least one standardized policing force under the World Government. While the Seven Warlords are the second arm of justice, the Marines are the primary one, and they’re essentially doing all of the heavy lifting. While some of their ideals may be disagreeable, each of them does fight for their own sense of good and justice.

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Pirates may be romanticized in One Piece, but most of them do cause a lot of trouble for regular people. So that law-abiding citizens can sit in their homes and live in peace, the Marines sail to the front lines of every battle.

3 Terrible: The Ohara Incident

With that being said, they also do a few things on top of protecting law-abiding citizens. If there are a few people who are doing something illegal, say, butting their noses into the government’s dirty closet, the Marines also jut in to keep that door locked.

One of the most horrifying instances of this is their buster call on Ohara. After discovering that there was an entire island of researchers looking into the Void Century, the World Government sent in soldiers and battleships to wipe the entire island and its people off the face of the planet.

2 Good: Formed The Reverie

While it may seem like the World Government may be facilitating a lot of conflict, they have made great efforts to create peace first. One of the greatest examples of this is their Reverie. This is the council of rulers who preside over the world’s kingdoms after their original ones left for Mariejois.

Every four years, the new kings and queens meet at the Reverie to discuss world affairs and make changes to the current order. One of the most recent examples of their power at work is their abolishment of the Seven Warlords system, an order described above as anything but helpful to these kingdoms.

1 Terrible: The Flevance Incident

After the time-skip, creator Eiichiro Oda sought to one-up a lot of his past works in the series. He gave each of the Straw Hats an upgrade, presented bigger and badder enemies, and directly paralleled his iconic Alabasta Arc with Dressrosa. Knowing this, he just had to create a sadder moment than Ohara; and as Trafalgar Law has seen, he succeeded. Long ago, the World Government found a precious material on the country of Flevance. However, despite the material being toxic, they neglected to tell the citizens and profited off of their production.

Soon enough, the people received an incurable disease. Even though it wasn’t contagious, the World Nobles were afraid and immediately called for the country to be purified. Not only did they knowingly poison people, they burnt them to the ground when they became afraid of being poisoned, too, despite that being factually false. There are Revolutionaries for a reason.

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The World Government is considered an antagonist in One Piece, but while they have done some terrible things, they have done a lot of good as well.

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