One Piece: 5 Legendary Swords That Are Perfect For Zoro (& 5 That Would Just Drag Him Down)

The world of One Piece presents a vast array of weapons. Guns, maces, whips…etc; you name it. But at the end of the day, we all know that swords are the most conventional weapons. they are the go-to for the average pirate. They are sharp, they are effective, and they very look cool strapped to your waist/back.

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We have been introduced to tons of swords in the series thus far. All the way from the good old cutlasses to the badass looking katanas. Our guy, Roronoa Zoro, has wielded his fair share of swords. Some were unable to keep up with his growth and broke, while others still accompany him. Here are some exceptional swords that would surely be helpful to Zoro, and others he is better off without.

10 Perfect: Rayleigh’s sword

Unknown to many, Silvers “Dark King” Rayleigh was a full-time swordsman before retiring from piracy. The sword he uses is a double-edged longsword that is fairly plain in shape.

We have no information about the sword, but considering that it accompanied Rayleigh for the better part of his journey means that’s not just any run-of-the-mill sword. Heck, just the fact that it was used by Rayleigh boosts its value to that of a national treasure.

9 Drag: Raiu

Raiu is a nodachi type sword that is owned by Shiryu of the rain. Shiryu is one of the ten titanic captains under Blackbeard; he is also the captain of the second ship. We haven’t seen Shiryu or his sword in action.

But it’s speculated that Shiryu was as strong as Magallen when he was imprisoned. He is probably even stronger now after he receiving his devil fruit.  In most of his screen appearances, Shiryu was showcased cleaning his beloved sword.

8 Perfect: Nidai Kitetsu

Nidai Kitetsu is a katana that was forged by a famous swordsmith who went by the name of Kotetsu. This katana is one of the 21 great grade swords, equal to those of Shisui and Enma.

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The Katana was later “borrowed” by Luffy for a while, till it was returned to its rightful owner. If any sword out there was tailor-made for Zoro, then it would be this one.

7 Drag: Pretzel

Pretzel is Charlotte Cracker’s signature sword. It’s a double-edged long sword that is way sharper than most swords. This sword is unimaginably tough; it gave Luffy a really hard time when he was facing Cracker.

But, although the sword is strong and all, it does not suit Zoro’s palate. It’s too long, too plain, and most importantly, it’s not a Katana. Some might argue that Raleigh’s sword is not a katana; they are right, but Pretzel and Rayleigh’s sword are incomparable.

6 Perfect: Ame No Habakiri

Do you know what type of sword that would perfectly suit Zoro? A katana. And Ame no habakiri is a katana, but not just any katana. It’s one of the 21 great grade swords; meaning it’s virtually unbreakable if coated with haki.

This katana was previously owned by Kozuki Oden and was later passed to his son Momonosuke. Ame No Habakiri is no joke; it’s one of the only two weapons that managed to leave a deep scar on Kaido.

5 Drag: Oto/Kogarashi

Golden Lion Shiki is one of the most badass characters in One Piece just based on the fact that he has swords for legs; the man has leg swords for goodness sake.

Although these twin blades look kickass and all, they are not all that practical unless you, well, have no legs. These swords would only drag down Zoro for obvious reasons.

4 Perfect: Shodai Kitetsu

Shodai Kitetsu is the strongest of the kitetsu series of swords. It’s one of the 3 known supreme grade swords. Like all other top-notch Kotetsu creations, this katana is cursed.

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And the stronger the sword is, the more troublesome the curse. As far as we are concerned, there might only be few characters in the series who could wield this sword and not die tragically.

3 Drag: Murakumogiri

Murakumogiri is also one of the 12 supreme grade swords alongside Yoru and Shodai Kitetsu. But I hear you asking: Does Murakumogiri look like a sword to you?

Well don’t ask me; ask Oda who decided to put it in the list of the 12 supreme grade swords. This “sword” accompanied Whitebeard as he dominated the new world, but it’s not Zoro’s cup of tea; because, as you’ve guessed, it’s not a sword.

2 Perfect: Uknown sword

We have literally no information about this sword, not even little hints. This sword is owned by one of the 5 five elders; who we also don’t know that much about besides that they are the highest-ranked celestial Dragons and are basically the leaders of the world. I am willing to bet my left kidney, and my right one for that matter, on how this katana is definitely a legendary sword.

1 Drag: Yoru

Now before writing a comment ranting about how this article is complete bs, get this, Yoru is a giant sword alright. This bad boy is so huge that even Mihwak, the strongest swordsman himself, uses both his hands to seriously wield it.

Now, this might come to surprise you, but Zoro fights with three swords. Yes, he can fight with one sword, and two swords. But he is significantly weaker when using any less than 3. While Yoru is the strongest blade and all, it’s just not worth Zoro changing his entire fighting style just to cope up with it.

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Roronoa Zoro, has wielded his fair share of swords in One Piece. While some are perfect for the character, others just drag him down.

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