One Piece: 5 Villains Fans Wanted To See More Of (& 5 That Stayed Around Too Long)

The pirating world may look like fun-and-games when watching the Straw Hats, but it’s actually full of all manner of murderers and scoundrels known to humanity. One Piece has one of the most eclectic and dangerous rogues galleries in all of anime, and they’ve challenged the Straw Hats just as much as they’ve bolstered the world with their individual stories.

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However, as incredible as the villains may be, not all of them get their fair share of screen time. There are some memorable characters that really need the fans to get to know them better and a few characters that appear way too much without any changing substance. This list will be breaking down a few One Piece villains that fans want to see more and a few that they’ve seen enough of.

10 Stayed Too Long: Wapol

Wapol was the type of villain that fans immediately thought wouldn’t last too long. He had an overly-silly character design and had one of the most cartoonishly generic attitudes out of a lot of One Piece villains. However, while the Straw Hats were able to make quick work of him, Eiichiro Oda just wasn’t quite done with him.

He’d dedicate an entire cover story to slowly redeeming and then slowly corrupting the ex-king of the Drum Kingdom, and this helped bring the smug face back into the Reverie. Not only that, but the story has even teased that he may have some plot importance for the future. Given his gluttonous nature, why did anyone wonder if he’d be back for seconds?

9 See More: Sir Crocodile

Wapol, however, was just another one of the stepping stones within the Alabasta Arc that would eventually lead to not only the big bad of the arc’s story but one of the biggest bads in the entire series. Sir Crocodile was an ex-member of the Seven Warlords who plotted to overthrow the Nefertari Family’s rule over Alabasta.

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Doing so would not only make him king of a sandy world where he’d be overpowered but would also give him access to some world secrets that could reveal the whereabouts of the Ancient Weapon, Pluton. After his defeat, the Marineford Arc would tease  a curious backstory that he has with Emporio Ivankov and even Whitebeard, leaving fans to wonder what made the Crocodile that fans know today. Several years after Marineford, they’re still wondering.

8 Stayed Too Long: Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown was another snobby, generic villain that stayed around for dubious reasons. Despite fans getting enough of him during the Punk Hazard Arc, Trafalgar Law’s plan just so happened to involve using the mad scientist as a hostage against Donquixote Doflamingo.

While smart in premise, it inevitably meant having a lot more Caesar Clown dialogue during both Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island, i.e. a lot of backseat complaining. For better or worse, he even stayed around long enough for fans to start theorizing if he would join the crew.

7 See More: Eneru

Eneru was the main villain of the Skypeia Arc whose advanced use of mantra and Rumble Rumble Fruit helped position him as the new god of the Skypeians. Funny enough, he would also be one of the few villains whose evil plans would actually work. All he wanted to do was use slaves to create a ship that could fly to the moon, and he did do that.

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After he got there, he’d go on to fight some space pirates and rule over an ancient community of robots on the moon. While Eneru himself may not have that many fans, no one is going to say “No” to seeing more of his journey through the stars.

6 Stayed Too Long: Foxy The Silver Fox

Foxy the Silver Fox is one of the most universally hated villains in all of One Piece…and for good reason. Foxy was the mastermind behind one of the few filler arcs to appear in the manga. He’d put the Straw Hats in a variety of strange and silly games unbecoming of the series’ genre.

Overall, the Long Ring Island Arc didn’t amount to much consequence and just wasted a lot of hardcore fans’ time. To make matters worse, the anime would both extend the Long Ring Island Arc to give him more screen time and even gave him a couple of original filler arcs on top.

5 See More: Arlong

Arlong was one of the most pivotal villains in the early One Piece story. He was the first to be truly detestable, and his superhuman abilities and affiliation with the greater world helped push the Straw Hats to new limits. Much later in the series, the story would go on to expand on his backstory, as it delved into the prejudice surrounding all fishmen.

Unfortunatley, Arlong himself wasn’t around to offer any input. As the series explores more species and gives more time to a once rare species of fish people, it would be interesting to see the story return to one of the topic’s biggest voices.

4 Stayed Too Long: Big Mom

This isn’t to say that Big Mom is a bad villain by any means. Her arc was exciting and revealing, and she perfectly encapsulated how overpowered one of the Four Emperors should be. However, having her come into the Wano Arc just to team up with Kaido is kind of like adding a hat to a hat.

There is already plenty of danger between an elite guard of samurai and a mutant pirate crew. Much like her appetite, Big Mom just seems like a little too much for the current story.

3 See More: Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo may have been part of one of the longest arcs in the series, but fans still can’t get enough of the guy. He came in with a villainous panache that was seriously missing in the story, and his overall interest only amplified after his incredibly tragic and justified backstory.

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Since his defeat, fans have been wanting to learn what kind of dirt he really has on the Celestial Dragons or, at least, want to hear more of his heated political commentary.

2 Stayed Too Long: Buggy The Clown

Buggy the Clown has to be one of the most iconic villains in the series, but it’s hard to see his involvement in the overall story as anything more than forced. He just happened to be a cabin boy in the Roger Pirates, Luffy just stumbled upon him during Impel Down, and a series of ambiguous events have made Buggy the leader of a criminal empire.

He’s a fun guy to be around, but he hasn’t really offered much to the actual story to justify keeping him around as long, let alone make him a Warlord.

1 See More: Blackbeard

Blackbeard is the main villain of the series, but one couldn’t tell just by watching the series. Despite his evil and overall plot importance, he has rarely appeared in the series besides some glowing, important scenes. Given how long the story has been going, one would imagine that fans would at least know his plan or who he is as a person, but Oda has only presented more questions than answers within the last couple of years.

Seeing that the series is getting closer to its closing point, Blackbeard really needs to have some screen time if fans are going to learn about his crew, his evil plans for the One Piece, and what his deal is. Only so much can be accomplished with mystery, and fans really need to know why they should fear the man who can’t sleep.

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One Piece is full of great villains, and some that overstayed their welcome a bit.

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