One Piece: Franky's 5 Most Triumphant Victories (& His 5 Most Humiliating Defeats)

One Piece is known for a lot of things; but for most of its run, it was rarely called “funky.” That is until it introduced the Hawaiian shirt wearing, cola drinking, mechanical shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates, “Cyborg” Franky. Franky is easily one of the most energetic and eccentric members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and that’s saying something for a crew with a rude, fighting chef, a cowardly reindeer for a medic, and a perverted, undead musician.

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With his outrageous behavior and engineering genius, Franky is one of the most prominent and powerful characters in the series. This list will be going over some of the shipwright’s greatest victories in the series (as well as a few of his most humiliating defeats).

10 Defeat: VS. Bartholomew Kuma

This is a shared defeat, but it’s no less humiliating. When the Straw Hats first entered the Sabaody Archipelago, they were immediately under the eye of the world government and various pirate rivals. As such, it didn’t take very long before their beloved captain attracted some trouble.

Before they knew it, the Straw Hats were under attack from various Marines and some cyborgs of their, the Pacifista. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the arrival of one of the Seven Warlords, Bartholomew Kuma, whose Paw Paw Fruit made quick work of each of the Straw Hats, even Franky.

9 Victory: VS. Ikaros Much

As humiliating and absolute his last defeat was, Franky was able to return with much more fervor after the time-skip. Outfitted with so many new parts and gadgets that he practically became a new guy, Franky was equipped for whatever the New World could throw at him. And, in typical Straw Hat fashion, he didn’t have to wait long to test out his new toys.

On Fishman Island, the Straw Hats went up against Arlong’s successors, the New Fishman Pirates, and Franky himself faced their spear wielding squid, Ikarus Much. Despite his new foe being large, skilled, and pumped full of Energy Steroids, Franky was able to easily take him out with his laser beam.

8 Defeat: VS. The Yeti Cool Brothers

Franky’s bout with the Yeti Cool Brothers wasn’t his proudest moment. To be fair, Trafalgar Law did just switch the personalities between the Straw Hats, putting Franky himself in the cute, adorable body of Tony Tony Chopper. In this situation, one would think that Franky would try to play it cool and try to learn some of Chopper’s abilities. That clearly wasn’t the case.

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When the Straw Hats were ambushed by the Yeti Cool Brothers, Franky did the only thing he thought Chopper did and ate his Rumble Balls. While Chopper could easily control the form, Franky immediately went on a rampage, and Luffy immediately had to take him down.

7 Victory: VS. Nero

Even though Franky didn’t start off on the right foot when he was introduced, he quickly started to make things up to the Straw Hats as the story went on. When the Straw Hats decided to weather a literal storm to try and save Nico Robin, Franky was quick to join them and helped their fight on the Puffing Tom.

As the Straw Hats were racing across the various cars, Franky had his own fight on the train’s rooftops. He had to deal with a new, young CP9 agent, Nero, who couldn’t wait to use his new moves on Franky. Franky however was able to overwhelm the cocky Marine with his own inhuman body and humiliated Nero in front of the rest of CP9.

6 Defeat: Building The Ships That Condemned Tom

While not an actual fight, Tom’s arrest has to be one of Franky’s greatest losses and mistakes. When he was taken in by Tom, Franky dreamed of building incredible and powerful ships, making a variety of seafaring vessels outfitted with a lot of weapons. While he made these ships to defend Water Seven from Sea Kings, Spandom managed to steal them and direct their cannon fire on Water Seven.

Since Tom was already on probation for building the Pirate King’s ship, the sins of his apprentice were enough to get him finally convicted and sent to Enies Lobby. Franky’s guilt was enormous, and the weight of that moment would hold over him until he’d finally build a ship worthy of making Tom proud.

5 Victory: VS. Fukurou

While his mistakes with Tom were long gone, Franky wasn’t quite done with Enies Lobby and especially Spandam’s group, CP9. When he fought alongside the Straw Hats to free Nico Robin, he’d eventually confront the organization’s not-so-secretive agent, Fukurou.

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Despite his size, Fukurou was a quick and nimble foe that really gave Franky the fight of his life. The two would trade amazing blows, but Franky would eventually get his rightful victory when he delivered a final Coup de Vent.

4 Defeat: The Straw Hat Raid On The Franky House

Though this isn’t a direct defeat to Franky, it’s a heavy one for him as a gang leader. When Franky first returned to Water Seven, he’d quickly take over its underground world and take its criminals under his wing.

Though he could rule them with a literal iron fist, Franky actually cared for his comrades like they were his own family. That’s what made the Straw Hat’s attack on his base so personal to him. Even though he did ambush a member of their’s first, he didn’t take too kindly to the Straw Hats raiding his place in return.

3 Victory: Building The Thousand Sunny

Franky’s greatest victory to date may perhaps be building a ship that could make Tom proud. Much like his mentor, Franky dreamed of making a great ship that could sail the entire world and was willing to do anything to build it. It’s sad that this meant fighting and stealing from the Straw Hats to do it, but he’d eventually pay them back in kind by making the Thousand Sunny, a ship that is every much of a home as the Going Merry.

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In addition to being a ship that perfectly caters to the needs of each of the Straw Hats, the Thousand Sunny is an incredibly flexible and powerful battleship made of wood from the Treasure Tree, Adam. While fans may have to wait to see if the Thousand Sunny will really travel the whole world, Franky has at least built a dream ship.

2 Defeat: VS. The Sea Train

This is perhaps Franky’s saddest defeat, yet. While his own creations were responsible for condemning Tom, he couldn’t quite handle Tom’s pride and joy, the Sea Train, taking the fishman to his demise.

In a brave yet incredibly foolish effort to save Tom, Franky jumped in front of the Sea Train and tried to stop it with his bare hands. For those who aren’t keeping up, this is kind of why he now has a robot body.

1 Victory: VS. Señor Pink

While the Thousand Sunny may be Franky’s greatest victory, it’s not part of his greatest fight. Dressrosa has become iconic for several reasons, but a sneak moment that really take fans by surprise was Franky’s epic fight with Señor Pink.

This fight was bolstered with both Pink’s endearing backstory and the incredible clash of personalities between two hilarious yet sincere caricatures of stoicism. Even though this would inevitably make Pink’s defeat a sad one, it would only make Franky’s victory all the more emotional and awesome.

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One Piece's Franky is a Hawaiian shirt-wearing, funky character who has won triumphant victories, but has also acquired some humiliating defeats.

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