One Piece: Top 5 Supporting Characters We Love (& 5 That We Hate)

For almost two decades One Piece constantly fed us, the fans, entertaining premium content. And for the good part of these 20 years, One Piece managed to stay relevant. During that duration, we were introduced to lots of characters. Some had short-lived roles and are most likely forgotten by now. While others had a massive influence, massive enough to shift the direction of the plotline.

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But just because a character is minor, it doesn’t mean that they can’t influence our emotions. Some of these minor characters won our love and respect, whereas others contrarily won our hate instead. Here’s CBR’s pick for the top five of each category.

10 Love: Zeff

Zeff, formerly known as red-leg Zeff, is the current head chef of Baratie and Sanji’s adoptive father. Zeff stayed on screen for a short time, and that was during the Baratie arc. And during that brief appearance, he gave us every reason to love him.

Besides saving Sanji’s life and mentoring him throughout his childhood, Zeff is just an admirable man with an amazing life philosophy.

9 Hate: Outlook III

For those who don’t know this man, he is Sabo’s biological father, and an aristocrat living in Goa kingdom. The thing about Outlook III is that he is the perfect representation of anime aristocrats, which means he is beyond hateful.

Like your typical nobles, Outlook III just spends his time looking down on anyone below his status and completely fawning over superiors. If it wasn’t for him, Sabo wouldn’t have attempted to escape Goa kingdom, and in result get shot down during the process.

8 Love: Curly Dadan

Dadan is Luffy and Ace’s closest resemblance to a mother figure. Yes, she might be a mountain bandit, and yes, she might be straight out brute with no obvious motherlike qualities, but that’s where she shines.

After Ace’s death at marineford, she bluntly confronted Garp and rained punches on him. Going as far as punching a marine hero is a statement for the amount of love she has for Ace.

7 Hate: Trebol

Trebol is one of Donquixote Pirates’ top three lieutenants, he is above everyone in the hierarchy and below only Doflamingo. Everything about Trebol is repulsive. All the way from his devil fruit to his behavior. He was the one who incited Doflamingo to basically abandon his humanity.

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Trebol is weak considering that he is a high ranking pirate. Law managed to easily take him down without putting much effort.

6 Love: Makino

We don’t know much about Makino, but we do know that she was Luffy and Ace’s caretaker for some time. Makino just gives out these sweet vibes that make everyone like her.

If you ever wondered how Ace went from a delinquent child to a respectful adult, then here you have it, it was all Makino’s teachings. Some fans theorize that Makino and yonko Shanks share some sort of relationship, but nothing was confirmed.

5 Hate: Bellamy

Unlike most minor characters, Bellamy appeared twice in the series’ runtime. He first appeared before the events of Skypiea arc, and he was annoying to say the least. His second appearance was in Dressrosa, where he swore to serve Doflamingo. And even though he wasn’t as conceited and annoying during his second appearance, he still failed to make us un-hate him. After Doflamingo’s fall, Bellamy made out with the strawhats and quit piracy. An act that made us respect him for once.

4 Love: Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo is a super rookie who debuted in Dressrosa. He is the captain of the Barto club pirates and second division commander of the Strawhat grand fleet.

The first impression that Bartolomeo gave us wasn’t exactly the best one, but we all fell for him when he came out as a strawhats extreme fan. Bartolomeo ate the bari bari no mi, a paramecia type, defense-oriented devil fruit.

3 Hate: Spandam

Spandam was the chief of CP9 and CP5 during the Enies Lobby arc. You would think after having such a big position above that of Rob Lucci’s, he would at least be strong. But no, Spandam is unimaginably weak. It seemed like his only role during the Enies Lobby arc was to annoy us, and in which he succeeded.

Even though Spandam served as a major antagonist in Enies lobby, he fully deserves a position in this list nonetheless.

2 Love: Bon Clay

Bon Clay is a walking example of enemies becoming friends, but much more extreme. He was a member of the baroque works organization, going with the codename of Mr.2. During his initial debut, Bon Clay was just another minor antagonist destined to be defeated by the strawhats. But after meeting Luffy in Impel Down and getting along just well, we started to develop positive feelings for him. The last straw was when he risked his life to save Luffy’s. We were totally head over heels in love with him.

1 Hate: Saint Charlos

Saint Charlos is a world Noble/Celestial dragon that appeared twice in the series. We hated him on the first occasion, and our hate for him only solidified after the second occasion.

Just to make it clear, all world nobles are hateful people save for one or two exceptions. But Saint Charlos stands out like a sore thumb, even among a crowd of despicable characters.

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Some supporting characters in 'One Piece' we love, others not so much! Here's a look at the top supporting characters we both love & hate.

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