One Punch Man: 10 Awesome Pieces Of Tatsumaki Fan Art You Need To See

Powerful hero Tatsumaki, otherwise known as the “Tornado of Terror”, is – with Fubuki – one half of the Psychic Sisters from the manga and anime series One-Punch Man. She’s also arguably the series’s strongest character (excluding, of course, its basically invincible titular protagonist), as well as one of the strongest female characters in any manga or anime series – period.

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Her distinctive design – flowing green hair, black dress, and slim build – has made her a popular character for fan art creators to try their skills out on, as has her popularity in the OPM fan base; thus, there’s plenty of great fan art of her.

10 Omiza-zu

The piece of fan art, done by the talented Omiza-zu with perfect colors, beautiful shading, and even a little bit of depth, doesn’t give Tatsumaki’s famous design much of a revamp, but the awesome focus and composition (not to mention the truly incredible level of attention to detail) more than makes up for that.

Overall, this piece does a perfect job of recreating Tatsumaki’s general look, which in turn allows the artist to capture her unique flair.

9 Pranava Ishvlara

This pencil sketch of Tornado of Terror, done by skilled artist Pranava Ishvlara, is a truly stunning revamp of the character that takes her self-confident, stronger-than-you attitude and fully fleshes it out, artistically speaking, just by making a few changes to her overall look and composition.

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The use of varying shades of green creates a powerful aesthetic, and the rough, non-digital feel of the artwork gives it a surprisingly useful layer of simplicity.

8 Yasmine-arts

Yasmine-arts goes all out for this strikingly cool, outstandingly detailed piece of Tatsumaki fan art, which fully captures the character’s somewhat complicated outfit features/design characteristics, despite having to recreate them in a foreign style.

The background’s vibrant colors, the beautiful light and shadow on physical elements (such as the rocks, or even Tatsumaki’s hair or dress), and the astoundingly good combo of base art and color work; all play a big part in this piece’s perfection.

7 Ohtorio

This take on Tatsumaki, done by artist ohtorio, changes a few elements of the character’s design from the traditional OPM style – for instance, it gives her a more innocent, “cutesy” expression, and it makes her hair a lot more curly.

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These aren’t really drawbacks, but just interesting details; art-wise, this is a pretty good fan piece worthy of whatever praise it may receive. The colors and shadows are fantastic, as they form a striking contrast against the greyscale background; meanwhile, the powerful lighting accentuates their strengths.

6 Artgerm

Another pen-and-paper artist, the semi-well-known internet icon Artgerm, put their advanced supplies to the test in creating this extremely complex, ultra-cool piece of Tornado of Terror fan art.

Despite there not being a whole lot of color, the colors that are used are bright and vibrant, and the different shades of green echo different aspects of Tatsumaki’s personality.

5 Hoodk

This piece of Tatsumaki fan art, created by artist Hoodk, shows what the incredibly strong hero can do with just a little bit of her psychic power, as she makes buildings float all around her with ease while Genos and Saitama, both seeming very confused, question the sudden levitation.

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The colors in this piece are very detailed, especially with the natural background and beautiful scenery, and the shading is picture-perfect.

4 Steamytomato

Artist Steamytomato shares this piece of Tatsumaki fan art, which, instead of showing its focus in a super-cool but realistically impossible action pose, instead shows her in a more reflective, recognizably human state.

This, combined with the very natural, aesthetic tone of the brushes – not to mention the incredible shading and color work – creates a unique visual experience that’s begging to be noticed.

3 Empew

This impressive piece of Tatsumaki fan art, done by talent artist empew, shows the ultra-powerful character in what is most likely a relaxed pose for her, as she flies above a bustling city without a care in the world.

The art is extremely well-done from a general standpoint, but the interesting mix of colors – bright blues against dark greens and greys – is especially captivating, especially when combined with the artist’s incredible use of light and shadow.

2 Yukisakimayui

This insanely detailed – and thus, artistically complex – piece of Tatsumaki fan art, done by yukisakimayui, gives the character a more modern, less anime-like design, although it still retains the key aspects of what makes her “her”.

The stylistic changes are a nice touch, and jointly, they make her character look surprisingly even more enigmatic than she did previously.

1 Axsens

This vibrant piece of Tatsumaki fan art, courtesy of Deviantart user axsens, simply flows with color – from the bright hues of pink, blue, and green reflected on Tatsumaki’s outfit to the beautiful, aesthetic background.

The tornadic heroine herself is drawn with a significant luster, a self-assured gait, and a wry smile; while she seems at ease, it’s clear that she’s more than willing to use her psychic powers if need be.

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Tatsumaki is a powerful hero from One Punch Man, and fans have honored the character by drawing some amazing fan art.

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