One Punch Man: 10 Awesome Speed-o-Sonic Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

In One Punch Man, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic wants nothing more than to be Saitama’s greatest rival, and he already really thinks that he is. He thinks himself the most impressive supervillain out there, and he’s constantly baffled by how easily Saitama can put him away.

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Still, he’s a great character, funny usually without meaning to be, and definitely memorable, even if Saitama doesn’t usually know who he is. There is a lot of amazing cosplay out there of everyone’s favorite anime speedster. Here are 10 Speed-o’-Sound Sonic cosplay that look like they came straight out of the anime.

11 The Wind by vanillaguard

This cosplay photo really went for the dramatic, and Sonic would certainly approve. The purple scarf blowing in the wind, the sulky pose and piercing stare are all perfectly within the realm of possibility for how Sonic would behave given his bad attitude and arrogance. The cosplay itself is also really impressive, particularly the way the armor on the arms is stacked as if it were real, functioning armor.

10 In The Park

Sonic prides himself on his quickness and his ability to think on his feet and outwit anyone he’s facing up against. Some of the funniest, and most impressive, moments with Sonic take place in a park, when he tries to confront some people who don’t even know who he is or just what they’re in for.

This cosplay, done by scarlii_cosplay, captures the feel of that confrontation in the park and how ready Sonic is to fight.

9 Casual Sonic

Sonic has several outfits in the series, which makes sense considering his vanity and sense of self-importance. This cosplay captures a really nice casual look for Sonic, who is already ready for action, but sometimes is dressed down.

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The color coordination and the wrist warmers really work for this cosplay, with the wig being the standout part of the costume telling viewers that this is definitely Sonic.

8 The Scarf

This cosplayer has spent a lot of time getting the details just right. Sonic wears armor over his costume, pretty inconsistently, and it definitely feels more like he’s going for a look than for functionality.

This cosplay captures that cool aesthetic, with the stripes of silver armor worn around his legs, waist, and forearms, and the v-neck and armor plates on the top. But the great detail of this is the purple scarf, which is the perfect color to match Sonic’s in-anime costume, and which gives this cosplay real dramatic flair.

7 With A Sword

Sonic isn’t just fast. He uses that speed to make his skill with weapons even more deadly, since he can outmaneuver just about anybody with the use of his speed.

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This cosplayer poses here with a sword to show that Sonic himself isn’t the only deadly weapon he’s willing to use. The eye makeup is also very impressive here, capturing his eye shape and the purple lines that frame his eyes.


5 A Smirk

As mentioned above, Sonic is nothing if not arrogant. He is sure that he is the most powerful supervillain there is, and he wants to make sure that everyone knows it, especially Saitama, who he considers his rival (even if Saitama isn’t totally aware Sonic exists).

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This cosplayer’s knowing smirk and casual pose really drive home this sense of inevitability, that Sonic is going to win, no matter how long it takes, because he’s the best.

4 Speeding By

This cosplayer really went for effect in the photograph, which works really well for a character like Sonic. While Sonic sits still in the foreground, there’s a blur behind him, implying that he isn’t sitting still at all; he’s just moving too quickly for the viewers to be able to see.

The casual pose of the cosplayer also seems to imply that no one would know what he was doing even if they were looking for him; he’s just that fast.

3 Thinking About Saitama

Sonic is a pretty obsessive person; he comes up with a plan and really devotes himself to it. His desire to train hard enough to defeat Saitama is all-encompassing for him, and he doesn’t have any interest in focusing on anything else.

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This cosplayer is really capturing that single-minded energy, as Sonic is clearly considering what he can do with a sword and just how fast he’s able to do it.

2 Vain And Posing

It’s impossible not to constantly mention that Sonic is pretty arrogant and very vain. This cosplayer really captured that energy in these posed shots. She’s holding a kunai knife, a favorite weapon of a ninja like Sonic, but definitely looks as ready to go to a modeling shoot as to get into a fight.

1 Jailbreak

There’s no way to talk about Sonic cosplay without remembering the very first time viewers met Sonic in the series, right after he broke out of jail to face off with the Deep Sea King. In typical Sonic fashion, he shows up in regular prison stripes but over the course of the fight ends up in less and less clothing, because someone as pretty as Sonic just can’t be kept fully clothed. This cosplayer captures that energy with this cosplay of Sonic in his prison uniform, which has been at least partially destroyed in battle.

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Speed o Sonic from One Punch Man aspires to be Saitama's biggest rival, but these cosplay artists rival just how good the anime looks.

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