One-Punch Man: 10 Interesting Facts About Flashy Flash You Need To Know

Every series about superheroes needs a guy whose thing is that he’s really fast. One Punch Man actually has two of these guys: Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and Flashy Flash, both of whom also have names that sound a lot like other guys from other things who are also fast (and which totally isn’t a coincidence).

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Flashy Flash in particular is curiously fast when fighting in battles, so fast that even Saitama, pretty much the strongest and fastest person in the series, has to acknowledge that he can move pretty quickly. Here are 10 interesting facts about One Punch Man’s speedster, Flashy Flash.

10 Knows How Powerful Saitama Is

Most of the characters in One Punch Man don’t seem to notice that Saitama is better than pretty much all of them at being a hero. He’s trained for an incredibly long time and has been able to defeat monsters with a single strike that most other heroes struggle against. Flashy Flash and Saitama at one point team up to take on some monsters together, giving Flashy Flash a firsthand experience of just how powerful Saitama is. He’s one of the few S-class heroes to acknowledge Saitama as a hero himself.

9 Gave Himself His Name

Many of the heroes in the Heroes Association are named by the Association, since the heroes represent them and are essentially a tool for marketing as well.

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But Flashy Flash gave himself his own name, showing that he definitely has an ego and wants to control what people think about him. The fact that he and Sonic both have names that sound like other characters who are fast (like DC’s Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog) is definitely on purpose.

8 Believes Solely In Training

Like Saitama, Flashy Flash believes that the only way to become a stronger hero is to train very hard and to not take any shortcuts. He has devoted his life to making sure that he is the strongest and fastest by growing up in a Ninja Village and training at a ninja school in order to achieve his goals.

7 The Lowest Justice Rating

Heroes of the Hero Association are ranked based on a lot of different factors: intelligence, strength, speed, stamina, etc. They are placed in their classes based on how they do in tests of these factors.

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One such factor is Justice, which is a measurement of whether the heroes will make the right choices to save people and whether they might do things that aren’t necessarily in line with heroic behavior. Flashy Flash has the lowest Justice rating of any of the S-class heroes, which makes sense since his interest in being a hero is mostly egotistical.

6 Fastest S-Class Hero

It should come as no surprise that a hero whose name is Flashy Flash is the fastest hero in the Heroes Association. It’s part of the reason that he’s ranked so high in the class; his speed allows him not only to dodge and deflect attacks from monsters, but it also gives him a lot of power in order to create even stronger attacks with more force behind them.

5 Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

As mentioned above, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and Flashy Flash aren’t very different from each other, except that one is a villain and the other is a hero.

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They are both ninjas whose skills rely on them being quicker than their opponents, and they both fight with katanas. It turns out that the two are actually both from Ninja Village, which explains their similar skill sets, and actually graduated in the same class at school.

4 His Cape

Like any true superhero, Flashy Flash wears a cape. This is actually a little unusual for guys who are fast, since a cape would probably slow them down. But it looks very dramatic and exciting when he moves around in it. The very helpful quality of the cape is that it’s waterproof, protecting Flashy Flash from something that might slow him down or impede him in battle: being wet. He particularly uses it to shield himself from the blood spatter of his enemies.

3 His Katana

Flashy Flash uses a couple of weapons on top of his physical speed and strength in battle. He carries a kunai knife as a secondary weapon, but his primary weapon is a katana.

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This katana is the main source of his attacks. He has named it, in dramatic fashion, which is the style of many S-class heroes, Instakill, to emphasize just how threatening and deadly the weapon can be.

2 Top Ninja Of the 44th Graduating Class

As mentioned above, Flashy Flash comes from the Ninja Village, where he graduated with the last class of the ninja school there. He was the top ninja in the class, becoming a stronger and more effective fighter than anyone else. The class he graduated with was the last one to exist in the Ninja Village, since the village was later destroyed, which means he is still the top student in the school.

1 Enhanced Senses

Despite believing that training hard is the only way to be a strong hero, Flashy Flash does seem to have other abilities that aid him in battle. Particularly, he has enhanced senses. These senses allow him to be able to tell a lot about a person based on what he can see and hear about them. For example, he can tell Saitama’s exact weight by his footfalls.

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Flashy Flash is the fastest hero around, and there are likely a few things that you didn't know about him.

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