One Punch Man: 10 Interesting Facts About Watchdog Man You Need To Know

Watchdog Man is a fan-favorite character in One Punch Man. He’s a slightly weird dog creature who is incredibly funny despite the fact that almost never changes the expression on his face and seems totally deadpan at all times.

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He is also one of the strongest heroes and covers an entire dangerous territory pretty much completely by himself. He’s definitely mysterious as well, not giving away a lot about who he is, outside of the dog-like persona that he takes on in order to fight crime. Here are ten interesting facts about Watchdog Man that every One Punch Man fan needs to know.

10 A Mysterious Person

Because of his dog-like persona and his determination to remain in costume and on alert at all times, no one really knows much about Watchdog Man as a person.

He is very mysterious, and he doesn’t speak very much. Plus, his facial expression never changes, so he is difficult to get a read on, even if someone can get him to hold a conversation.

9 Wears His Costume All The Time

Watchdog Man takes his superhero duties very seriously, and he also takes his dog persona just as seriously. The biggest way he does this is by wearing his costume at all times.

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He eats and sleeps in it. He doesn’t even take it off when he bathes, really sticking with the role of being a dog.

8 Eats Like A Dog

In order to be as like a dog as possible, Watchdog Man also does most things in a dog-like manner, including the way he sits and sleeps. But most interesting, and disgusting, is the fact that he eats like a dog.

He refuses to use utensils in order to eat, and instead, he just smashes his face into the plate of food. It’s not a fun sight to watch for those who eat with him, and it is a very messy way to behave.

7 Works In Q-City

Q-City is the only place that Watchdog Man works. It’s also the most dangerous area, since it has the most monsters and mysterious creatures of any of the cities.

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Because the Heroes Association understands Watchdog Man’s strength, he is mostly in charge of the area as well, with few other heroes working in the same location. Watchdog Man takes the protection of his territory very seriously, mostly fighting monsters in order to drive them off from his space.

6 Doesn’t Kill Humans

Watchdog Man is a very effective fighter, particularly against monsters. He treats them all with the same savagery and intensity, and he never leaves any of them alive. He goes for the killing blow as early as possible every time.

He is not the same way with humans, however. Though there are fewer adversaries that are human, when Watchdog Man has faced off with a human trying to kill him, he has pulled his punches, incapacitating them instead of outright killing them.

5 Impossible To Injure

Because of his fast reflexes and the fact that he fights close to the ground, on all fours, like a dog, he is very difficult to injure.

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Most combatants have a hard time catching him or figuring out how to successfully throw a strike, since he doesn’t fight in a traditional combat style. He comes out of almost every battle, even against very strong monsters, without a single scratch on him.

4 Dog-Like Sense Of Smell

Many of Watchdog Man’s senses are on the same level as an actual dog. His strongest sense is that of his sense of smell, which is unparalleled among heroes. He can use this sense of smell to track enemies and to warn him of coming danger.

But viewers might best remember it being used to identify the person in an S-class meeting who passed gas.

3 Expert In Hand-To-Hand Combat

Watchdog Man doesn’t rely on any powers in order to fight successfully in battle, besides his dog-like senses and reflexes. He is actually a very skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat, which makes him a very worthy rival.

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Because he fights in a dog-like manner, he is especially difficult for human combatants to face; he doesn’t stand on two legs like a human and moves like a dog, making it hard to land strikes.

2 Sits On A Pedestal

When Watchdog Man isn’t fighting, he is literally keeping watch in Q-City. He has a pedestal on which he sits, which is located near a train station. Many of the citizens of Q-City make a point to take care of the pedestal and keep it clean since the person who protects them sits there.

The location of the pedestal is similar to that of Hachiko, Japan’s most famous dog, who was known for the way he loyally waited for his owner outside of the train station, even after the owner died.

1 Prone To Boredom

Like Saitama, Watchdog Man is also very prone to getting bored, especially when it comes to combat. He doesn’t find much of anything very impressive, and he doesn’t care much for the fighting styles of others.

When he leaves Q-City, he often finds reasons to go back, especially if he’s mostly been seeing the combat techniques of others.

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Watchdog Man is a fan-favorite character on One Punch Man, and there are a few facts about him that all fans need to know.

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