One Punch Man: 10 Pieces Of Fan Art That Are Absolutely Heroic

One Punch Man can be a pretty goofy series. It focuses on tropes found in both superhero comics and shonen manga and pokes fun at them.

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Most of the characters have impressive superpowers but other things about them that make them a little bit difficult to take seriously, like Watchdog Man dressing as a literal dog all the time or Child Emperor constantly eating a lollipop. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are in fact superheroes, and they spend a lot of time looking really, really awesome. Here are 10 pieces of One Punch Man fan art that remind us that even the goofiest characters are very heroic too.

10 Genos In Ink

This artist has chosen to do a traditional inked Genos headshot. The artist hand drew this image, which is very impressive, as he was able to get so much of the detail work in Genos’s hair and the crumbling skin around his exposed cyborg skeleton just right. The serious expression on his face shows that he is likely in the middle of a hard-fought battle.

9 Saitama Painted

This painting of Saitama is a great show of just how serious he gets when he steps up to be a superhero. When he’s not actively fighting, he’s often shown with a goofy facial expression that’s pretty minimalist and which viewers are absolutely supposed to find funny. This artist has really captured the other side of Saitama’s personality, the one that wants very much to find opponents that are worthy of fighting him.

8 Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is ranked number two in the Heroes Association, meaning she is one of the two most powerful S-class heroes out there.

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She’s got telekinetic powers, which make her pretty much unstoppable in battle, since she can fight from a distance and everything within the reach of her power becomes a weapon in her hands. This piece shows her lifting rocks using her powers, clearly ready to hurl them at some incoming monsters.

7 Hellish Blizzard

Fubuki, also known as Hellish Blizzard, is the younger sister of Tatsumaki and also has telekinetic powers. She doesn’t really measure up to her sister, though they sometimes work together, combining their powers. She looks really awesome in this piece of fan art, using her powers to create the effect from which she gets her hero name.

6 Genos

Genos is a cyborg who has become Saitama’s mentee after seeing just how strong he is. Genos spends a lot of time upgrading his body, making it stronger and more robotic each time he loses a battle and it takes damage. In this piece of fan art, it’s clear he’s just taken some devastating blows, as shown by the fact that his cyber skeleton is showing through the hole in his face.

5 Tatsumaki Painted

This is a really great image of Tatsumaki as well. Here she is also using her powers, shown by her glowing hair and eyes as well as the light green glow around her hand.

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The artist has painted her in a more realistic way, making her look less like an anime character and more like a very scary person one might meet on the street.

4 Garou

Though Garou is technically not a hero, it’s hard to say that he doesn’t often look like one. Garou was trained by Silver Fang, though he eventually feels that he’s surpassed the point when he feels like he can learn anything from him. Here, he looks ready to go to war, wanting to defeat all of the S-class and A-class heroes in order to prove just how much stronger he is than all of them.

3 Saitama

Saitama is, of course, the titular One Punch Man, though no one actually calls him that in the series. He’s capable of taking down just about any enemy, no matter how powerful, with a single punch, much to his chagrin. He’s constantly looking for the next monster to defeat, hoping this one will actually give him a fight. This piece of fan art is a great image of Saitama’s incoming punch, which will surely lay out anyone who receives it.

2 Silver Fang

Silver Fang is one of the older S-class heroes in the Heroes Association. He runs a dojo and has been responsible for the martial arts training of other heroes.

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He seems pretty mellow and down to earth, and he particularly never seems to want to actually engage in a fight, but that doesn’t stop him from stepping up the plate when necessary. This fan art piece of Silver Fang, who is still incredibly buff, even at his age, shows him ready for action.

1 Transformation Sequence

When Saitama isn’t fighting monsters, he’s mostly just living his life in comfortable hoodies and playing video games. However, this fan art piece shows how quickly he can go from being relaxed to being a superhero. He’s always looking for the next battle and the next enemy, and he’s generally willing to go the distance even if it annoys him.

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One Punch Man has some pretty interesting character designs. Check out what these amazing fan artists did with them.

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