One Punch Man: 10 Things About Watchdog Man That Make No Sense

One-Punch Man is an anime with many unlikely heroes making up the cast, some stranger than others. One of the more mysterious as well as bizarre heroes among them would be the S-Class hero, Watchdog Man, a hero who’s dressed in a full-body dog suit and has a bit of a quiet personality, to say the least.

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There’s very little that’s known about Watchdog Man, but with each new fact that becomes known about him, the more questions are raised. In an anime where pretty much every hero is their own level of weird, Watchdog Man might actually be the one that makes the least amount of sense.


Almost every superhero follows a theme to some degree, like Spider-man or Batman, and Watchdog Man is no different, his costume alone is indicator of that. Most superheroes and even villains with that kind of theme tend to have a reason for it, but Watchdog Man’s is completely unknown.

It can’t just be for nothing since he has such a willingness to commit to the image of a dog-like hero, but the real question ends up being why? At this time there’s no information pointing to Watchdog Man’s choice of costume and theme, but perhaps it’s something related to his past.


While most heroes would patrol their city by roaming around in any way they feel necessary to keep a watchful eye over it, Watchdog Man takes a bit of a different approach. That being, he sits atop a pedestal in the middle of town and quietly sits there and waits for something to happen before leaping into action.

While it is a funny little sight gag, his pose one that pedestal resembling the statue of Hachiko that stands in Tokyo, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why he decides to do it this way.


Watchdog Man’s activities are exclusive to Q-City, never straying from his hometown. He only really seems to care about protecting Q-City while not paying much mind to any of the other cities in One-Punch Man’s world. But this is yet another aspect of his character that’s never really addressed.

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With what little is known about Watchdog Man’s past, it’s unknown whether something that happened to him back then influenced his feelings toward only fighting crime in Q-City. It’s a likely reason, but until any official confirmation is given, this is yet another detail about Watchdog Man left as a mystery.


Watchdog Man is no slouch when it comes to battle. In the series so far, he has taken on many large and powerful threats which he seems to have taken out with ease each time. But nobody is unbeatable (well, anyone that’s not Saitama anyway) and the question arises, has Watchdog Man ever been defeated before?

Seemingly a running theme on this list, that fact is unknown. All that has been shown of Watchdog Man in battle have been his victories, so as of now it isn’t clear whether Watchdog Man has suffered any losses in his time as a hero.


A common trait among many of the heroes of One-Punch Man seems to be little to no past for its various heroes. Not to say all of them have no origin story, but there are many who don’t. Watchdog Man is no exception to this either. Since there are many strange traits in Watchdog Man’s behavior and overall personality, more details about what led him to be like this may be in order. But as of this time, no such backstory about Watchdog Man has been revealed, and it’s unclear whether any such origin tale will ever come to light.


One of the only details of Watchdog Man’s past that does exist is that he used to be a C-Class hero before climbing the ranks to become S-Class in the Hero Association. It can be surmised that he displayed an incredible feat of strength, akin to what he’s capable of now, but what specifically got him to rise that far up the ranks isn’t known.

As evidence by Saitama’s current status as a B-Class hero, rising through the ranks in the Hero Association doesn’t exactly happen overnight. Which begs the question of how he became S-Class and how long did it take him exactly?


While some heroes have their theme as a costume and maybe their gear, Watchdog Man is known to go all out on his. Meaning he doesn’t just look like a dog, he acts like one too. From his behavior, all the way down to his fighting style, Watchdog Man commits to being a dog.

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This brings up many questions, such as “why” and “just how far does that extend too”? He is known to eat like a dog, which must mean that he shares some other little behaviors that dogs have and if that’s the case, then there’s a good chance some of them are grosser than others.


Watchdog Man’s most defining feature is, of course, his dog costume that only shows his face through the mouth of the dog’s head. He has never been seen without it on, he fights, eats, and sleeps with it on. But does he ever take it off?

If he sleeps in it, then it’s likely that he doesn’t, but then how does he get that white fluffy costume of his washed? Quite possibly, he doesn’t, if he acts like a dog then there’s a good chance that he avoids bathing. If that’s the case, this could only mean that Watchdog Man has some major body odor.


Despite his behavior resembling a dog, Watchdog’s personality is vague and deadpan, to say the least. He seemingly has very little emotion and treats most things nonchalantly. Once again, there is seemingly no explanation behind this. Whether it was how he was raised as a child, something in his past, or if he was just always like that, is unknown. Yet another thing about him that is never addressed, possibly for comedic reasons. Interestingly enough though, his deadpan personality is similar to Saitama’s and that’s not the only thing the two might have in common.


Other than his dog-like behavior, the one thing that is completely clear about Watchdog Man is he strong he is. He’s beaten various levels of monsters without breaking a sweat and he’s even defeated the Hero Hunter Garou, who was able to take down various heroes by himself, with little to no effort.

The secret behind this raw and wild strength of his is unknown. Was he born with this power or was it all the result of rigorous training, like Saitama’s? That’s unclear, but it would be funny to know that Watchdog Man had to train to become this weird and powerful and could shed some light on a few other things previously mentioned about him too.

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One-Punch Man has always featured zany heroes with strange gimmicks, but Watchdog Man definitely takes the cake when it comes to weird.

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