One-Punch Man: S-Class' Strongest Hero Finds Tornado In Dire Straits

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 126, by ONE, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, James Gaubatz, available now in English from Viz Media.

While the Hero Association’s highest-ranking member is Blast, One-Punch Man has never actually shown the supposedly powerful hero in action, making it unclear just where he lies in relation to the rest of the manga’s cast of characters. Blast’s absence means that Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado, who holds the second spot, is functionally the strongest S-Class hero that’s appeared in the magna so far, a fact she’s proven every time she bests a powerful opponent with ease. However, in One-Punch Man Chapter 126, Tornado finds herself in dire straits in her battle against Psychos.

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After Tornado defeated Gyoro-Gyoro, she realized that monster wasn’t the true leader of the Monster Association. Instead, the true leader, Psychos, was deep underground. While Psychos took an elixir to enhance her powers, it wasn’t enough to fight off Tornado, who pulled her from her underground lair and battered her brutally. However, Psychos took advantage of an explosion caused by the regenerating Lord Orochi — who survived Saitama’s punch — to escape Tornado’s deadly grasp. The villain then set her sights on Lord Orochi, hoping to join his brawn with her powerful psychic abilities to create the strongest monster we’ve seen so far.

At the start of the latest chapter of One-Punch Man, Psychos and Lord Orochi successfully fuse. While at first the two struggle to see who will come out in control of their new merged body, Psychos wins out. The powerful psychic villain then assaults Tornado, who is unwilling to unleash her true power due to the possibility of hurting Tareo, the kidnapped child the Hero Association is currently attempting to rescue. Tornado erects a psychic barrier, but Psychos feeds energy into it, increasing the pressure.

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All seems lost for Tornado, but then Saitama punches a part of the fusion, causing an earthquake to spread throughout the Monster Association HQ and distract Psychos for long enough to give the S-Class hero a chance to get her balance back. King then reveals he’s leaving the Monster Association HQ with Tareo, and Tornado smiles. “Now I can stop holding back,” she says.

For much of her battle with the Psychos/Orochi fusion, Tornado looked horribly outmatched. However, it’s now clear she was holding back, willingly to valiantly sacrifice herself so as to avoid harming Tareo. Still, Tornado has taken a lot of damage, and Psychos/Orochi is definitely powerful. The upcoming battle between psychics is sure to show just how strong Tornado, but it also might be one she’s not able to win.

The next chapter of One-Punch Man in English releases June 17 from Viz Media.

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One-Punch Man Chapter 126 sees the most powerful S-Class hero in a battle that they might just not be able to win.

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