One-Punch Man: Saitama & Flashy Flash Win Big (Then Lose It All)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 124, by ONE, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, James Gaubatz, available now in English from Viz Media.

As he’s overpowered in a major way, Saitama has never really lost in One-Punch Man. However, the unassuming hero is something of a miser. Early on in the manga — when he fought Carnage Kabuto — the hero lamented that he’d missed the bargain day at the supermarket. Saitama’s lifestyle is also one that’s quite spartan, as he lives in a relatively small apartment in an abandoned part of town, meaning rent is almost certainly cheap. In One-Punch Man Chapter 124, Saitama almost comes into a big windfall, but loses it at the last moment.

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After entering the Monster Association HQ, Saitama tangled with Flashy Flash. The S-Class hero was then unable to rid himself of Bald Cape, who used his incredible abilities to keep pace with the more renowned fighter. Their journey — on which they capture a small, weak monster they use as a guide — puts them on a minecart, which they use to enter the area beneath the HQ. There, they discover the monsters are mining for gold and precious stones, which is how they fund their operations (it is not clear why monsters need money to fund their operations).

Saitama and Flashy Flash unleash on the monsters, taking them down quickly and easily. As the latter starts to realize just how powerful the former is, Saitama is pulled off their minecart by a large, powerful monster. Flashy Flash jumps in to help his new ally, who comes bursting out from the gore of the dead beast holding two massive bags of gold. They jump on the minecart and flee. However, things take a turn for the worse when their guide attempts to run away from them. In stopping the monster from escaping, Saitama lets slip the two bags of gold, and they plummet into the abyss beneath them as the miserly hero looks on in horror.

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While Saitama won’t get to keep any of the gold he retrieved in the mine, much to his chagrin, he might just be satisfied by what comes next. Chapter 124 reveals the minecart Saitama and Flashy Flash are on is taking them towards Psychos, the true leader of the Monster Association. A powerful esper, Psychos could prove a genuine threat to Saitama, finally giving him the challenge he has longed for since before the manga began.

The next chapter of One-Punch Man in English releases May 20 from Viz Media.

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In One-Punch Man Chapter 124, Saitama and Flashy Flash strike a major blow against the Monster Association, but lose something valuable.

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