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WARNING: The following article spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 124, by ONE, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, James Gaubatz, available now in English from Viz Media.

No one can beat Saitama. That’s his entire thing. The overpowered hero’s incredible abilities have led him to seek out anyone who could compete with him and give him a sorely needed challenge. However, having bested the likes of  Carnage Kabuto and Lord Orochi without any real difficulty, there’s been no one yet who has even posed a vague threat to the hero. That might be set to change, though, as One-Punch Man Chapter 124 sets up Saitama’s next fight — and it’s going to be a major one.

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In One-Punch Man Chapter 121, Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado discovered Gyoro-Gyoro wasn’t the actual leader of the Monster Association. Instead, he was a puppet under the control of a powerful esper hiding deep beneath the Monster Association HQ. Using her powerful psychic abilities, Tornado tracked down this mysterious villain, whom she identified as one of Fubuki/Blizzard’s friends, and began an onslaught from afar. The manga’s most recent chapter sees the woman — whose name is Psychos — sensing Saitama and Flashy Flash approaching her location via minecart. In response, she uses an elixir that powers her up immensely.

Before taking on Saitama, Psychos will almost certainly have to deal with Tornado. Aside from Saitama and Blast (who hasn’t appeared in the manga yet), Tornado is generally considered to be the most powerful hero. While in this case she was certainly dealing with the difficulties of Psychos being so far away and the discovery Blizzard was at the Monster Association HQ, the fact Psychos was able to resist Tornado for long enough to grab her elixir indicates she has a solid amount of power without that particular enhancement. With the elixir, she no longer seems bothered by Tornado’s onslaught — meaning there’s likely to be a major psychic showdown in the future between the two women.

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Presumably, Psychos is going to have to fight Saitama at some point, too, and that might spell trouble for the hero. Espers are capable of powerful psychic feats, which means Psychos might just be able to negate some of Saitama’s physical abilities. While the hero is formidable, his victories have always relied on being able to get in close and smash his opponent to bits with a single blow. Taking on a powerful esper presents a number of difficulties Saitama might not be equipped to handle, as psychics can take advantage of range and turn an opponent’s body against itself. While the hero will almost certainly prevail — this is One-Punch Man, after all — Psychos could prove the challenge Saitama has been looking for all along before she’s defeated.

The next chapter of One-Punch Man in English releases May 20 from Viz Media.

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In One-Punch Man Chapter 124, Saitama finds himself approaching his most dangerous enemy ever — and he doesn't even know it.

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