One WWE Legend May Have Just Died – for the Second Time in His Career

At the 2020 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, one of the craziest moments in the match happened when King Corbin threw both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the roof. As far as anyone was concerned at the time, Corbin just murdered both Mysterio and Black.

Sadly, WWE didn’t let fans enjoy the moment for longer than one night before revealing that there was a secondary roof level that both men landed on. Not only did both men survive, which eliminates some crazy storylines WWE could have moved forward with, but they were even cleared to wrestle on Monday Night Raw.

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However, what most people don’t know is that if WWE had murdered Rey Mysterio on screen at Money in the Bank, it wouldn’t have been the first time he died in a wrestling promotion. Before Mysterio returned to WWE, he worked in the cult favorite wrestling promotion Lucha Underground, which “killed” him to write him out of the promotion.

For fans who have never watched Lucha Underground, one wrestler killing another is nothing new in storyline. The Monster Matanza Cueto actually specialized in murdering his opponents in the ring. He “killed” multiple other wrestlers, and those men typically remained dead.

What was great about Lucha Underground was that some of the people who were “killed” onscreen later managed to return from the dead. Ray Fenix, who is currently in AEW as part of Lucha Bros, was one of them. After Fenix died in Lucha Underground, Mil Muertes killed Catrina in Season 4, and her life-force was used to resurrect Fenix.

Rey Mysterio was at odds with the Monster Matanza throughout his time in Lucha Underground. Mysterio spent much of the season as a veteran mentor, training El Dragon Azteca Jr. to prove his worthiness to avenge the murder of his previous mentor. It was Mysterio who revealed to the world that Matanza’s father sacrificed his son and an Aztec God took over the body of the child, explaining why Matanza was almost unbeatable.

In the season 3 finale, “Ultima Lucha Tres, Part IV,” Matanza was sitting alone in his cell where his brother Dario kept him for everyone’s safety. However, Rey Mysterio was in the cell right next to him. Then, out of nowhere, an FBI agent shot Dario three times in the chest, murdering the man who controlled Lucha Underground. When Season 4 rolled around, it was revealed that Matanza had also murdered Rey, and that ended the legendary Luchador’s career in Lucha Underground.

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Based on the way that Lucha Underground handled its storylines, it could have resurrected Rey Mysterio from the grave, but he returned to WWE instead. Now, a few years later, WWE had a chance to run with a theatrical storyline about the supernatural Black taking a turn to the dark side after his death, and could have done just about anything with Mysterio’s death. However, the company chose to just blow off the jaw-dropping moment at Money in the Bank and move on as if nothing happened instead.

So, what does this mean for Rey Mysterio? Rumor has it that his career is winding down, and there’s been rumors that his son Dominick is nearly ready to make his professional debut. Is there a better way to introduce Dominick to the WWE Universe than to have him betray his father and take his spot?

Mysterio had a chance to win the Money in the Bank briefcase Sunday, but Corbin threw him off the roof. He had a chance last year to win the world title from Brock Lesnar, but failed despite having a strong motivation to seek revenge against Lesnar for attacking Dominick. Will the younger Mysterio feel that his dad’s career has passed him by, and it’s time for the son to replace the father? With Mysterio surviving an attempted murder, it might be time to launch his final feud — one with his own flesh and blood.

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Fans thought King Corbin murdered Rey Mysterio at Money in the Bank, and while WWE backed up on it, Rey has died before in a wrestling storyline.

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