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Blizzard’s Overwatch has been known for having a unique, creative art style while also being able to bring to life some of the best looking skin concepts we’ve seen in a game. Characters are vibrant and absolutely full of personality, and their skins tend to do a wonderful job of reflecting that. While all of the heroes that have been around since the beginning have a wide variety of creative skins for players to unlock, Tracer particularly has been shown a lot of love, having received almost twenty skins in three years.

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So, today, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 Tracer skins, ranked.

10 Mach. T / T. Racer

Since some of Overwatch’s hero skins tend to be extremely similar aside from a palette swap, some entries in this list will be grouped together. Starting with number ten: the Legendary Mach. T and T. Racer skins, which are two of the four original skins she launched with, and this pair is by far the weaker of the two. The biggest offender here, really, is her helmet. If players had an option to remove that, this wouldn’t be quite as low on our list, but helmets and Lena don’t go well together, at least not for this look.

9 Sprinter/Track And Field

Next up are the pair of Legendary skins that Tracer received as part of the first Summer Games event, and while the skins themselves aren’t that bad, they’re dragged down simply by the number of truly phenomenal skins she has. The goggles and cape fit her quite well, and her hairstyle propped back with a headband is cute. However, being one of the first skins to come out after launch, the team has had plenty of time since to polish their design skills, so these fall a bit flat.

8 2018 Atlantic All-Stars

Coming in at number eight is the 2018 Atlantic All-Stars skin that Tracer received which, alongside a Genji skin, could only be purchased for a limited time with real-world money. Considering that fact, this skin does present a lot to love when it comes to getting your money’s worth, but it’s far from her best skin. The Super Saiyan-esque hair is a plus for some fans, but most feel that it just doesn’t suit Tracer well, and she was simply chosen to get this skin because of her popularity.

7 Posh

Legendary skins aren’t the only ones that nab spots on today’s list, as the Overwatch team also knows what they’re doing when it comes to designing Epic skins, as well. While Tracer’s Posh skin may look simple, it’s the simplicity of this design that actually makes it stand out.

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A lot of Tracer’s skins suffer from being too noisy- too many colors clashing, with generally too much going on for the skin to work well. However, the simplistic pure white accented with glistening gold suits Tracer well, and also reflects well on her bright and shining personality.

6 Cadet Oxton

Cadet Oxton is next up, and it’s always a huge plus to a skin when there’s a big lore tie-in event to go along with it. Different from the Seasonal events and the skins that get released alongside them, such as the Sprinter duo of skins, Lore events delve deep into a certain point in Overwatch’s history and how a select few of the characters handled it.

Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn received skins alongside her for this event, and all of them look great. The color palette and cap especially fit well on Tracer, and we’d argue almost moreso than her trademark orange.

5 Jingle

At about halfway through is Tracer’s Christmas Seasonal skin, in the form of Jingle, and she really does rock the elf look quite well! It’s almost surprising how well green compliments her, and all of the golden accents and bells only add to that.

What has to be the best part about the skin is the added sound effects. Whenever Tracer uses her blink ability, instead of the usual zip sound, she instead leaves the sound of jingle bells in her wake, and will occasionally say things such as ‘Ho Ho Ho’! All the love and detail that went into this Legendary surely shows.

4 Rose

Next up is Tracer’s Rose skin, and it’s a wonderful example of how even Overwatch’s Epic skins can be top-notch in terms of both quality and creativity. This Epic was given to Tracer for one of the yearly Lunar New Year events, and they could’ve easily left the outfit at a simple black-and-gold color palette with some red trim here and there. The decision to add roses as well as smaller flowers throughout her entire outfit is a wonderfully creative touch, and helps this skin stand out.

Plus, there are even flowers printed on her guns, so even in first-person the skin is a joy to use.

3 Slipstream

Third-place goes to none other than Slipstream Tracer, which is one of a handful of skins that was available upon purchase of the Ultimate edition of the game. With no other way to obtain this particular look, it was relatively sought-after at first and it’s easy to see why. Her trademark orange is still present, but toned down, and mixed with her cadet blue- as well as complimented with white accents and a long, flowy white cape.

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Combine all of that with her sunglasses, and there’s definitely an undeniable cool element to this skin.

2 Punk / Ultraviolet

Taking the second-place spot is the second pair of Legendary skins that Tracer launched with, those being Ultraviolet and Punk, respectively. Being some of the only skins to actually change Tracer’s hair color, that alone is one reason to rank these higher than most. Both their color palettes are gorgeous and suit Tracer quite well, the biggest difference being in their tights- while Punk sports a solid pink with just a few blue spots, Ultraviolet’s are black and white stripes.

1 Graffiti

Number-one is none other than Graffiti Tracer, and it’s solely because every single element of the skin combines so perfectly to create a truly iconic look. Tracer can be seen rocking teal-blue with gold accents, along with a hood and gas mask that amplify the cool factor of the skin. Not only that, but her guns are actual graffiti guns with paint cans attached to them and everything! Her pants are also decorated nicely with colorful splatters of paint, and her hair is given a darker, night-sky blue tint to better match the palette.

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Tracer has been shown a lot of love, having received almost twenty skins in three years. We'll be looking at some of her best Overwatch skins.

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