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One of the first things that hits fans when they watch Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt for the first time is its unmistakable striking art style. Each of the main characters have their own trademark looks, and especially in the case of the titular Anarchy sisters, have quite the extensive wardrobe that they aren’t afraid to fully show off at any opportunity. Stocking is arguably more popular of the two, with her iconic gothic-lolita looks, but that doesn’t mean her sister Panty is short on drop-dead ensembles, either.

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So, today we’ll be going over the top ten outfits that Panty Anarchy has rocked throughout the series.

10 Suited For Success

In one episode, Panty and Stocking are on trial on a game show-trial mashup, and while Stocking opts for the trademark dress she sports in the opening, Panty is instead seen in the cutest, most casual version of a suit we’ve ever seen. Though it’s on the bottom of today’s list, she still wears it quite well, and the choice to go for a skirt instead of more formal pants represents Panty’s personality much better- and also makes things easier if she needs to grab her trusty weapon.

9 Officer Of The Undead

Just because this particular entry on the list is low doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Over the course of the show’s twenty-six mini episode run, the girls don all sorts of outfits, and every one here is just about on equal footing.

What hinders this particular look is simply the fact that it doesn’t really tell us much in terms of Panty’s personality. Other looks show us more of her fiery, flirtatious or laid-back sides, but this one just seems like a Halloween costume.

8 Biker Chic

Even though fire-red is her signature color, and she’ll always look fantastic when it’s the primary color drawing everyone’s attention, that isn’t to say that she can’t rock neutral colors well as well, the only flare of color being her red crop-top. Her navy blue jacket is accented with white, while a jean miniskirt and cowboy boots finish off the look.

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It’s always wonderful when a character isn’t afraid to pull off feminine looks as well as ones that have more masculine energy to them, and Panty makes it look effortless.

7 Green With… Lust?

It’s always a pleasure getting to see Panty rock colors other than her signature red, or the shades of blue and white that tend to accent that. She looks surprisingly good in her casual green polo, rocking a flared collar as she opts not to button it fully, and it speaks volumes about her laid-back personality.

Mini-jean shorts complete the look and are accented with eye-catching white hoop earrings, and we can’t help but wish it was as easy to rock this casual a look as she makes it seem.

6 Academic Flair

This outfit of Panty is a great example of her being able to effortlessly pull off looks that seem more casual, while still being able to put her own trademark flair on them. Her everyday academy uniform is given more personality through her cherry-red earrings, golden dangle bracelets and black sunglasses that even have their own gold accents.

The addition of dark green as an accenting color surprisingly doesn’t look too bad on her, either, and helps the outfit feel more academic and less extravagant like most of her looks.

5 Fire-Red Bunny

Panty and Stocking make a bet against Garter that they’d be able to make several million dollars working everyday jobs within just a few days, showing just how little understanding of the human world the two fallen angels truly have.

It makes for an incredibly comedic episode, filled with several handfuls of amazing outfit designs, one for each of the jobs the girls try out, the best of them arguably being her cherry red playboy bunny uniform. Being her signature color, she obviously wears it well, and it’s a good contrast to Stocking’s black.

4 Minute-Long Waitress

During Panty and Stocking’s quest to make several million in three days from working odd jobs, they land a job as part-time waitresses, which Panty promptly ruins by trying to make a performance out of her job and breaking far too many dishes.

At least she looks incredibly cute while doing so, right? Her light blue waitress outfit perfectly complements the baby-pink of her sister’s, and we kind of wish they would have been able to hold onto this particular job a bit longer.

3 Angel

What can we say? Stealing the number-three spot on today’s list has to be Panty’s transformed attire. She looks absolutely darling dressed up in frilly white, with pops of both soft pink and shiny gold helping to accent the look, and it also helps to show that she isn’t pure-white and innocent. The knee-high straps of her boots are a great design choice as well, as she doesn’t ever really tend to opt for stockings like her sister.

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Even while looking like an angel, Panty’s personality shines through, as she still manages to preserve her ‘wild child’ aura.

2 Wrapped In Elegance

One of Panty’s finest and most extravagant looks, she dons this elegant dress whenever her and Stocking realize they had a better chance making their money by gambling at the casino rather than working there, and she instead shoves Brief into the bunny outfit she wore before- who doesn’t seem to mind much.

The super-flashy gold jewelry along with the pearls and matching ring make her stand out among the other patrons, and styling her hair up adds a surprising amount of maturity to her overall look.

1 Simply Stylish

Although it isn’t her most extravagant outfit by far, Panty arguably looks her best when her outfits are cute and simple. This adorable cream-colored dress suits her well, bringing out more of her childish and playful personality- whereas a good chunk of her wardrobe typically accentuates her charms.

The choice to opt for silver bracelets to accent the look instead of her usual flashy gold adds to this feel as well, and overall it’s just a style we’d love to see on Panty more often- or even wear ourselves.

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Panty & Stocking is a quirky anime series with tons of cute costumes & outfits for Panty Anarchy. Here are her 10 best & cutest costumes.

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