PlayStation 5: What We'd Like to See From The Games Showcase

So far, Sony has been fairly quiet in regards to the PlayStation 5. While it has discussed the console’s technical specs and revealed the controller, there’s still a lot fans don’t know about the PS5, including what the console itself looks like and what games they will be able to play when it launches.

However, while Sony has postponed its an hour-long showcase, the company will inevitably focus on some of the games that will be coming to the next-gen console. While Sony hasn’t announced what games will be shown-off, there are many announced and unannounced titles fans want. Here’s what we hope to see.

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This high-fantasy set action-RPG gained a lot of attention when it debuted at the Game Awards last year. Godfall was the first game confirmed for the PlayStation 5, so there is a good chance Sony will reveal new information about it and officially confirm it as a PS5 launch title.

Made by Borderlands creator Gearbox, Godfall describes itself as a “looter-slasher,” a clear variation on the loot-shooter genre that suggests melee combat and hack-and-slash elements. While we don’t know much about the game, we know it promotes co-op gameplay. Up to three players can join together to scour the land defeating enemies and searching for loot. Godfall‘s bosses are designed for co-op gameplay, making it a rich multiplayer experience that action-RPG fans will surely want to get their hands on.

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Veteran gamers might remember the fantastic 2001 fantasy RPG Gothic. The game had a rich open world full of amazing monsters and magic, and fans have been ecstatic ever since THQ Nordic announced that the game is getting a remake. Little else about the Gothic remake has been revealed, but the game is scheduled to come to the PS5.

THQ Nordic released a playable teaser for the Gothic remake on Steam in December 2019, which proved popular enough to convince the company to put the game’s development into full swing. Although the game is still in the early stages of production, many video game fans are hoping Sony will release more information about the game this week.

Most of the Lord of the Rings games have blown players away with their great gameplay and awesome storytelling, so fans are anxiously awaiting the next game based on the franchise, Lord of the Rings: Gollum. According to the game’s developer, Daedalic Entertainment, Gollum will be based on the books rather than the movies.

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So far, we know that Lord of the Rings: Gollum is an action-adventure game that follows the strange goblin-like creature. The game predates the events in the books, diving into the early days of Gollum’s obsession with the ring. Gollum will focus on stealth elements and character building, as well as Gollum’s inner conflicts. So far, the game sounds very promising with its unique take on the LOTR lore. It’s currently set to hit the PlayStation 5 in 2021.

Originally set to come out this past March, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s release date was pushed to late-2020 or early-2021. Legion looks like the most ambitious entry in the popular hacker series to date, promising new features such as the ability to recruit new people into your resistance group. Players will also be able to play as anyone they recruit, which is pretty much everyone in the game.

The open-world action game will take place in London after the city has been taken over by a security group that is abusing its power. Players must take down the all-seeing corporation to free the city from its clutches. This exciting premise along with the additional new game mechanics makes Watch Dogs: Legion a highly-anticipated title, and the delay could mean it’s launching for next-gen.

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Dying Light 2 is another game set to come out on current-gen consoles that was delayed earlier this year. In addition to giving the developers more time to polish the game, this could also indicate a launch on next-gen hardware. This showcase would be a great place to both provide fans with a update on the game’s development and announce that it’s coming to the PlayStation 5.

The game’s developer, Techland, says gamers can expect around 100 hours of gameplay, with 15-20 hours coming from its campaign. Dying Light 2 will have more RPG elements than the original did, and the player’s decisions will have severe impacts on the surrounding world. Certain decisions will raise the player’s threat level, while others will affect the world’s resources. Players will also have the opportunity to correct some of their mistakes later on in the game. Dying Light 2 looks to be a vast improvement from the already great original game.

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Sony announced that it will be hosting a gaming showcase at some point in the future. Here are a few games we hope to see during the upcoming event.

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