Pokémon's Strongest and SCARIEST Character Is a Human Trafficker

There is an ever-growing number of nightmare Pokémon. Beyond the usual Ghost and Dark-type suspects, more and more seemingly normal Pokémon are revealed to be complete beasts. Leading cults, fighting wars  and crashing in from the cold depths of the final’s enough to put one off the dream of having a Pokémon altogether, as more turn out to be would-be real-life nightmares to deal with.

But out of all newly christened terror-mon one, in particular, stands out. None other than the aptly-named Bewear. With its imposing stature, cold gaze, and terrifying Pokédex entry, Bewear is definitely one of the scariest Pokémon out there, period.

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Those familiar with Pokémon Sun and Moon games will be well aware of Bewear. For those who haven’t, here is its actual Pokédex entry:

This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug.

Yes, that’s right, Bewear will literally crush its trainers to death. Straight-up violence is bad enough, but Bewear is capable of more than just mutilation. In Episode 1 of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime, Ash and Pikachu encounter a Bewear with its arms spread wide. In Bewear language, this means “come near me and I will end you.” Ash, however, sees it as a sign of friendliness and approaches to give it a hug. Bewear immediately proceeds to level its surroundings, while Pikachu and Ash flee for their precious little lives.

Later on, Bewear encounters Team Rocket and…the complete opposite happens. Bewear is immediately smitten with them and kidnaps them, bringing them back to its cave, where it feeds them and offers them shelter.

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But why did Bewear choose to capture Team Rocket and “love” them against their will, when it tried to karate chop Ash and Pikachu out of existence? One theory is that Bewear needed someone to replace its lost kin, Stufful. If so, this brings up a chilling question: do all Bewear kidnap humans when their own children go missing? If so, then Bewear is basically a human trafficker, abducting human beings and other Pokémon to “love” them against their will – that is, of course, right before it inevitably crushes them to death with its hugs.

However, Bewear is clearly able to differentiate between Team Rocket and its child, as evidenced by how happy it is when it finally reunites with Stufful in Episode 96. It just chooses to use others as an emotional crutch with no care in the world whether these other creatures even want its attention in the first place – or whether they’ll live through it.

In Bewear’s Ultra Sun Pokédex entry, it even says that “life is over for anyone who doesn’t run away as fast as possible” when encountering a wild Bewear. Even more terrifying, in the anime, Bewear can run across water. If a giant martial arts practicing bear running across water and traveling from region to region to stalk you isn’t terrifying, then surely nothing is.

Thankfully for Team Rocket, they were lucky enough to stumble upon a Bewear with a certain sense of gratitude, as their Bewear consistently drags them away before they “blast off again.” Sadly for them, this also means that the rare times where they could actually win have been thwarted by Bewear. The fact that it just instinctively knows where to find them is honestly the most terrifying of all, though.But, if this is how a kind, benevolent Bewear acts, then the dangers of an angry, mean one are unfathomable. Hopefully, neither Team Rocket nor Ash and friends will ever have to find out.

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Pokémon are known for being cute, cuddly and powerful. But what happens when that power goes to their heads?

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