Pokémon: 10 Adorable Pieces of Pikachu Fan Art You Have To See

Pikachu has been the Pokémon series’ mascot since things kicked off over twenty years ago. Its presence in the anime has ensured that it stands among the most recognized and beloved characters in the series, and while its popularity might have waned a little bit over the years, the countless new additions to the series haven’t managed to push Pikachu out of the spotlight yet. Though it might not be the most impressive stat-wise, Pikachu is an absolute powerhouse among fans. There are countless reasons as o why, but one big one is its design.

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The anime allowed Pikachu to develop its own unique personality, and while that attitude is unique to Ash’s companion, the anime version has sort of become the default in many fans’ eyes. As its personality has expanded and changed over the years, so has Pikachu’s design. It looks much different now than it did 20 years ago, and there are tons of variations on its original look. The people in charge know why it’s so popular, and they stick to it. Fan artists love to draw Pikachu in all sorts of different looks and situations. Here are some adorable pieces of Pikachu fan art you just have to see.

10 The Duo – 半泣きペンギン@YouTube

Be it Ash or Pikachu, or Red and Pikachu from Gen I’s Yellow Version, this is an iconic combination any Pokémon fan will be familiar with.

半泣きペンギン@YouTube draws the two in a pretty nostalgic style. The art really pops out with the bright colors, and this duo can put a smile on any fans face.

9 Big Boy – あびり

Gigantamaxing isn’t a perfect mechanic, and it has its detractors, but the designs that came out of it are great.

あびりdepicts Ash and Pikachu utilizing the mechanic to the best of their ability, and it really catches your eye. The bright colors, as well as Pikachu’s look here really jump out at you.

8 Explorer – 霧夜エル/+√L

Pikachu is a curious Pokémon, and it has gotten into trouble because of that in the past. But this artist takes that idea and runs with it.

霧夜エル/+√L creates a nice scene here, and really tells you all you need o know just by looking at their work. It’s imaginative, well drawn and looks phenomenal.

7 Nice Catch – 金属光沢@探知機

This is an interesting idea, as it shows what looks to be the gamer version of Red in the midst of catching an all too familiar face.

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金属光沢@探知機’s art is beautiful here, and they manage to create an interesting scene all fans can enjoy.

6 Squad – CNARIO

Here’s another depiction of Red and his team. While Pikachu’s there, it certainly doesn’t steal the show.

CNARIO did a great job in drawing each of these characters, and they all look fantastic in the artists’ unique style. Pikachu looks great here, but Charizard and Red really manage to stand out too.

5 Wild Child – にゃんころもち

Seeing Pikachu in the wild might seem strange, as most fans are used to seeing it partnered up. But this work of fan art’s depiction of a wild Pikachu looks amazing.

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にゃんころもちdoes some beautiful things with their coloring, and the whole piece really comes together as a result of it. It’s a nice scene that really sticks out thanks to the amazing art work.

4 Snackin’ – きなこもち

Seeing how certain Pokémon interact with one another is one of the best things about the franchise. It’s always fun to see how the smaller Pokémon interact in particular.

きなこもちdraws an adorable scene between Pikachu, Larvitar and Cubone. The artwork done for all three is great, and it really seems to emulate some of the older official works.

3 Mid-Fight – ロブジャ

Pikachu might look cute, but it can really surprise you once it’s backed into a corner. This fan art shows that side of it off well.

ロブジャ does a great job of capturing the intensity that Pikachu has shown in battle over the years. The bright colors and way its drawn really showcase its electric personality.

2 Sleepy Head – もち

Pikachu has had plenty of great moments in the anime throughout the years. Of all of them tough, this stands as one of the more memorable.

もち perfectly recreates this scene from the anime. The water color-style used by the artist serves as a great compliment to Pikachu’s overall demeanor here.

1 Electric – スペアリブ

Pikachu’s spunkiness has been well documented over the years. It’s a tough foe in battle and provides a lot of energy to some of the anime’s most tense moments.

スペアリブ’s art here is phenomenal, and you can’t help but appreciate the level of detail put into not only Pikachu’s individual design, but the thunder coming out of it as well as its beautiful surroundings.

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Pikachu is one of the most recognizable Pokémon out there. These fan artists did a great job drawing it.

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