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Power Rangers Dino Charge saw many different colored Power Rangers utilize the power of the Energems to battle evil. Now, a long lost German comic has revealed another Ranger who briefly joined the Dino Charge team’s ranks.

Twitter user HurricaneGold posted the comic pages, which saw an Orange Ranger as part of the team. Within the course of the story, it was revealed that the Orange Ranger was a monster in disguise.

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The monster, called Hocux Pocux, had the ability to shapeshift and posed as the Orange Ranger in order to destroy the Dino Charge team from within. Hocux Pocux claimed that he was from the 15th century and that 600 years ago, a pirate invasion of his ship sent him overboard. Underwater, he discovered the Orange Energem.

Although there was never an official Orange Ranger on Dino Charge or its Super Sentai counterpart,  Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, an orange Zord modeled on the Deinosuchus was used by the Dino Charge team.

Power Rangers Dino Charge ran for two seasons and focused on a team of Power Rangers who sought mystical stones called the Energems, which were brought to Earth in prehistoric times by the alien Keeper. Its members came from different times and places, as the Energems made them virtually immortal.

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A German comic has showcased the newest member of Power Rangers Dino Charge, who sports an orange uniform.

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