Power Rangers: How the Green Ranger Got His Old Man Logan Moment

Marvel’s Old Man Logan is considered one of the best Wolverine stories ever, with Mark Millar and Steve McNiven painting a dystopian future where Logan retired his claws. Unsheathing them was actually killing him due to adamantium poisoning, but when his family was killed by the Hulk gang, Logan went on a bloody mission of revenge.

Old Man Logan actually influenced James Mangold’s Logan, which also portrayed a gritty old-timer fighting for everyone he loved. Ironically, BOOM! Studios also had a somewhat similar storyline in Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, which more or less acts as an “Old Man Tommy” equivalent.

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Soul of the Dragon doesn’t kill off Tommy’s family, but he does have to hunt down his son, J.J., after the S.P.D. cadet goes missing. Tommy thinks he turned to a life of crime but it turns out J.J. is undercover, working a case involving cosmic gangs under the mysterious Witch everyone thought was Rita Repulsa.

Tommy’s wife, Kat, sends him on the mission as she trusts him alone. He recruits J.J.’s colleague, Anara, to help him figure out what the Witch is using to make crystals that could power-up random thugs to Ranger-like levels. As a retired teacher, Tommy isn’t equipped to deal with this kind of threat, nor are the S.P.D., so it feels like a world short of heroes, just like Old Man Logan’s realm.

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Logan had to use his claws to get the job done, even if they almost killed him. Tommy’s in a similar predicament as he has a spinal injury. The catch is, his Master Morpher is harming his body as it disintegrates his various Power Coins from over the years, allowing him to painfully transform into his various suits: Black Dino Thunder, Red Zeo/Turbo, White Ranger and Green Ranger.

It turns out the Zordon Wave purified evil in the universe but now, new villains are emerging. When Tommy discovers it’s Lokar — a mystical being from the Talos dimension — behind the crystals, he knows he’ll have to morph one last time as he finds J.J. held hostage at a mysterious location to be sacrificed. Just like Logan, everything is on the line and it seems as if Tommy will have to take the hit to save his son.

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While Logan’s adventures saw him fight many Marvel villains, he ended up tussling with Bruce Banner/Hulk to complete his revenge. In Mangold’s movie, though, Logan fought his clone, X-24, who turned out to be his worst enemy. Tommy faces a predicament like the latter when the Witch is revealed to be Scorpina, not Rita. She’s the one in this universe who helped corrupt Tommy to become Rita’s weapon in the first place.

Scorpina was eventually banished to Talos after trying to steal Rita’s spells, but there she was kept away from the Zordon Wave. She became Lokar’s avatar and went back to Earth, using his crystals to create chaos so the dark lord could feed on it. Combined with the tribute in J.J., this powers Lokar up so he can invade, but along with Kat (a former Pink Ranger) and the S.P.D., Tommy storms the location. J.J. uses Tommy’s morpher to become the Green Ranger and once Scorpina and Lokar are banished, he rejoins S.P.D. and officially takes over from his dad.

Tommy didn’t want this life for his son but he sees the kid as a true successor, similar to how Mangold’s Logan viewed X-23, and how Marvel’s Old Man Logan saw the other heroes such as the Avengers and X-Men. They both knew the future would be in good hands, and unlike Logan, Tommy lives and goes off into the sunset with Kat for a very happy ending after wearing all his old Ranger costumes for the greater good.

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BOOM! Studios' 2018 one-shot graphic novel, Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, gave the retired Tommy Oliver his own Old Man Logan story.

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