Preacher: 10 Characters We Wish Were On The Show Before It Ended

Based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, AMC’s Preacher managed to build a healthy fan base over the course of its four seasons. The series quickly diverged from the source material, giving fans a story that was familiar but definitely unique to itself.

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Some of the key characters behaved much differently than they did in the comics. Those that made it to the TV show, at least. Several characters never got the chance to appear, in part because of changes to the narrative but also because the story simply didn’t go there. But there were more than a few characters fans would have loved to have seen.

10 Colonel Holden

As part of Herr Starr’s continuing battle to deal with Jesse Custer, he faced the preacher in Monument Valley, Utah. But you can’t walk into a war without an army so Starr turned to Colonel Holden, the commanding officer of a US Military Base in Arizona. Holden was a proud, forthright man who valued the lives of his men greatly. As such, he was decidedly unimpressed when Starr threw those lives away in his pointless war against Custer. A character simply called Colonel did appear in the TV series, though it’s never stated that he is Holden. That would have been interesting as the comics reveal Holden served with John Custer in Vietnam.

9 Amy Grinderbinder

The daughter of a wealthy family, Amy met Tulip when they attended the same boarding school. They became fast friends when Tulip rescued Amy from an attempted sexual assault by driving a truck through a building. Tulip might not have had become an ass-kicking killing machine, yet, but she still had ways of dealing with bad situations. Amy decided to take a year off from school to recover from the incident and invited Tulip to join her.

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That was how they both met Jesse Custer. In the comics, the duo eventually found out Amy was following them through their adventures, using her money to make their lives easier whenever possible.

8 “The Duke”

After the death of his father at the hands of Marie L’Angelle’s thugs, Jesse started seeing an imaginary friend he called “The Duke.” While his face was never seen, his speech, mannerisms and dress clearly resemble the quintessential John Wayne cowboy character. Jesse and his father, John, used to frequently watch John Wayne movies together. As the comics go on, “The Duke” was shown to be far more than an imaginary friend. He frequently provided Jesse with information that he could not have otherwise known. It’s frequently implied that “The Duke” might actually have been the spirit of John Custer, returning to guide his son.

7 Conan Quincannon

Odin Quincannon was one of the baddest of the bad guys in both the TV series and the comic books, though his affiliation with the Klu Klux Klan doesn’t make the transition to TV. They also thankfully never show Odin having sex with a giant meat mannequin. When Jesse takes him out in the comics, Odin’s brother Conan takes over the family business.

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He transitions the meat plant to producing fertilizer from manure. Unlike Odin, Conan is an environmentalist who seems like a genuinely nice person. But it doesn’t take much to be better than a racist who has sex with meat.

6 John Tool

An NYPD detective, John Tool was as inept as he is unlucky. The unfortunate events that befall him are seemingly endless, though that’s part of what makes him so endearing. His partner was Paul Bridges, a supercop who says a lot of homophobic things but is secretly gay. Tool ended up successfully solving the Reaver-Cleaver case but only thanks to the interference of Jesse Custer who actually kills the killer. Tool’s days as a cop were numbered when he lost both of his arms in a window glazing accident, a perfect summation to his career.

5 Deputy Cindy Daggett

Jesse Custer has a lot of women look his way throughout the comic book series but he only has eyes for Tulip. A deputy in the town of Salvation, Cindy Daggett initially doesn’t like Custer when he becomes the town’s sheriff. But then Custer takes on Odin Quincannon and everything changes.

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Quincannon’s stranglehold on the town is disturbing to many of its residents, including Cindy. Watching Custer’s fearless approach to the selfish tycoon alters her feelings about him, to the point that she falls for Custer. With that roguish charm, it’s hard to blame her.

4 Bob Glover, Sexual Investigator

This is a two-for-one as you can’t have Bob Glover without Freddy Allen. Bob Glover, an openly gay and aggressively sexual man, was accidentally hired to sexually service Herr Starr, an incident that left incredibly apparent mental scars on Starr for the rest of the series. As a Sexual Investigator alongside Freddy, the dup were hired by questionable people to do really messed up things. In particular, they were once hired by Jesus DeSade to track down some missing heroin. This unfortunately led them to cross paths with Jesse and Cassidy, a meeting that ended poorly for the investigators. Bob got tossed out a window and onto the roof of a car.

3 Freddy Allen, Sexual Investigator

This is a two-for-one as you can’t have Bob Glover without Freddy Allen. They were joined at the hip, and hopefully by nothing else. Freddy is a much smaller guy than Bob, though no less dedicated to his craft, which is investigations and not fellatio. He often brings up the fact that he hates performing the sexual act, yet he somehow has a trophy for it.

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Freddy seems to be the calmer of the two, though he did make the mistake of getting in Cassidy’s way when the vampire was on a rampage. He got his teeth quite literally punched down his throat for his trouble.

2 Si Coltrane

Being alive as long as Cassidy has allowed him to meet interesting people and be part of important events. A prime example of this was Si Coltrane, a freelance investigative journalist Cassidy met at Woodstock when Si was 16. When they met up again, Si was investigating the Reaver-Cleaver case with information from Tool and Bridge. It turned out that Si was actually the Reaver-Cleaver, and was trying to frame Jesse for his crimes. Unfortunately for Si, Jesse wasn’t one to take something like that lying down and ended up killing Si. He was quite the murder but no Saint of Killers.

1 Skeeter

Every gang needs four things; a hitwoman, a vampire, a preacher with the Word of God, and a dog. The TV series had three out of these four components but one was sorely missing. In the comics, Skeeter the dog became an important part of the gang after Jesse beat the crap out of a guy who kicked him. Skeeter followed Jesse on many of his adventures, saving his friend on more than one occasion. That included helping Jesse escaping the disturbing clutches of Miss Oatlash. Skeeter was a very good boy, easily rated at 13 out of 10.

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So many Preacher characters from the comics would have been such a great addition to the show.

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