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Released on May 24, 2019, in a select number of theaters in the US, Promare became an instant hit. Co-produced by XFLAG and Studio Trigger, it was written by Kazuki Nakashima and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. Coincidentally, both these men also worked together on Tigger’s previous series Kill la Kill in 2013 and Gurren Lagann in 2007

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Not only were fans pleased to see a mecha anime with substance, many of them couldn’t help but notice the homoerotic undertones in the movie, which have now become its focal point. Without further ado, here are 10 Promare cosplays actually better than the anime itself!

10 Remi Puguna by Koh Koh Slider

Remi is one of those blink-and-you-miss kinda characters, seeing how the entire movie focuses on the activities of Lio, Galo, and Kray. Many fans don’t know this, but Remi’s actually vice-captain of the Burning Rescue unit. He’s smart, good looking and someone who likes following rules. He’s a trusted aid of Captain Ignis and one of Galo’s closest friends.

It must have been tough to recreate his firefighter costume, but Koh Koh did an amazing job of recreating it with the minutest of details.

9 Kray by NL__YH

It’s rare to see villains being cosplayed, especially when they’re out and out terrible people with zero redeeming qualities. And one can clearly see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this cosplay. The editing deserves a special shout out for being top-notch and completely in line with the movie’s aesthetics!

8 Lio Fotia by CrowCourier

Lio’s usually a very hard-headed, determined young boy with admirable leadership qualities, and one never got to see a pensive side of him, as is shown in the cosplay above. That is most likely because he was too busy planning and organizing a rebellion to give much thought to his emotions and feelings.

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Nonetheless, this beautiful shot in front of a lake with a Lio, who looks lost in his thoughts, is nothing less than a delight for fans, especially Lio fangirls.

7 Aina by Kuri

Aina is a sweet young girl who’s one of Galo’s teammates. Despite her appearance, Aina is extremely serious when it comes to her work, and she’s loved by all members of her Burnish Team because of her affable nature.

Kuri does total justice to Aina’s cosplay and even admits to photoshopping certain details (like the logo on her shirt and the color gradation in her hair), something that many cosplayers often never reveal.

6 Lio Fotia by Yaya Han

Lio is undoubtedly the fan-favorite when it comes to Promare, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is he a well written and believable character, but he’s also extremely good looking as well. Yaya Han is a professional cosplayer, and one can see that clearly with the amount of retouching the photos have gone through in order to make their color palette look the same as the one from the movie.

More of her professional cosplays can be found on her official website.

5 Aina by CRAZiECRiSSiE

This cosplay might come as a surprise for many fans, seeing how the real Aina would never wear such clothes. But hey, cosplay is an art form and everything goes when it comes to art!

This cosplayer is crazy talented, because not only does she do her own costumes, design, and makeup, but she also draws beautiful art. Her Promare fan art can be found here, and honestly, it’s difficult to judge whether her art or her cosplay is better!

4 Galo by Foxy_joy_

It’s not surprising to see many fans opt for other characters from cosplay, and leave Galo behind because in order to cosplay him perfectly, one needs to have a chiseled six-pack-ab body, especially if they’re doing a shirtless Galo cosplay.

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Despite that, cosplayer Foxy_joy_ does a wonderful job with what she has, and admittedly, that hunch of Galo’s is one the best aspect of her cosplay!

3 Lio Fotia by yui930_

There is a remarkable difference when one does cosplay for their love of anime, and when does it as a professional form of work.

Clearly, a lot of time and money was spent on this Lio cosplay, and hours of editing must have gone into those images post-production in order to make them look as fabulous as they’re looking!

2 Galo by Squeakadeeks

Another Galo cosplay on this list comes from Squeakadeeks! He sure seems to be in a romantic mood, and it’s not hard to guess who that rose is for. The anime proved to be a massive success among its LGBT+ fanbase, and that’s mostly because of the homoerotic subtext the movie consistently displayed throughout its entirety.

1 Lio Fotia By Aara.Lee

If there’s one thing that stands out in Promare, it’s the stunning use of colors the anime uses lavishly throughout its entirety. Fuschia, sea blue, pastel green… name it and that vivid color has made an appearance in the movie.

Cosplayer Aara.Lee has made a fantastic recreation of those very colors and one can see she’s gone the extra mile by including the Burnish flame in her cosplay as well. That was quite a nice touch to a near-perfect Lio cosplay! Graphic designer Milo Callisto was the one who created that flame, and one must admit, it’s actually prettier than the one shown in the anime!

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With the fan base that Promare has garnered, it's no surprise that fans have cosplayed as the characters, some of which look better than the anime.

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