Re:Zero: 5 Possibilities About Season 2 That Make Too Much Sense (& 5 That Are Just Impossible)

Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World is one of the most popular anime series of 2016, having gained a huge fan and critical following due to its darker take on the incredibly popular Isekai anime. The series follows Subaru Nastuski, a teenage hikikomori (which broadly translates into a shut-in), who was transported to another world.

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In this world, Subaru falls in love with the half-elf Emilia and discovers he can now reverse time every time he dies. He also found himself in conflict with the mysterious Witch cult, who seeks to kill Emilia. With the long wait for the second season of Re: Zero coming to an end in July, here’s a look at what might occur and what will likely not in the show’s second season.

10 MAKES SENSE: Roswaal Will Reveal His True Allegiance

One of the more mysterious characters in Re: Zero is Roswaal. Despite being Emilia’s protector, he did little to defend her from either the Demon Beasts or the Witch Cult during the first season.

Near the end of the first season, Roswaal also talks about his hatred of the dragon that helped found the Kingdom of Lucinga. This has fans concerned that Roswaal is aligned with the Witch cult, and that he’ll be showing his hand soon.

9 IMPOSSIBLE: Rem’s Coma Is The Result Of her Being Sent To Subaru’s Earth

While the First Season of Re: Zero ended on a conclusive note. The recently released Director’s Cut version of Episode 23 and 24 added a major cliffhanger. Two mysterious women attacked Rem and left her in a coma. This situation was then made worse by Subaru being the only one who can remember Rem’s identity.

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Some fans theorize that Rem’s coma was a result of her being mentally transported to Subaru’s Earth. While an interesting premise, this will not occur in Season 2. The show has been told from Subaru’s perspective so far, and this would be a major point of view shift.

8 MAKES SENSE: The Witch Cult Will Be The Main Threat

During Subaru’s first confrontation with the Witch Cult, Petelgeuse revealed to Subaru that each member of the Witches of Sin has their own Archbishop. He also revealed that there is no current Archbishop of Pride and that he the Archbishop of Sloth, suggesting that there are seven archbishops named after the Seven Deadly Sins.

Given the Witch Cult’s evident size, it would make sense for the main threat in the second season to be another group of Witch Cultists seeking to avenge Petelgeuse and finish his plan to bring back Satella by killing Emilia. There is even the possibility that the mysterious white-haired woman from recent promos might be an archbishop or witch threatening our heroes this season.

7 IMPOSSIBLE: We Will See the Conclusion of the Royal Selection

One major plot point introduced in the first season is the Royal Selection. The Royal Selection refers to an election to select the new king of Luginca after the royal family was wiped out by a mysterious disease. Subaru becomes involved with the selection as a result of Emilia being one of the candidates.

While this storyline was the main focus of Re: Zero for a couple of episodes, the plot was soon consumed by the threat of the Witch Cult.  This plot focus on the threat of the Witch Cult over the Royal Selection will something that continues into Season 2, as indicated by recent promos as well.

6 MAKES SENSE: We Will Learn The Reasons Why Subaru Was A Hikikomori

One of the things that make Re: Zero stand out in a crowded marketplace of Isekai stories is that it features a more realistic depiction of a hikikomori than its peers. Throughout the story, Subaru has to deal with the fact that his lack of sociability in his previous life will only hinder him in a world filled with magical threats and political intrigue.

While the first season has focused on how  Subaru’s previous hikikomori status has impacted his interactions, the series did not give us the reason why Subaru shut himself from the world. It seems only natural for a major aspect of Subaru’s personality to receive more focus in the second season.

5 IMPOSSIBLE: One Of the Royal Candidates Will Be In League With The Witch Cult

While the Royal Selection appears to be out of focus for the moment, some fans theorize that competition between candidates plays an important role in setting up the main conflicts for the show’s arcs.  The theory is that the various attacks on Emilia are the plots of rival candidates. This theory also suggests that one or more of the candidates are in league with the Witch Cult.

This possibility is unlikely for a couple of reasons. Royal Candidates like Crusch and Anatasia seem more interested in building their support through fighting the cult and Demonic Beasts. Another point against this theory is the fact that most individuals from Luginca have a strong hatred for Witches and their cult, making an alliance between the candidates and the cult unlikely.

4 MAKES SENSE: The Witch Of Jealousy’s Interest In Emilia Will Be Revealed

One of the major reveals towards the end of the first season was that Subaru’s Return by Death ability was given to him by the Witch of Jealous, Satella, and that she is infatuated with him. This revelation led to a major question. Why does Subaru’s Return by Death always return him to a point where Emilia’s life is in danger?

This conclusion raises the likelihood that Satella has some sort of plan for Emilia. Whatever this plan may be is something that will likely be answered in the show’s second season.

3 IMPOSSIBLE: We Will Learn More About Wilhelm’s Backstory

One of the coolest characters introduced in the first season’s second half is Wilhelm van Astrea, Crusch’s elderly two sword-wielding retainer. He is also one of the few characters to have a flashback focused on their backstory. In this flashback, we learn about why Wilhelm sought to kill the Demonic Beast called the White Whale.

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It would interesting to see Wilhelm’s past expanded on in season two given his coolness and established backstory. However, this information has been provided in a light novel spin-off series called Re: Zero EX and it will likely not appear in the show’s second season

2 MAKES SENSE: We Will Learn More About The Witches Of Sin

As mentioned previously, The Witches of Sin have played a major role in driving the plot of Re: Zero forward. However, the show’s first season has not provided many details about them.  The two main details provided so far are that 400 years ago Satella killed all the witches except for herself and that she takes the appearance of a half-elf with white hair.  

Further information about these witches seems like a natural development for the series, as their cult is being built up as the main antagonist. This possibility has only been raised by the mysterious white-haired woman that has appeared in some recent series promos, giving off a very witchy vibe.

1 IMPOSSIBLE: Subaru’s Repeated Trauma Will Cause Him to Join the Witch Cult

One thing that a viewer can easily see throughout the first season of Re: Zero is that Subaru goes through a lot of trauma and pain. Some fans have suggested that this almost ceaseless pain will absolutely break Subaru and in desperation, he’ll join the Witch Cult – just as Petelgeuse wants.

As plausible as this may sound, this is a plot point that will not occur in the second season for one main reason: Subaru appears to have regained some of his emotional stability by the end of the first season. Despite his trauma, it’s unlikely that he’ll make a turn toward the dark side in the near future.

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Re:Zero is an anime known for its dark take on the Isekai genre. With the wait for a 2nd season soon ending, here are our predictions for this series!

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