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Welcome to the OASIS—the world of endless possibilities and freedom to be who you truly are! The blockbuster science fiction movie Ready Player One is a masterpiece of visual imagery and fastidious entertainment. Based on the novel of Ernest Cline of the same title, Ready Player One is a true-to-life escape from reality.

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With renowned director Steven Spielberg on board, his mastery of cinematography and visual storytelling has one-upped every video game movie that existed. In the crumbling city of Ohio in the year 2045 with a touch of the 1980’s culture, we come across different stories of players surviving through virtual lives.

10 F’Nale

As a minor character, F’Nale had some decent screen time because of her role as a secondary villain. She plays as an accomplice to Nolan Sorrento, one of the most important characters in the movie. The role was played by Hannah John-Kamen and it was well-performed as anticipated.

Despite having enough exposure for such a small role, F’Nale is a victim of poor characterization. She only had one job and she’s terrible at it. Her character could have been more useful and remarkable if she was designed to be more assertive and great at her job.

9 Daito

If there’s a character that does not do much in the movie and the entirety of the plot but enjoys himself a lot, it’s Daito. He is portrayed by Win Morisaki and he plays the video game role, Gunter. Together with his brother Shoto, Daito had a blast in the OASIS despite minor exposure.

Both in the real world and the virtual space, Daito is the one guy you can never hate because of his energy and enthusiasm for the role. Surprisingly, Daito had his best shining moment in the epic final battle.

8 Shoto

Shoto is the butter to the bread of Daito. These brothers are the most awesome pair you’ll see in the film because one is a ninja and the other is a samurai. And what more could an 11-year-old boy ask for a video game than have the best time in the OASIS?

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Played by Philip Zhao, Shoto is the epitome of a kid with charm and humor. But just like his brother, Shoto is still underdeveloped. If ever a sequel is on the way, we can only hope both of them get a character revamp.

7 The Curator

Absolutely a crucial member of the team, The Curator keeps all of Halliday’s archives and memories in a virtual databank. He only interacts with Parzival on occasion but every contact is significant to his progress in the game. The Curator appears to be a British butler who keeps Parzival on his feet.

The young man’s visit to The Curator gave him an important idea that Halliday has been trying to tell everyone. Whoever is voicing the character for sure is playing a very important role in the film and Parzival’s journey.

6 Ogden Morrow

Simon Pegg plays as the business partner of the game creator, James Halliday. Of course, any conglomerate business cannot be run by just one person; it always requires at least two to tango. While James Halliday seems to be a little off and quirky, Ogden Morrow is the more stable, grounded one.

Morrow and Halliday appeared in flashback scenes often discussing about the game and its impact on the people. He later re-appeared in the present year to add some flavor in the situation. This is the first time Simon Pegg and Spielberg work together again since 2011.

5 Aech

Of course, we have the protagonist’s best friend. Aech is a giant mechanic figure with the size of a Hulk, which is used to Parzival’s advantage. He is characterized as a mechanic of vehicles and machines. As Parzival’s friend, he is also responsible for bringing him and Art3mis together.

He is typically humorous and makes a lot of jokes, the actual stereotype for the role of a best friend. Although his relationship with Parzival serves as an important ingredient in the game in OASIS, the revelation of his true identity was not much of a surprise at all.

4 Nolan Sorrento

As the main villain of the movie, Nolan Sorrento makes the devious power-hungry CEO of IOI who wants to get his hands on everything no matter what the cost. He has never been in the game and has no idea how it operates but wants it for himself. Sounds very familiar, ain’t it?

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The movie showed a flashback of his narrative that depicts his present actions and fleshes out his motives bit by bit. Ben Mendelsohn, the actor who portrays him, perfectly captured the scornful persona of Sorrento with both elegance and disdain.

3 Parzival

The star of the show and the hero of the game, Parzival takes on a lot of pressure as he serves as our gateway to the OASIS. In the beginning, we know how he has always wanted to escape and he is pretty much a believable character.

Parzival and Wade, his real identity, are good points for Tye Sheridan to show two different stories of the same person. The OASIS is a place for Wade to express himself as his dream persona, Parzival. He also shares great chemistry with his virtual crush, Art3mis.

2 Art3mis

There’s always a cool girl who you don’t want to mess with. She’s got this aura of a rock star babe in pixie haircut, and the next thing you know, you’re madly head over heels in love with her.

Samantha, or Art3mis in the OASIS, is played by Olivia Cooke. She’s the aloof and smart person in the group, eventually lowering down her guards as she develops feelings for Parzival. Out of all the characters, her reason for playing in the OASIS is a bit less fun and more about her past.

1 James Halliday

Perhaps the most outstanding performance in this Spielberg movie goes to Mark Rylance. His portrayal of James Halliday, the creator of OASIS, is a work of a genius. He maintains this friendly approach towards the players and at the same time, asserts his position. Let’s also not forget how he made himself the Gandalf of OASIS.

Halliday is the very center of this movie, the paragon of the OASIS. His reason for building the game is simple, and it’s not always easy to find one individual who can fulfill that prophecy.

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